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    In the previous version, we had the option to disable boids. That gave my low-end machine a decent boost in fps. Is this feature now not possible? I’m using lowest possible graphics settings, and just a little more fps would make a good bit of difference. This would also apply to being able to turn off the ship models… didn’t see anything in the display.xml like 40.1 or on the settings interface

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    Should not the bot’s buying behavior be governed by the cost of items in it’s weaponset compared to the money it has? The bots often find themselves in serious trouble after the first buy.
    Items of its weaponset could be purchased when deemed affordable by levels or tiers. If bot spending could be better configured, this would extend the possibilities for custom AI play and give the offline player a more realistic opponent.

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    Landscape on a hotkey(quicker than console) is quite valuable for the laser users, also helps to find players with names that are hard to spot due to terrain, color or length. : ) personally, I don’t use lasers because its merely a cursor on someone’s tank to be assured a hit :p

    dont think I’ve seen this, but I haven’t searched the forum:
    The only calculating you need to do is compensating for wind. In high angle shots, wind becomes much a factor.
    windfactor * 5 =compensation that many degrees into the wind.
    Shooting higher than 60deg, needs more than 5deg/wind, less below that.
    Since lower angles have less wind deflection, use the lowest angle you can for the terrain/shot~ will make your shots easier, arriving sooner than opps that have shot a high arc. Especially important when others aim at the same target.
    Since there are so many factors in aiming, the fewer variables you have to think about the better, pick a few favorite angles and shoot ONLY with those.
    Get a feel for the range of your preferred shots. Youll come to favor taking shots then that fall within your ‘zones’.
    After you have gotten your angles/ranges down, u can finess these as needed for the situation. My favs-> 33.3, 35, 45, 50, 55, 60, 71.

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    I’m having trouble compiling scorched from source, and am new to using Borland in Windows (Dev user). Borland runs fine, it builds my simple cpp apps w/o problem. Interested in digging into scorched, I gave it a go. Made a new makefile with the Perl script and editingg it and make.cmd point to my installation. I get the following output on compile:

    C:scorched3dscorchedsrcscorched>bcc32 main.cpp
    Borland C++ 5.5.1 for Win32 Copyright (c) 1993, 2000 Borland
    Warning W8027 C:BorlandBCC55Includewx/event.h 1453: Functions containing for are not expanded inline
    Warning W8022 C:BorlandBCC55Includewx/msw/menu.h 190: ‘wxMenuBar::Refresh()’ hides virtual function ‘wxWindow::Refresh(bool,const wxRect *)’
    Warning W8027 C:BorlandBCC55Includewx/radiobox.h 66: Functions containing for are not expanded inline
    Warning W8027 C:BorlandBCC55Includewx/radiobox.h 45: Functions containing some return statements are not expanded inline in function wxRadioBoxBase::GetStringSelection() const
    Turbo Incremental Link 5.00 Copyright (c) 1997, 2000 Borland
    Error: Unresolved external ‘_main’ referenced from C:BORLANDBCC55LIBC0X32.OBJ

    I had moved s3d’s includes to Borland’s directory after getting a lot of ‘unable to open ~’ errors, and that fixed those, but am totally at a loss how to go on from here 🙁 Anyone have similiar probs in building?

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    Fri Mar 31 15:34:22 2006 – Connected
    Fri Mar 31 15:34:22 2006 – Connection accepted by “Spudster’s Server”.
    Fri Mar 31 15:34:22 2006 – Please wait…
    Fri Mar 31 15:34:27 2006 – Loaded mod “raptormod”, space required 3308549 (8389434) bytes
    Fri Mar 31 15:34:27 2006 – Player connected “Player 1”
    Fri Mar 31 15:34:27 2006 – This server requires the “raptormod” Scorched3D mod.
    Fri Mar 31 15:34:27 2006 – This will require downloading 207 bytes
    Fri Mar 31 15:34:27 2006 – Maximun 250000 bytes per second = Minimum of 0 seconds.
    Fri Mar 31 15:34:27 2006 – Note: This will also depend on how many server
    Fri Mar 31 15:34:27 2006 – downloads and your link speed.
    Fri Mar 31 15:34:27 2006 – 1 data/ainames.txt – 207 bytes
    Fri Mar 31 15:34:30 2006 – Finished generating landscape (26563, oldstyle, default)
    Fri Mar 31 15:35:17 2006 – SERVER CRASH IMMINENT
    Fri Mar 31 15:35:21 2006 – Socket closed.
    Fri Mar 31 15:35:21 2006 – Client socket has been closed.
    Fri Mar 31 15:35:21 2006 – Disconnected

