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    Brain Damage

    do you remeber that file (ids.xml) i’ve told you to save to keep your stats?, well that files stores your ids of the servers; the id of the server: is the 1 that you need.
    you can also chek the id in a more easy way: go to the settings, identity tab, the copy the id (not the ip) linked to:

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    Brain Damage

    @gcamp wrote:

    Added: Bots can now use lasers (sniper tag in tankais.xml use this weapon when in sniper distance)

    how does they choose firingpower? (does they do it?)

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    Brain Damage

    my smoke bomb ain’t a shield and will never be possible to use as a shield; it’s simply a weapon that spawns tons of particles centred on your tank (think like a gas weapon but much much more smoke); it’s only ailwable as weapon to fire, that’s why it was intendied to last for 2 minutes, to keep covering the map while shootin; in this version (v39) you can’t move while shootin; while on next version a “trick” with teleport may let you move a little without a “real random” tele.
    Note: i removed the smoke bomb since the tons of particles spawned overloaded so many pc and crashed them.

    @dragon wrote:

    Trip wires are like lazers that you walk into

    with current code and still in the next version (at least for now) you cannot do anything that requies some form of memory (eg. placing some kind of mines, or reapeating an action each round etc.)

    @dragon wrote:

    Invis may be ify

    simply impossible to do unsless gavin (the main devolper) adds the possibility

    @dragon wrote:

    the K A attacks do various damage compared to the def you have.

    this is possbile to do, but it’s not the weapon that “see” what kind of shield you have then applies damage conseguently, it’s only the different absorbtion rates of shields that makes the damage reduced by it’s penetration factor; also it’s not possible to use more than 1 shield at time

    the code ian’t a “programming language”; it’s only a way to edit the game (textures, sound, and so on) it doesn’t let you create something really “new” (eg, i’ve wondered to make a weapon that does damage prportional to it’s speed, but it’s simply impossible); the code lets you only create projectiles, explosions, rollers, particles, napalm, lightnings, lasers and few basic operations on those like launch, change speed and so on. you cannot do something “that isn’t already here”; this is why simply the weapons are never so much different.
    check this post for the code syntax:

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    Brain Damage

    as far as i know, an image file is an exact copy; bit by bit of an entire hd; i don’t know if the image will fits the new hd; also windows, when is installed, copies only the dlls (libraires) that needs for that pc to work (drivers for motherboard, sound card etc); copying to a different machind may resylt in a malfunctionant or completely usesless OS. If the program that jdog suggested you edits the install file letting it to read usb hd, then you won’t have so many troubles to install to the hd; when/if i’ll get enough time i may take a look to it.

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    Brain Damage

    ok, added a few things:

    pin cushion, armslevel 1, 35K for 1

    zapper, armslevel 8, 3K for 4

    judgment light, armslevel 0, 35K for 1

    laser burst, armslevel 2, 30K for 2

    bender laser burst.

    those prices are only indicative, i’d suggest you dw (or who wants to have the “honor” 😛 😆 to ballance prices ) to change all prices to match the money settings you’re going to use for the server.

    unpacked size: 901KB

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    Brain Damage

    Sorry apache but i don’t like the way you’re insisting on this question, i’ve been shut on ths question becasue i don’t like to get involved into this kind of problems, but now i think you’re really exeeding.
    here are few examples:

    this poll can’t be serious and personally i won’t accept the result becasue it has been leaded in a non partial way, i’ll explain better. Asking “Who cares. Let the pros play. Let them get 20+- kills. Let them “abuse” noobs” or asking “Pro players should be forbideen to access it” is much different; while the concept is very similar; the first of the 2 phrases is much more politically involved, almost giving answer in the question by itself, this applies too all of the choices you gave.

    I don’t really think that you asked to all players that was playing in beginner’s server if the pro was helping them or simply like the word you sayed “abusing” (wich i don’t like becasue it’s not partial too),before taking any action (yes talking like an admin is even an action, becasue normal players can’t do it)

    3rd: who can you judge if someone is abusing the players? i know you made this poll to try to find a “written rule for this” (i know you’re refferring to beginner’s server access, to limit those “abuses”), well if you think that, there should be “written rules” even for admins. This is almost impossible because you’d need something like “laws”, not simply few rules, this also will lead the admin to act like “server’s police”, wich will completely ruin the fun, and will make it not a game but a virtual state.

    4th: after pointin the problem in a non partial way, you should lock the topic; i can’t see a poll in reality where people know what everyone voted, also everyone should vothe with it’s own experience, not based on what someone wrote something before.

