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    I cleaned my spectacles and determined that I’m perhaps not optical enough to be skeptical about the optical.

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    @The AI wrote:

    Well, they have warm temps, large amount of bugs. and they don’t have sauna’s

    One thing I never understood in this world is anyone’s desire to be in a sauna. An outdoor sauna in the winter when it’s cold, maybe – the shocking difference between hot and cold is kinda invigorating…
    However, mostly, a sauna, to me, is akin to sitting in the car on a hot sunny day with the windows up. I don’t get it.
    Hope you are enjoying your time there, Hobbes

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    I’m saying it’s beer.

    Here’s the justification, starting from the last:

    If you look at me, you’ll pop
    – Look at a beer, you’ll pop it.
    If you sqeeze me, I’ll pop.
    – Squeeze it too hard, it’ll pop (I actually did this to a glass of beer once)
    And make your champane bubble.
    – Pour beer into a glass of Champagne and WOW you’ll see bubbles.
    I turn pancakes brown
    – Every fry pancakes with butter and a wee splash of beer? Browns them nicely.
    And normal people look like celebrities.
    – Everyone knows that enough beer will make them think they look like (insert name of goodlooking celeb here).
    I make celebrities look stupid
    – Well, who hasn’t looked stupid after too much beer once or twice?
    And girls comb their hair.
    – Girls will comb their hair when they are hunting. 😉
    I make guys have to pee
    – no explanation necessary
    And I will make you cry.
    – A few too many beers have been known to make tears flow.
    I turn polar bears white
    – This may be where it all falls apart. Although, it *could* be because of us Canadians chasing the bears farther north after they tried to get into our beer!

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    Just a comment on the weapon stuff, Thrax: I think it would be good to keep the numbers of weapons down to keep things simple. That, and although I know you love the lasers, using one as a weapon might not be the best idea, as it behaves fundamentally different from other weaps.
    Perhaps a laser effect could be used in the weaponexplosion, however!

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    Try copying this on the commandline:

    OPENAL_CONFIG="./scripts/openal-config" ./configure

    (I’m thinking it should be looking there for it anyway… I’ll check)


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    The bear looks good. 🙂

    I think the collaborative idea is a good one. It can be tough to do something like this as coordinating efforts can be tough.

    I just woke up, but later today I’ll reread the comments in this thread and put together a list of demands…. errr, a plan. 😉

    Also, I whipped off a quick “Gingerbreadman” map the other day, see pic. I figured to use modelled targets for the buttons and eyes etc.

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    And thus your post was kinda pointless.

    Have a Nice Day.

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    Precisely, DS. The model appears in-game as if you are looking at it in the mirror.

    Also note that for the past year or so the blender export script did this already… I’ll have to fix that again!

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    Kinda drifting off-topic, sorry.

    Just gotta say: When the timer ran out and I lost everything I bought it was maddening as hell when it was only because a couple seconds of spurious lag.

    also, I don’t see any issue with removing the right click action, as it should just be a matter of adding “if(event.button.button == SDL_BUTTON_LEFT)” sort of bit. I’ll look at it.

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    @thrax wrote:

    @deathbal wrote:

    Thrax…..what do you mean by “using the exploit”? What does it exploit?
    I’ve done that many times because i am too slow. Never on purpose.

    The phrase “Player X failed to buy” has become a joke…
    It used to work as it should.. preventing them from getting the items, and
    failing thier turn.

    Now, they don’t even have to bother pressing the OK button. They just
    pick some items and start chatting… ignoring the timer and delaying

    Abusing a bug, and laughing at the results.. that type of exploit.

    I disagree – I think it’s a feature. It happens to me all the time, that I do not complete my buy, as while I’m rushing to get my stuff, time runs out. Thus, I “failed”. Often it is because of excessive yapping, sure, but it happens, and I think it is a good warning to others that I may not have bought the rollers I need or whatever.
    It could maybe be more accurately be named “Failed to complete buying” or something…..

    Also, I decline to vote, as I have either been called a slow-ass or a cheap-ass because I’m stuck with a slow PC. We cannot all afford to upgrade, so ST*U 😉

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    Been looking at adding the code to add the bool to mirror the model…

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the “clean” way to do this would be to make the MilkShape models use the same sort of syntax as the ASE models. f.e.:



    This would make things simpler from a code perspective, and, as Bob and I were discussing could also lead to more possibilites, like a red.bmp which would override all of the tex images in a model’s .txt file and use that image (many of us have oft wanted a way to make different colours of models for different teams etc)

    While this would clearly be a more difficult transition, it could be an opening to more possibilities as well.

    I haven’t decided for sure which way I want to go, so I’m stopping until I hear some comments.

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    Peanut, try running with -allowexceptions and post the core dump.

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    @boy wrote:

    btw, cb, the actual results are pretty far down, how about splitting this.

    Sorry, Boy, I seem to have missed that reply… it was not split.

    Also, isn’t it about that time of year again?? 😛

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    If that doesn’t do it (just now saw this thread), I might suggest just compiling scorched using “./configure –enable-serveronly -prefix=/usr/local/scorcheds” (Just setting the prefix to separate it from the client build/install) and try running the server from that.

    Run it with -allowexceptions, and then if it crashes, post the core dump (you may have to do “ulimit -c unlimited” on the commandline first to allow it to write a core file)

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    For the record, I hate the name of the topic.
    I do, however, like the sentiment.

    I will be at the Cenotaph in the morning in honour of those who have fallen for us.

    Not only those from long ago, when our parents or grandparents were children, but also for those who have passed in our own times.

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