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    I have followed your instructions in the “doc” forum to enable login stats to a mysql-db and it works just fine.

    Now i’m just lookin forward to see you release the code that generate stats html from that. Or perhaps i missed it in the CVS ?

    Excellent, anyway.

    Side note while fiddling with .xml files : uh oh… rollers 🙂

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    Yes you must install the nvidia module, i’d recommand from the port /usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver.

    And i dunno if it’s still true under 5.2, but i had to reinstall the port each time i upgrade X (X overwrite some MESA / OpenGL files installed by the nvidia driver, i guess).

    You can afterwise run the glxinfo commandline utility from within an xterm to verify you have 3D hardware acceleration enabled. (“Direct rendering”).

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    FreeBSD 4.9 here, with 24bpp too i do not got that problem.

    What’s your video card brand/model ?

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    Good work !

    Any plan to release the stats webpages generation code ?
    I’d love to use that on my server too.

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    Yes i noticed that too on FreeBSD. The sound then continues until you quit the game.

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    I’d bet it is configurable by editing a file, but am too lazy to try it by myself 🙂

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    If your router do NAT, you should not need to “open” additional port to play.
    It is only needed when hosting a server.

    Did you succed in playing other online games ?

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    @alex09230923 wrote:

    I can’t open the game. It just says open with. I tried just about everything, I found open gl on my computer but it says path incorrect.
    Can anybody help?

    Not until you provide us more information, such as your OS / desktop environemment versions, if you instaled from binary or source package, etc…

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    @gcamp wrote:

    Something you could consider worth adding somewhere on your todo list :
    The ability to build a server-only executable, removing all dependencies on graphic stuff that won’t be used if you never run the client part on a computer. (Say, a server )

    Scorched used to come in two seperate binaries, the server and the client. But people complained so I moved it into one process.
    I you run scorched and it cannot initialize the GL then it will still allow you to run the server, but not the client.

    I guess I could split it out again, but I am not sure how easy that would be now.

    Eventually a command line only server (no X needed) would de nice too, but that’s not that important.

    This should be easier and could be done without too much effort.

    Dunno why i figured getting rid of X would be heavier job than just not using 3D stuff and the like. But then, if you can easyly do a console-only server exec., thats fine. It would be the lighter solution to host on an already buzy server.

    And while am on the server subject, little question : Is there a way to make the server automagically starting as soon the executable is launched (for putting in startup scripts if i want a 24/7 server) instead of having to click on the “start multiplayer…” button ?

    Scorched takes command line parameteres. One of these is -startserver. This will start the server without displaying any configuration dialogs. This parameter takes one argument, the name of a server config file (data/server.xml by default).

    This allows you to generate server configs using the guis, save them by coping server.xml to a different file and then start a server using the different configs by specifiying them on the command line.

    Fine, thanks for the reply. Is that documented in any place i missed other than code itself (which i reckon i was too lazy to browse) ?

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    Hey boys, don’t wanna be an ass, but i think those discussions would fit better in the “general ” forum than in that “news” one 😉

    in reply to: Building from CVS on FreeBSD #9948


    Am installing Scorched3D on another FreeBSD box to make a 24/7 server available.

    In the meantime, writing up a kind of step by step guide to compile/install it to complete what i previously mentioned.


    INSTALLING SCORCHED3D 36.1 on FreeBSD 4.9 (Stable) from the source file
    Note : ports tree updated as of yesterday (05/Jan/2004 – new year wishes to everybody, by the way !)

    As root do :
    – install and then remove the scorched3d old version port (i hope the port maintener will update the port to 36.1 soon…) to have all the required dependencies set up (wxwindows, XFree, SDL …) :
    cd /usr/ports/games/scorched3d-devel && make install deinstall clean

    – add a link to help the build process later :
    ln -s /usr/local/include/SDL11 /usr/local/include/SDL

    Then you can drop root privileges and do :
    – get the src file :

    – extract the source tree :
    tar xvzf Scorched3D-36.1-src.tar.gz

    – get into the directory :
    cd scorched

    – Do the usual Linux build process with a few changes :
    chmod u+x
    CFLAGS=”$CFLAGS -I/usr/X11R6/include” LIBS=”$LIBS -L/usr/X11R6/lib” SDL_CONFIG=/usr/local/bin/sdl11-config ./ –with-wx-config=/usr/X11R6/bin/wxgtk2-2.4-config –prefix=/usr/local

    (last param can be changed to wherever you want the game installed)
    make -j4
    (-j8 instead for peeps going dual-headed like i love to)
    make install
    (last step may need to be done as root again depending on where you told the game to be installed)

    And voila ! You should be ready to do some serious tank-crushing…

    OK i’ve verified my procedure to be working.

    in reply to: Key-binding Console Commands #10168


    Same here, keys to use are different between FreeBSD and Windows on my french keyboard.

    I still haven’t find the console key in both OSes, indeed. Did not search much, i reckon.

    in reply to: Terrible performance #10134


    Only thing i can tell is to try to reinstall last video card drivers, openGL and directX. Do you run other OpenGL games fine ?

    in reply to: Terrible performance #10132


    What os are you using ?

    For me looks like your graphic display is not set to use hardware acceleration. Cannot imagine any other reason for such a low FPS on your hardware.

    in reply to: Game won’t start, and I’ve tried "everything"….. #10093


    Could be worth trying to set yur desktop display refresh rate to 60Hz before launching the game…

    Nerer knows…

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