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    I agree wholehartedly whith nearly all the above postings. The contact triggers is one of the best ideas (since you know I am an old Scorch player) For the right price i think that you should eliminate the Force shields bounce, this would take away a little of the stratagy of erecting your Force shield at last second against close range opponent though. Maybe there could be two levels of trigering devices.

    This brings to mind that in old scorch the dirt was soft when weapons hit and they only exploded when their velocity was effectively 0, hence the contact triggers. Is the terrain punctured at all by the projectile before explosion in S3D? If not that might be more like modern weapons, but some weapons burrow intentionally and then trigger. There should probably also be an artillery weapon – which could be one of the most realistic weapons in the game. If i am not mistaken, an artillery shell is intended to explode about 50 or so meters above ground after a certain number of shell revolutions, this way spreading max damage.

    @poolee wrote:

    Anyway, the idea is that bigger, heavier weapons require more power to fire than others to go the same distance.

    Considering that a missle is a propelled weapoon (hence fire trail) this is no problem If a baby missle is propelled then a nuke should be as well, even if it is not specified as a missle weapon.
    But in the spirit of the game…. read on.

    Friction and Range / Power :
    Changing these settings would add a bit of realism and skill but 1000 power is already inadiquate for getting accross the board to a player at opposite corner behind hill, wind F5 blowing in on you and concrete walls.
    One option might be to add rocket fuel, each weapon requires a certain amount of fuel to fire it, in addition to the tanks power. When a player runs out of fuel for their weapons, they fall short.
    Another idea is a power generator that would enhance the tanks power to 2000 or so, but does not enhance the health of the tank. (or it could I guess) Pehaps this could be incorporated into the rail gun technology (see topic titled Interceptor Missles?”)
    One other thing this might do is give players up to 1000 more power that is not damageable. I think it might also be a good idea to give tanks a base power that cannot be damged (like around 200), since it is fairly annoying to be shot to low health and wait for death. That way you got a chance to at least shoot a close player. It would reduce unecessary self kills a bit.

    Power options could open the door to tank level upgrades – Many times there is nothing to spend all that money on. Here is one idea and may add a little realism as well. Add several tank level upgrade options for different prices. Upgrades could include but are not limited to: Projectile power increase, health increase (armor), fuel efficiency and stealth. To add even more options there could be differences in tank technology from the onset of the game, at the beginning of each game a player chooses from several different tank specifications each with certain pro’s and cons such as in a racing game were cars initially have different properites to suit the players preferences.

    All these upgrades would necessitate a revamped purchase/sell screen. the weapons screen already requires too much scrolling, especially in APOQ. I think there needs to be more tabs in the purchase window or smaller icons
    Let me know what you think.
    Bored at work, as always…. Happy scorching!

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    These are great ideas
    This has flooded my mind with sci fi possibilities, maybe we could ask Gavin to make a new game or someone could make a mod with even more futuristic weapons. Scorched3D Space edition or Scorched Black Hole or something

    How about a defensive device that could alter the fabric of timespace by curving it or making a hole in it, the course of the incoming weapon could then be altered to do whatever the defender wants. Of course using the device should come at a very high price as well as a healthy amount of risk to the user. Artificial timespace rifts can be very unstable from what i have gathered…………….Captain

    We may be going a litte bit past interceptor missles with these ideas, but that is the point right?

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    @Apollo Tangent wrote:

    Here’s an idea how about an extra level (at games beginning), where a target is randomly placed floating in the air and the player who hits it most accurately gains a round win and some cash maybe? Of course everyone would have to start on a level playing field for that. But it would be nice to have that bonus round… How about that for a test of skill? Probably too complicated…

    I love the idea. It could be just like some of the old school arcade games where an alien ship flys around for like 30 seconds.
    At the beginning of one round per game a little alien ship could just be added in like a tank, with shields too if you want. The player that kills it or damges it could get some kind of reward, probably a large money prize would be the best, or maybe a cashe of weapons or shields.
    Its always fun to kill aliens!

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    Apollo, thank you for bringing up the wind / range idea, that is the one i missed, which brings me back to the issues

    More issues
    Range from opponent and wind level should also increase the amount of skill awarded for a particular shot, wind level five shots almost always make me miss more! how about the rest of you? Also, surviving players, especially those who get damaged and fight on to win, should they be awarded something maybe?

    what about the skill from accoasional kill due to another players help by accident, such as: Player 1 shoots naplam at player 2 and Player 3 shoots a nuke at player 2, the nuke lands under player 2 and he falls into the crater along with the napalm which initially seemed to miss…. you get the idea.

