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    @armorwraith wrote:

    I don’t really care either way with bitcoin, its just not something im interested in using. Hell I hardly trust my debit card most days. Its a cool notion for sure, just not interested. I like physical money. Same as I like a physical book. Less prone to cyber crime, and something I can examine that has a tangibility factor. I only reluctantly use paypal to purchase online.

    My bank tried to set me up with one of those wireless swipe debit cards, that have a little RF transmitter in them, I told them to shove it and give me a plain one. People can tap into those, just by intercepting that RF when passing by. Nothing is ever 100% secure, but having my cash in my pocket would require physical altercation to remove. Hence my preference.

    I was anticipating a reinstall for windows, as I just redid that recently to speed up my machine. Shouldnt be a problem, though it will be interesting to see how my steam games react. I have them and origin games installed on my second disk.



    Nut is right though, you’re young, take $50 bucks and put into Bitcoins, when you’re 60 yr old that could be worth tens of millions. 😛

    Anyways, to this whole thing. Nut’s advice about saving on CUP and spending the coin on GPU is what I’m trying to do on the kid’s build.

    Will post all thoughts shortly. Cheers. Hope your new rig is totally rockin’ sweet, Armor! Your first spec’d out CPU and board were a lot of coin as it is. Crazy PC personz.

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    Thanks dudes….

    Bad books? What bad books :mrgreen:

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    Okay, he got an extra hundred for his bday. The new overall budget is now 800. What do you think of this build?

    I think I could save more on the motherboard. Do u see any issues with cooling and that micro tax case?

    He does have a tv, but not where he could use it for the game much.

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    Hey guys!

    HEY ArWr!

    Not to spam your thread, but I will take time to read it at some point here soon. I wanted to drop you a line and update you on my project for the “shop class”.

    Rich kid at the little school where we send the kids is wanting to build a gaming machine on a $650 budget and he wants to play BF4. This includes his peripherals and monitor. Geez.

    Well, here is the low budget build I made without perpherals….

    I have to lowball even that.

    I figure I will get a used case and used or refurbished monitor of ebay to reduce prices… but still, I don’t know how he will play BF4 with any sense of quality or competition with $650.

    I told him to sell some of his stuff. Will update soon. 😀


    (And yes, I want to introduce him to scorched if I can)

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    @Innes UK wrote:

    Hi everyone,

    After a 5 year absence I have returned for a classic bit of gaming.

    I’ve got to say it seems pretty quiet on here at the moment. Are there many active members left?

    looking forward to a good old blast with you all.


    I have missed a good blast as well, it has been a long time.

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    McDonald’s Billion-Dollar Profit Is Awkwardly Close To The Amount It Costs Taxpayers Every Year
    The Huffington Post

    The main question that arises is whether or not you believe a public company owes the public something that a private one doesn’t. Or is the bottom line for the shareholders the only important thing? Is there any morality in a “for profit only” economy? Is there a fundamental difference between a corporate CEO’s bonus check of 13 million and a landscaping businessman’s annual net income? Is raising the minimum wage fair to both of them?

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    Advice noted, and logged. =P~

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    Look. Yesterday the radio news reported that the stock market was up on the news of a weak jobs report since it means that the FED will most likely continue the easing policies and low interest rates.

    PROOF POSITIVE that we’re so screwed. NO JOBS = STOCK PROFITS. There is now a direct correlation. The average guy’s job is completely unhooked from the economy, and the more the government spends on his unemployment benefits, the better the corporate profits. This is all you need to know about the state of the financial world today.

    All I care about is that the Fox News reporters are all sexy. As far as the budget, it doesn’t matter. It is just a document legalizing the expenditure of vast amounts of resources on national security that we’d reather not know about.

    If it costs 1 million to set up a good website, but the government spends 600 million, that’s not waste, that’s a shell game. The money is being spent overseas to keep me safe in my house watching CNN and bitching about the Republicans.

    Jobs? We don’t need them. We can just not work and be fine.
    Health Care? Just don’t bother to sign up, I’ll get taxed and get the same emergency room care I always got before.

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    You really should use Mannings new name…. Chelsea….

    Nice find with the apache quote!!

    Read Isaiah 17…. eye opening reading.

    In related news, the UN report implicated Syria’s Assad with the Aug 21 chemical weapon attacks… The naval build up in the Middle East continues…. Congress is about to shut down the government…

    it all seems to be on the verge of implosion.

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    I changed my vote to a vote in protest of war. 😐

    So the whole thing against Syria is a pretext for a war on Iran, obviously.

    US and France will launch missiles against Syria…. (Which Russia will track and perhaps shoot down).
    Syria and Hezbollah will launch against Israel (as promised).
    Iran will prepare for action in the Persian Gulf, and send further Revolutionary Guard to Syria.
    Israel will send its special fleet of modified jets for long flight on a round trip to bomb Irans nuclear sites (as promised).
    Possibly China will even unload its amphibious assault troops stationed in the Red Sea for a suicide mission (then we’ll sink the ship)
    US fleets in the Persian Gulf will come under extreem fire from shore and air, and a massive air war will begin over Iran.
    Arab League states will launch their air force against Iran (but maybe not Iraq)
    Lebannon will be completely overrun by chaos.
    The new nation of Kurdistan will be born.
    US oil price will spike to $300/bbl
    Homeland security will turn major urban areas into secure gun free and constitution-free zones.

    Okay…. some of that was imaginary… but only some….. 😀

    Prepare… the US congress votes on war this September 11th!

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    nice one

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    If I were you, I would not gift me. But do gift a newbie that runs out of money that dont know what he’s doin….. :mrgreen:

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    Where? When? Sory, been really busy last couple weeks.

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    pretty cool.

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