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    In space, no one can hear you shooting. 😉

    Gunpowder, even black powder, has all the oxygen it needs “built in”. Firearms would actually work better in space. No 14.some PSI air to push out of the barrel. Aiming would be easier too. If you can see it, you can hit it, eventually. Barring gravitational effects from things like nearby planets, the trajectory would be dead straight.

    Things that would cause problems for unmodified firearms would be heating, since without something like a sealed water jacket with the water recirculating through a big heatsink, the only way to cool it is through radiation. The other problem is the possibility of breakdown of lubricants due to outgassing of volatile components in the vacuum. Easy enough to fix by substituting vacuum tolerant lubes.

    Now that you’ve seen the movie, what about the series?

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    Are some of the buildings explosive? Sometimes I see players killed by a factory or a gas station.

    Would be cool to have the various buildings explode in interesting and deadly ways, such as gast stations being huge napalm bombs. 😯

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    TCP/IP addresses reserved for ‘private’ networks are: to to to

    and as of July 2001 to

    These are invalid addresses on the internet. Routers don’t route them. You can’t use 0 or 255 as the fourth number in the IP of a device on a private network. Won’t work, so don’t bother trying. The network setup of your OS should not allow you to use 0 or 255 in the fourth position when manually assigning IP addresses on your internal network.

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    I’d love to see some maps based on the Palm Islands off the coast of Dubai. They’re man-made islands in the shapes of palm trees. In the works is a collection of a couple hundred small islands clustered to form the shapes of the continents.

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    @anonymous wrote:

    I composed a guide in my head at work last night,

    Ebonite’s Guide to Scorched3D

    Multi-Stage/Multi-Part Weapons
    Several weapons in the game split up into multiple warheads sometime during their deployment. This will happen either in midair or upon contact with the ground.

    How about adding that these types of weapons will NOT split or stage
    at an angle of zero degrees elevation. Elevating to .01 degree will cause them to instantly split or stage upon firing.

    Probably the second most important item in the game, batteries are used to heal your tank, at 10 hit points per battery. In addition to strengthening your tank against further attack, batteries increase your available shot power, since your shot power is directly related to your tank’s health. Shot Power = Tank health * 10

    Remember to check your shot power after using batteries to repair damage! If the damage takes your health down to less than enough to support your pre-damage power setting, it is automatically reduced. The power setting is NOT automatically increased when damage is repaired. This is where many newbies get self-killed.

    I’d love to see a 1000 Power mod where tanks can only shoot at 1000 power and can’t shoot at all when damaged any. That’d force the use of batteries and the powerful weapons to get one shot kills. A server running this mod would have to allow shopping on round one and start players off with enough $ to buy batteries, shields and big weapons. It would also lead to some really strange and funky shooting, especially in high winds.

    Newbie hint, when shooting straight up in wind, rotating your tank will have no effect on where the shot lands. Some angle below 90 degrees is needed to change the landing spot.

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    Last night I ran a 10 round, 25 turn, 24 bot free for all, simultaneous match in the Apocalypse mod. It didn’t crash!

    The only change I made from previous runs was to turn Give All Weapons on.

    An odd observation on doing that is I tried a couple rounds with different numbers of bots, with teams, and every bot would use the Ultra shield. But in free for all (no teams) the only shield they’d use was the Heavy shield.

    Even curiouser, ALL types of bots use batteries, shields and parachutes when they don’t have to _buy_ them.

    When everyone is using Ultra shields and has an infinite supply of batteries, the only way any bot would die is when it got double-teamed in one turn with big hits from two other players. If one survived a turn it’d just up the shield and heatlh then fire.

    Of course the morons would still blow themselves up once in a while with big weapons at low power. 😉

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    Can’t believe that nobody’s done a Dalek from Dr. Who yet.

    How about a “Hammer’s Slammers” type hovertank?