    Apollo, Bobirov is correct, i think the riot charge / blast can be useful, i did use in an apocalypse game recently to eat the dirt that was on me, it worked well. the small riot seams to dig more than a baby missle as well

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    Please bring back the column for ranking players by accuracy (like Apoq server) skill is mostly a measure of efficiency or effectiveness, No?
    [skill]: synonyms: talent, cleverness, expertise, proficiency

    So here are the other main issues / questions with the new stats as i see it dear readers.

    does fuel use count as a shot? Should it? how much skill is a player given for a kill that resulted from a tank death? are skill points from a tank death based in any way on the weapon that launched from the tank death?
    For a true skill ranking, none of it should count at all in the kill/skill stats (or at least only a very small point award) – Can i hear some Amens?

    Issue 1: Not to take away from those who have worked hard to ravage many tanks….. a cumulative skill ranking is construing the real measure of skill. Is that not more realistically an Experince ranking, like in a role playing game? Also see Issue 2 below

    Issue 1a:
    The peeps who dont get to play as often as Apollo Tangent (like me) have no chance of getting anywhere – 2 days 8 hrs in 10 days! Some people have jobs and kids for Pete’s sake. Heck, I play mostly at work. These stats are imprtant to us!

    I dont know what weapons grade values are but….. sometimes a funky bomb well placed against a bad player with a shield (or two or three players) is just as good a shot as a round 1 shot whith just a baby missle against a top player. The same could be said of a deaths head.
    To accurately rate the shooting of a player based on weapons used wouldn’t it be a good idea to rate the player based on some system of kills divided by money spent or something — Again, the current system is one of experience…..

    Issue 3:
    how can skill be awarded accurately for a kill resulting from a player who died for forgetting to turn on their parachutes? or who had none?
    Scenario: baby nuke misses slightly but digs the player enough to kill them… skill points the same? or how about if a player repeatedly digs a top player to sink them or use up their chutes?
    I submit that there are too man factors for ranking players on exactly how they kill their opponents

    Conclusion lets bring back the “deadliest players” stat. That way, others can have a chance to be reognized. In addition to deadliest players (which just sounds better than skill anyway) I suggest rating player skill using accuracy factored by any or all of the following: rounds won divided by rounds played , games won divided by games played, kills divided by money spent…..
    I realize this presents the problem of a player who could set up a high accuracy and then quit using that particular ID, but this could be avoided easily by including only players who have connected within a particular time frame, 30 days or something like that.

    A penny for your thougts, thank you for reading

    GASP!!! >>>> N……eed … More…… …. ….. Batteries

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    I think that norton was waging a terrorist war against me since i tried to use winpatrol to deactivate some of nortons startup programs — i think i will just let my free 3 month norton prescription expire now……

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    so it seems that my Norton antivirus which i had thought was deactivated, was the problem. It was doing things that were very bad.

    I did manage to extract the v38 files to my folder and I am up and running

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    I did extract the files in the zip file but the game does not seem to be installed properly. THis may be a fault of my own since i tried to replace some of the v37 files with v38 files. That was a bad idea. Windows asks if i want to run the program to start the game, i can play single player but not online 👿 . I think i may need to get the scorched3d.msi file directly somehow and install it that way.

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    @bobirov wrote:

    @boy wrote:

    Napalm was indeed in the original Scorched Earth, I used it all the time I should know. 🙂

    I dont remember using it, but perhaps i was playing a very old version of scorch or something. I have read about lasers but dont remember ever seeing lasers either. I played the “mother of all games” back in the early 90’s i dunno what the weapons were anymore.
    Thanks for the correction anyway Bobirov

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    much applause appreciation for the fixes back to more original style shields and the chutes fix. It is great! I especially love the mag shields!

    Sorry Gavin for the “heat” you’re taking over the Napalm vs Water thing. it was a fine idea, you cant make them all happy i guess.

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    or there could be a special napalm just for water, same price and everything, but only works under water!!

    no, thats a dumb idea

    lets see…. um lets do floating napalm only, no no…. i dunno 😉

    whatever the case, willis you have a point. However, since naplam is basically new from the original scorch, I dont care how it works, funny that i am not picky about it.

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    Love the stats page! it is addicting unto itself

    I think it would be neat if the players in the top positions were given the chance to leave tag lines, comments and taunts to other players. Perhaps something as a reward for the player with any #1 stat

    Play on!

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    my last reply was as a guest accidentally, oops!
    I play at work and at home so i have two accounts…

    I looked around for answers to my questions in the weapons thread but did not immediatley find anything, so i started this one.

    Thanks gcamp and congratulations on the new marriage, may God bless it with real children as much as he has blessed you with scorched children!

    (I will be having a little girl in only a few weeks!)

    I will deffinitley keep up to date on my versions to see the changes

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