    was funny 😀
    maybe the admin was unstable and just wanted to crash out

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    hara kiri: old Japanese form of honorable suicide, also known by its Chinese equivalent, seppuku… very drastic, even in the virtual world. maybe pounding your head at the virtual feet of your emperor or boss for atonement would be better? 😛

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    recent (Oct2?) changes to the cvs have stats pages unable to sort by column headers 🙁

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    I saw the phenemenon on Apoc server, donuthills/desert tex. I shot a missile at high angle and just nicked a guy’s mag shield. the missle impacted beside the tank while the projectile bounced away and dissapeared in sand. i’ve seen ppl skim cliff edges 2x i think in 38.1 cavern

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    Having played against him several times last session and once since v39 released, I’d have to say this person isn’t very fun to play against 🙁 I do not mind being shot by vets w/ high accuracy, but Osama aka ‘K’ can shoot 50%+ ..1 and 2 shot kills. 1 on one w/ Osama, he shielded rnd3 on I didnt shield at all. One rnd I dug his bubble on first shot, he missed by a good margin and resigned kinda like spitting on someone. With small group of active players I would think very rare for someone to have a high mastery and with bad attitude. this maybe the guy that went by ‘1’ ? Most players I know, the very skilled are the most helpful and friendliest.

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    client will crash after drawing heightmap. made some progress w no buffering of vertex arrays, effects detail 0, tank detail 0 sometimes it will play as many as 3 rnds before terminating, the error msg doesnt always pop up.

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    @boy wrote:

    Did we forget that this was supposted to be about v39??? 😛 😛 😛

    Thought this’d be the best topic for v39 help than start a new 1…
    Installing the new vers. on a WinXP, NVidia Vanta card, started a single custom game and could only complete 1 round before client crashes.
    It will crash midpoint in loading next rnd, offerring to load safedisplay options. Choosing ‘Yes’ and using those setting produces the same terminated unexpectedly msg after the 1st rnd. Puzzling since we could run v38.1 at very high detail w/o problems on this machine. The loading progress bars go by pretty fast but I see it reaches the drawing normals then the crash. Any help in configuring my new client is much appreciated 😀

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    I thought I saw some mention of a cloaking device in some topic, and I remembered I had an idea of
    say an arms lvl 6 or 7 projectile weapon that on collision with terrain, erases from view all terrain features, objects and tanks in that grid square, appearing as a large hole in the map. You could get an idea of the terrain that is there by observing napalm/roller behavior.
    hehe someone could cloak a square and actually Not stay there or fuel over to it to decoy an expected funk or dh. A collisionaction with deform blank,cloak, clear etc. maybe a groundshake to draw attention. The affected grid square would remain so until rnd’s end.
    Im thinking lines along send null values for visual terrain and object data for the square(s)
    flagged as cloaked. As any defense has countermeasures, you could expand the tracer collision effect to paintball splats only its with a 55gal drum of dye 🙂

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    Will existing mods for 38.1 be compatible with v39 clients, or what changes to the mod’s xml will be necessary? a ton of hours could be lost if much code has to be rewritten…

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    we were thrilled to add S3D and its multiplayer server to our network… many hours of fun on our breaks and time snuck from the job. Thank you for such sophistication and offerring it free to the public w/support

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    in enabling stats, everything isok and running. The server is on a LAN network, the mysql server is remote on the web. With a primitive stats pg I checked the #’s in realtime they were all fine, but the rounds played column was wayyy wrong. I looked at the tables from MyPHPAdmin, and the were exactly like it showed on the stat pg. I played a couple 8 rnd games w/ 2 bots and the “roundsplayed” field was adding up by factor of 5! All other stats are fine. what could account for this?

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