    5th: even if you are an admin you can’t apply a rule that you stabilished by yourself (no overkills on the beginner’s)

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    Brain Damage

    it was more difficult that i thought :x, ok this is the correctioed version of the mod

    a few notes before:

    i’ve removed the normal, heavy laser and teleport models from accessories folder, they are not needed because scorch links to it’s internal models; they only waste space and caused conflict on my pc

    changed armslevel of plasma laser to 3

    fixed wrong weaponrference in bended rainbow pointing to plasma laser

    added laser cannon; set it’s price to 18K for 2, armslevel to 5

    added bended laser cannon

    added sat strike (note: if someone wants to use the pack that bob published, that pack misses the file gas.wav placed in wav/explosions; get it from main folder of scorched/data/globalmods/apoc/data/wav/explosions)

    added parachutes; they are not needed for normal weapons but since sat strike also makes holes in the ground, it was needed to make it a bit less overkill; made them very cheap, 1k for 5

    @ dw, your zip file misses the textures/wicons folder

    unpacked size: 766 KB

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    Brain Damage

    @boy wrote:

    yes, this was quite helpful. I so far think I will go for a windows install on my first try.

    you may have some troubles trying to install windows; i don’t think it supports to install on usb HD (don’t think that window’s installation reads usb storage devices) ; if you must use windows i’ll suggest you to get a laptop’s hd; then replace the hd in your laptop to the new 1, install windows as usual; the buy a usb hd enclosure (a box that can connect a laptop’s hd trought usb port) and put back orig hd, then place the new hd in the box

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    Brain Damage

    @boy wrote:

    I was unable to uncompress the files, windows says unknown compression method.

    this is what i meant with corrupt files (i could unpack the files, but files were damaged)

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    Brain Damage

    @comedown wrote:

    and unless you happen to be a psychopath who carries a DH at all times

    is someone talking about me??????? 😀 😆

    sorry dire, i’d work on, but the mod is corrupt 😡 ; when i unpack it, the xml i see the page trunked and filled with null characters. Same for mod’s loading image.
    don’t worry for the time,i need only to cut & paste it. takes me about 25-40 secs 🙂

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    Brain Damage

    the same map can have multiple textures; those may make you to belive that the map are different, it only changes the grafic effect, not the random generator parameters (note: hell texture is not applied only to the halfed map but also to the valley & oldstyle). To edit the textures applied to a map go to landscape.xml, then edit the map’s textures; you may want to create 1 containing only 1 texture type; so you’ll be sure that the texture you need will show; otherwise, if you want to have multiple textures like moon, hell and so on; just remove the unnecessary tags from maps.

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    Brain Damage

    that error means that a tag is opened at line 25 and never closed;
    a tag is opened in this way:

    and is closed this way

    probably you didn’t copied the last line (or more) of the code, where a tag (or more) were closed, so it gives you that error
    only 1 syntax error is displayed per time, so after fixing it, another may appear…. 👿 😡
    for the sat strike, i don’t know if should be included becuse it needs to be aimed like a normal weapon, not like a laser 1…..
    btw if you want to add hybrid projectile/laser weapons you may try also my zappers & pin cushion (i don’t know if you have a recent version of my mod but it’s already in since a bit time); to see them just change the mod type and select the option “give all weapons”
    if you still can’t fix the errors in the code i’ll try to do if you need it (can0t now, maybe saturday)

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    Brain Damage

    @direwolf wrote:

    never saw the rainbow laser in the inventory

    maybe you have armslevel restricted; go to the settings and search for arms level; set both start & end round to 10 so all weapons will be ailwable.

    before the plasma laser could get a 1 shot 1 kill if the power was below something around 200 (not mathematically calculated :D; you can look a the code and calc it, but’ i’m too lazy to do it 😆 )

    i forgot that being a laser tounament the laser needs to be a bit more overkill 😀

    for the team setting it’s all in the server settings; if you want to make a local game with team go to the advanced settings and choose the number of teams (must be a fixed value, no temas can be createed during game, players can only join/ disconnect), the mod doen’s need any editing to play with teams

    edited raibow laser, plasma laser

    unpacked size 371 KB

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    Brain Damage

    Did you tryed to add a random bot type?
    I’ve tryed to add a random bot, but a bug added 2 bots instead of 1; also a game will start WITHOUT players joined, and the bot will keep shoting.
    The bot removing settings will work the same as expectied, it will start to remove a bot each time a player will join starting from 5 players.

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    Brain Damage

    sorry all for the late reply but i had a full day at the university 😛

    @ DW:

    i’ll assume that you’ve copied it correctly if you can see the maps
    and you set a custom game.
    the problem may be 1 of the following:
    1: you didn’t set buy round at first round (it’s by default at second); the mod gives you no free weapons, so you’ll have none; change the buy round to first otherwise click the button “give all weapons”; to access those options you have to click to the button “edit advanced options” under custom game.
    2: the other problem’s source may be you was looking at the favourites tab (it’s empty by deafult) and you had to switch to the weapons…
    (don’t really think that happened but it’s a possibily 😆 😈 )

    @ WOW:

    to get an idea of the bended laser try to shoot it at 90 degrees; you’ll see
    if it’s working and how; you may not see it if you fire it and the tringle is buried in the dirt (laser will shoot underground so); if you still don’t see it could be a weapon reference problem (really strange because works on my pc)


    i’ve did 4 changes:

    1: plasma laser now has smaller hurt radius
    2: added bobirov’s pen laser (a laser that does no damage, only for aiming pourposes)
    3: added a special rainbow laser ( i know may be a bit strong but i can tune it down very easy)
    4: no funky, nuke etc as tank deaths; only explosionlaserbeam

    i was wondering if to add a bit delay to the plasma laser (and/or rainbow)to make it a bit less effective, giving time maybe to run with fuel.

    unpacked size now: 370 KB

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