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    after getting into the AWE server, I am having glitches, I get kicked out of the server client and it goes into the game client to set up a new or online game. It waits till I join, pick a tank, then, I get poofed out.

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    I am connecting to the AWE server now, looking forward to checking it out ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    I usually check the servers page between 1800 and 0100 BST (GMT+1).

    And remember bunny, 1+1=2 and 1×1=1 NOT the other way round and you’ll be fine ; )

    hmmm, a seven hour time frame? Let’s try to narrow this down a bit.

    Noon to Two Central sounds to me like Britain Prime Time.

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    @direwolf wrote:

    Howdy Boy! any idea on what time? I would love to get my Buttox kicked in a good ol game of Scorched 3D!
    Would be nice to see some familiar faces in the game, hell any faces besides Bots!
    Ok I cant see anyones faces, but you know what I mean….. Right?
    Oh screw it, ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Well, it is now 4:45 Central. I am in the hotel tonight, lets say we get a game going at about 6:30 Central? One topic I have in mind to start is the set up maybe a weekly game or something. A time we can count on each other to be there for some very serious carnage. Maybe one time for USA and another for Eurozone?

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    Yeah, sorry it has just been so long since I posted that I figured I would put it there, I was thinking the server section was for starting games…. I forgot about the chat! Nice feature. Everything in its place! General would be a better place for this I guess. “I’m back” threads could go here too though.


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    yes. patience. I had run out of it. I know that some people did think I was a butt, but…. thanks for the supportive words guys!

    It was hard to see the game decline, very hard, I put in a lot of time into the game, the fourms, I gave up my mod because the interest in the overall game was not enough to support it. All I really wanted was a full game of pals. Okay, so yeah, that makes my motivation completely selfish, I’m not ashamed of it!

    I have never had so much fun online as playing with Dire and CBX and Irish and all the guys in good ‘ol chatfest. Truly the best bastages there are in the world played here.

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    It seems like a good time to bring this topic back up.

    Will Isreal attack, or not? They seem to want us to believe that they will.

    Is Syria going to be the tipping point?

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    On the contrary, I think this is a very pertinent game server discussion. It’s no sweat either way, but this is game related chat!

    I will try to be on here later this evening if anyone else is around.

    Good to hear from you guys! I’m going to also try to make an effort to post some things on the S3D facebook page. I posted yesterday and someone actyually “liked” the post several minutes later. That was unexpected. LOL!

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    did not have much time, achieved no kills on merge, however, everything did run smoothly while dying! Great work as always Mr. Camp!

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    If Kanga has “attacks” to make, he may do so in the complaints section. His posts are not to be deleted by anyone without a pretty good explanation! At no time have I ever seen a bad side out of Kanga.

    This thread is not in the right place. Boarding plane now, will return thread to proper location later today.

    Rommel, I don’t know what you stirred up over the weekend, ๐Ÿ˜‰ but lay off my buddy Kanga.


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    @loke wrote:

    Rommel – on which planet do you live, has anyone moderated/edited posts lately, with malicious intent, intent that would just show that those who did that, are not worth the trust that have been placed on them.

    I would tend to agree that the commandments (not time to read all of them) are unnecessary – about to board my flight to Detroit….

    We could discuss all kinds of hypothetical problems and try to deflect the attention away from the very real ones. You are wasting my time and probably that of others too.

    No no, there is no such thing as wasting time on internet forums or games. ๐Ÿ˜†

    PoM had decency enough to try to wash away the shame of being nominated by an autocratic entity by seeking the acceptance by the then active admins. How is it that you never tried that?

    And I still do respect PoM greatly for his efforts.

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    @rommel wrote:

    Open Letter :

    Moderator Accounts :

    In order to eliminate the possibility of anyone unintentionally
    editing (it was dreadfully embarrassing) someone elseโ€™s post,
    Moderator privileges should be assigned to Moderator accounts.

    As Rommel, the frequently one eyed poster, I do not need the
    ability to alter the work of others. No Moderator functions.

    To exercise one of the Moderator functions, a separate account
    should be maintained that is only used to perform Moderator duties.
    Moderator accounts would not be used for any other purpose.

    In addition to preventing accidents, this suggestion should
    make tracking the activity of the Moderators a little easier
    due to these accounts being (hopefully) seldom accessed.


    I think what is needed is not a separate account, but a few simple info pop ups and a bit of color.

    when a thread is deleted, in it’s place should be a place marker [thread deleted by admin: John Admin] or [moderated by admin…..]. When a thread is about to be moderated or deleted there simply needs to be a pop up asking if the admin is SURE that is what they want to do.

    These two features would make it extreemly hard to mistakenly erase a post. Proper screening of admins for basic IQ level would be enough.

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    @acid22 wrote:

    I am still interested. I drop in every day to try and play, usually with no luck.
    A bunch of noobs started playing recently and accused me of cheating after five minutes……you can’t win.
    It looks like this game is slipping away……..I cant play solitaire for much longer!…..

    noobs! Gosh I miss noobs, the really addicted and interested ones anyway. Such fun.

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    Welcome back brandon!

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    I don’t know what faboo means exactly but there must absoultely be a reward for AE XP! :mrgreen:

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