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    Note: I put up a wiki page for the new Include Files. Also tweaked the other pages a bit to reflect the fact that things can be constructed in include files as well as their old, individual files as well.

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    It does seem like the startcloseness value gets ignored sometimes and tanks are placed closer to each other than they should be able to. Seems like that has happened for quite a while. Not unlike the fact that placements that use snapping can still be placed too close/on top of eachother, ignoring their mincloseness and border type tags (airfield map in OpScorch, planes are placed multiple times on top of eachother as evidenced by TargetDetails).

    I’ve also found that tanks can spawn outside of their masked areas sometimes. Has always happened on riflerange in OpScorched from time to time since I first made the map. I always figured this was related to the smallness of the tank placement areas on that map though.

    Anyways, here’s a little diagram that pretty muchs shows all of this happening at once (minus the starting mask thing). 😛

    You might say, use direct placement or that is a lot of , but I like the randomness of the mask placement and if I use less, there will be more gaps in the line of fighters (not so bad) but still will be overlap so it defeats the purpose.

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    Also, I’ve seen references to the new landscape option “includes” and “include” in the texture and defn files. I’ve seen this mentioned in the v41 TODO, but I don’t see an example of actually using it anywhere.

    It can be called in a defn or tex file and looks like this:

    location of .xml

    Looking at it, this is how you point to the options files. It also looks like include file can contain just about any other kind of landscape XML definition as well. So you could have a single include file that has your options, placements, etc all in one file if you wanted to I think. Basically you should be able to have any combination of the following definitions in an include file: event, sound, music, options, placement or movement.

    Now that I’m figuring this stuff out, I’ll try to put it up on the wiki. And sorry about cluttering up this news post. Just trying to keep track of my findings as I go so I have some frame of reference to look back on when documenting this stuff. 😛

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    @rommel wrote:

    Thank you very much for the updates. Would it be possible to get up with the rest of those involved in the upgrade and nudge them into sharing what they changed and how it effects the coding?

    Well lets see here, thats basically Gavin and to a much lesser extent, Cbx. Most of Cbx’s changes are all documented in the Accessory docs. And Gav tends to leave the documenting to people who can’t code worth a flip, (e.g. me). I’d rather he spent time using that big beautiful brain of his to smooth out the code anyways. 😉

    I assume you’re wanting to know about this bit from the v41 TODO:

    Added: Per-level options to allow levels to specify specific options e.g. Teams, No Walls etc..

    I see there is a new options file in the data/landscapes folder called optionstest.xml that looks like this:




    I’m just not sure where you’re supposed to point to that from. Obviously from either the landscapes.xml file or possibly the maps defn or tex file. I haven’t poked around enough to figure out where it goes and what the tag is to call it. Perhaps Gav can enlighten us as to where and how we make calls to the new landscape specific options files. 🙂

    That’s a sweet feature too, can’t believe I didn’t notice that until now.

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    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    are powers of 2 and multiples of 16 important?

    For textures, yes, it has to be a power of 2 size. But for a heightmap, I don’t think that it matters (Apoc USA = 320×200). However, I think the safest bet is keep the heightmap a power of 2 and possibly square and use the defn file to stretch it to the size you want. But the engine is capable of handling non-square, non-poweroftwo type heightmaps in my experience.

    As to how important that all is for the competition, well, I dunno the answer to that. 😛

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    @The AI wrote:

    I have a few gaps in my understanding, and a wiki isn’t up yet (a wiki I would be willing to help with)

    Hmm, a good point. Might it be time to add a few of the new modders to the wiki group to help maintain it? 🙂

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    If you wanna save some time downloading off the server, you can grab the packaged mod from the S3D Mods project. I recommend using the .s3m file and importing the mod using Scorched 3D’s mod import system. A standard zip is provided as well if you want to install the mod manually.

    To import a mod from an s3m file, do this:

    1) Download the .s3m file somewhere and remember where
    2) Start Scorched 3D
    3) Click Settings
    4) Click on the ‘mods’ tab at the top
    5) Click on the import button
    6) Locate the mod’s .s3m file you downloaded and click Open

    That should do it I think.

