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    well… aren’t tanks supposed to have drivers and such?

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    not sure about waves doing damage, but i think it would be interesting if being submersed damaged you by lack of oxygen, losing 5-10 health points per move while underwater.

    dirt too.


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    sorry about that, but fair is fair 😆

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    i’m the only person who voted No, yikes.

    i agree he should be disciplined in some way, but should be given at least some opportunity to change. permanently excluding anyone from any community just isn’t my thing.

    i’ve owned several online communites in my internet lifetime, and i’ve found that if you ban someone it just makes them more resentful and intent on seeking revenge in some form or another, at times it even gives them some enjoyment in a hateful kinda way.

    contacting his ISP and having his internet access removed, would cause a problem to him in his real life, and perhaps send the message across that he needs to be better behaved when he finds a new provider and joins us again.

    may seem a little extreme, i don’t know, but it’s something temporary, which is still guaranteed to make him think about his actions before his return.

    i’m not against him in any way, probably the closest thing to an advocate he’s likely to get, but cheating, meh, he does need a reality check.

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    edit for privacy 😉

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    @shark wrote:

    Of course, a lot of people in that game just went on and purchased shields from the start. And that’s propably what a newbie might also do. This left me with no kills for about four or five rounds, because I’d be pounding on those shields with my meager weapons and getting killed a bit too often.
    However, after that, these players had depleted their cash reserves, while I’d been earning a nice interest. In round 5 and 6 or so, very few, if any, bought shields. I still didn’t get myself any, because I was foresighted. In those rounds, I began catching up.
    Then everything went upside down. I could now afford buying Hot Napalm with a small grip from my pocket (HN takes down a force shield quite effectively, I might add. Doesn’t need to be in a hole, either). I countered one single force shield after that round, which I took out with a HN. Rest of the game I was pretty much dominating with pure baby rollers. Even with 0 kills in the first few rounds, I won with 19 kills in the end. Socalled “newbies” may seem invincible with shields in a few first rounds, but if you don’t save cash, you’ll deplete your reserves and leave yourself wide open in the latter part of the game.

    You need both skill and cash to defeat those shields, cash which you in turn need some skill to hold onto. You need to rethink a few things, be foresighted, and save your cash. Which all requires you to be a good player.

    that’s exactly what i’m getting at, it makes the game far more interesting in my opinion.

    it’s never just the luck of the spawn which decides who wins now, it’s all down to how good the players are. 🙂

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    i vote to keep them the same.

    if people don’t have enough money to compete, then that is their own fault, they need to learn to play better as far as saving some cash, and not buying shields or death heads in the first round, only to have absolutely nothing left by round 5.

    that is the whole point of having a cash setting in the game, complaining about not having the money to compete with other players is basically the same as saying ”i suck at this, give me free weapons or i’ll cry.”

    as for the strength of the shields, it’s not a problem, if you have a high enough level of skill you’ll be able to crack them, if not you won’t.

    and rollers do damage shields, only baby rollers don’t.

    the dig and roll technique is still effective, you just have to do it more accurately, making sure the rollers are beside the shield when they explode.

    hot napalm will eat through a shield and the tank inside, within seconds.

    the game hasn’t become less fun, it’s simply become more of a challenge, tactics play a far greater role than they did before. now you have to plan ahead rather than just shooting everyone in sight.

    scorched now requires a greater deal of strategy, and isn’t that what the game is supposed to be about?

    to sum up, the weaker players will use up their funds in the early stages, and become even weaker as the rounds move on.. the more intelligent players will lay low the first few rounds, only buying a few chutes and selling the rest back etc. gaining interest, and by the end of the game you will only see the strongest players surviving, most will have shields, and it will genuinely become a matter of pure skill to decide who wins.

    if you just want big explosions and easy kills there will always be Apoc, but i say leave 38.1 as is.

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    @willis wrote:

    The biggest problem I’ve seen over the past 48 hours is a lack of simple communication. If there is a problem, something you don’t aprove of (like comedown teasing Apollo) .. its simple as asking / saying — in clear description — that its not funny and its not apreciated (whatever.. just say you want it to stop in a “nice” mannor). IMO – ANY player around scorched with an IQ over 2, regardless of rank or amount of time playing, will apreciate and respect your request.

    very good point.

    i didn’t realise he was taking it to heart, and if something had been said then i would have changed back instantly.

    not that i’m saying it’s apollos’ fault for not speaking up, i’m the one who changed my name in the first place so of course this issue was just a lack of fore-thought on my part. (with all the trouble between AT & 1 etc. i should have been a little more…. well.. you know)

    as for the removal of statistics, i feel that would discourage some players from being so loyal to the server. i would expect to see a substantial drop-off in activity, with people moving to other stats servers instead, such as apoqHQ.

    the idea of quarter-annually wiping statistics in conjunction with a ”hall of fame” is interesting though, it would allow for newer players to achieve higher ranks in less time, which would perhaps boost their motivation to keep playing, while still leaving the long term players with a home server which tells them how well they’ve been doing in-game.

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    i’d like to suggest a “skip move” shortcut key be included.

    also, Apollo suggested in server, a shield shortcut key (or keys, as there are numerous shields) which would be useful too.

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    lol, the ”i thought it took TWO to tango” part, was referring to you moving around me in a semi-circle as though you were dancing around me.

    and ”Appauling Transient”, that was a joke man, you moved places twice in a row, causing me to miss, hence ”transient”.

    plus, it was a name we had joked about earlier in the game when you (or someone) brought up a player who logged on as ”anallo tangent”, and i suggested that he be more creative if he’s going to attempt to mock someone, and came up with that name.

    it was all in good fun, i apologise if you were offended by any of this. 🙁

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    from what i see it seems more like the ”what kind of crack are you smoking” and ”pole smoker” comments were the ones which apache was worried about, not a simple ”wtf”.

    that, followed by an insulting(?) name change and the statement ”don’t ever warn me again”, must permit some kind of action.

    however, i do agree that there should have been a little more discussion before a kick was performed.

    apache is a good guy though, good to see him and circles seem to have resolved their little problem.

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    personally i’d like to see a larger minimum distance between tank spawning positions introduced, to prevent us from being so close together at times.

    possibly more varied spawning also, in a way that changes who your closest target is each round, rather than being stuck next to the same guy 3 times in a row (by chance) for example.

    nothing special, just a thought.

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    if you’re not on your root account, try switching to it and re-installing.

    not exactly my field of expertise but i’m *guessing* that’s the problem.

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    ahh, that works perfectly, you’re a life saver. 🙂

    i was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms.

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    it’s not really my place to say, seeing as i’m pretty new, and my opinion won’t be worth a hell of a lot.

    but, i’ve been playing a lot with 1 the past week or so, i’ve blown him up many times simply because of his high rank, and to me it really doesn’t seem like he holds much of a grudge.

    he may be a little over-enthusiastic at times, perhaps a little ‘jokey’, but he doesn’t seem like an intentionally bad guy.

    as to the dialogue Wowbagger posted, i wasn’t there so i can’t be sure of the ‘atmosphere’ at the time, but that seemed to me like simple competitive conversation that has maybe been mis-interpreted to mean more than it did. but like i said, i wasn’t there so excuse me if i’m wrong.

    over the past few days i’ve seen 1 recieving a lot more abuse than he’s been giving out, one of the players continually mocking his mother etc, another player going on an all out verbal assault. and the only response to this i’ve seen from 1 was to make a complaint about it on the forum.

    it doesn’t seem at all fair for 1 to be singled out like this, but, i haven’t been around long, i don’t know the whole story, i’m just stating what little i’ve seen.

    i’ll shut up now. 😉

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