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    @ubuntufan wrote:

    BTW, is there a command within the game to show FPS?

    Open game console (the ~ key) and type in:

    frametimer on

    That’ll show framerate and some other stuff like poly/particle count.

    Dunno about the static, does turning off GL shaders in game settings make it go away?

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    My advice would be to fix XML errors by loading the mod in a single player custom game, NOT by loading the mod on a server. That will spit the XML errors out in a message box like always.

    In depth docs for exactly what xml has changed are non-existant, as they usually are for version updates. Best thing to do is listen to the errors and look at mods that have been converted for examples.

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    Got a server running the most up to date version of Operation: Scorched. Has a few things different from the old v40.1 version:

    Cargo drops: There is a C130 that flys around on both Airfield and 2forts that randomly drops cargo boxes. The cargo boxes always give you some of your main gun ammo, some grenades and a random, powerful weapon (claymores, m79, RPG, mortars, etc).

    New RPG : Can sometimes be obtained from the cargo boxes the C130 drops. Basically just a nice grenade launcher but the projectile is very fast and has thrust.

    New Claymore Mines : Scout gets them by default, but available in C130 cargo as well. You can set them close to your current location, then you can use the supplied detonators to detonate the claymore. To use a detonator, you’ll have to select it, then click on the landscape right where the claymore is set. The different detonators(0,3,5) delay for that many seconds before triggering the claymore. If an enemy is close to the claymore when it detonates, the shrapnel will spray out in their direction. Note that claymores will also detonate if driven over (like a land mine).

    Better bots : they still suck really, but they do try a bit. Defense bots should shoot mortars or other weapons at you if you get close enough. Offense bots should pretty much just throw themselves at the enemy and try to look cool in the process. 😉

    Slightly longer movement ranges : Walk, Jog and Run are a tad longer than they were previously. Its not much, but hopefully it helps a bit on 2forts. Its not really an issue on Airfield it is a standard size map.

    Note that changing your class(tank) mid-game is still impossible unless you run out of lives I think. You might have to relog if you wanna switch classes before a map change.

    Currently the server is only running the 2forts and airfield maps. Its also set at 30 turns per round, down from 40 previously. I did that so hopefully people won’t have to wait as long for a round to end, but it may not really be enough time to fully exploit 2forts.

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    Increased the minimum size of the shields to 4.5 so the rollers don’t hit the player collision space. Still happens some though, but its a lot better than happening all the time like it does with shield size 3.0. 😉

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    Note: Uninstall of previous drivers, reboot then installing the latest (163.71) seems to have cleared up a lot of the sporadic poor FPS issues I was being plagued with (I think). Definitely seems a lot better now at least.

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    I get pretty poor performance a lot of the time on my system too.

    EDIT: Clean driver update from 162.18 to 163.71 seems to have helped a lot for me oddly enough (pegging at refresh rate again at times).

    C2D E6300
    2GB RAM
    nVidia 7900GS (162.18 drivers still, I’ll upgrade later now that the newer drivers aren’t BETA)

    I get below 15 FPS on water maps, turning water off and such doesn’t have much of an effect on overall performance though. This is on a system that used to frequently bust 100 FPS on Scorched if I forced vSync off.

    I am thinking that there is something going on that series 7+ nVidia cards just don’t like as it seems like most performance complaints are coming from people with nVidia series 7 and 8 cards. But that is just pure speculation.

    Screenshot below is with water turned off, medium details at 800×600 and I am getting 7 FPS, something whacky still. Note that turning off GL shaders even does not provide much of a speed boost for me.

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    @gcamp wrote:

    A rebuild of your client should fix it.

    Yup, that did it, thanks. 🙂

    Also added that index under scorched3d_players on the server database.

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    @gcamp wrote:

    Yeah found it, that is the case player id 1 was reserved for the single player spectator. I’ll change it to another number.

    In v41 I changed the playerid allocation code so that if stats are enabled the player id in the game is the same as the stats player id. This means that regardless of the name people connect with they will always get the same player id. I was thinking it would help admins keep track of who is actualy who.

    Sounds logical.

    So do I need to move my stats to another row number like you said or do a rebuild?

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