    Or one of Keith Laumer’s BOLO “tanks”? There are many varieties of them to choose from.
    (No relation to the network tank game “bolo”

    If you want a fantastic flop, there’s the MBT-70

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    SD Resident 1.4 has nothing in allowed or blocked processes, only 13 allowed Registry changes and 14 blocked Registry changes. 8,684k mem usage for tea timer, priority Low. Exiting it doesn’t have any effect on S3D 39.1 crashing or not.

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    Would a USGS (United States Geographical Survey) DEM format (Digital Elevation Map) file work for creating terrains for S3D?

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    Here’s what’s in my system tray, left to right.
    Network connection icon
    Virtual DAEMON Manager V3.47 (CD-ROM emulator)
    NVIDIA Settings (part of absolute latest nVidia video drivers)
    ICQ Pro 2003b (I hates ICQ5, HATES IT!)
    Gadwin PrintScreen 2.6 (Freebie! Grabs video from Mediaplayer too!)
    AVG Free Edition – Control Center (Latest updates to V7.0)
    Spybot-SD Resident 1.4 (with latest updates)
    HotSync Manager (for Handspring Visor Platinum. Hooray for e-books!)

    BUT It doesn’t make a bit of difference if I shut all of that down.

    Tonight I tried a 1024×768 Apoc mod target practice game, in a window. Soon as it displayed the scores, the whole system slowed to a crawl and finally gave me a STOP ERROR.

    ***STOP: 0x00000050 (0xF000E822,0x00000000,0xA009E0C5,0x00000000)

    ***Address A009E0C5 base at A0000000, DateStamp 42168832 – win32k.sys

    S3D and an olde game from 1998 (Darkstone from Delphine Software) are the only things I run on this box that crash a lot. S3D 39.1 is much worse with the crashing thing. 38.1 never crashed on me and I didn’t change a single thing between the last times I ran 38.1 and installing 39.1.

    Darkstone will just once in a while quit and put me back at the desktop. No error mesage, nothing in the system log, but it leaves something destabilized because it won’t run again for more than a minute or two until I reboot. I have not played that game since installing S3D 39.1.
    (I expect Darkstone to be a bit flaky since it was written for Win9x and DirectX 6.x, not 2000 Pro and DirectX 9,0c)

    I can process video with Premiere or Tsunami for hours on end, edit multi gigabyte uncompressed audio files with Audition, I can stress this thing umpteen ways from Tuesday and never crash it. I can’t remember the last time I got a STOP error on here, I think I was trying to run some really crufty olde antique 16bit app that wasn’t well behaved back on Windows 3.1. 😉

    Can someone who knows how to setup S3D to make a log, and how to get/read the log post it here and/or make the whole procedure a Sticky? I’ve searched the forum but didn’t find a post on HOW, just posts saying to get the log. 😛

    I’ve run versions of S3D since way back in its early days, and 39.1 is the first version I’ve run that’s been so crashy. 🙁

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    On some web forum, lost in the misty murkishness of the mid-late 1990’s, I wanted to post a reply to some nutbar, about what, I forget.

    I first tried my real name. Taken. Real name plus last initial. Taken. (Why didn’t I look this guy up?) I tried a few others but they were all taken.

    Finally I decided that _nobody_ online, in their right mind, would declare thenselves to be a poke their nose into everything sort of a busybody, so I tried busybody.

    TAKEN! AAAAAAGUHHHHGGGUH! In frustration I tried bizzybody and it wasn’t taken.

    So far I’ve only run into a couple of other forums on the web where bizzybody has already been taken. 😉

    I do have a backup /nick mostly for IRC for when I get dumped off by a netsplit.

    It’s KVUGNG and when using that one I turn into “K’vu Gung! The Space Viking” 😈 A million bonus points to the first person who posts where the series of letters KVUGNG was used in the real world. 😉

    Hint: It has a connection to the word Viking.

    P.S. My avatar on here is a clip of part of the original cover art for H. Beam Piper’s “Space Viking”, which has absolutely nothing to do with KVUGNG.

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    Forgot to add that last night I tried a 12 player, me and 11 bots, 4 teams, standard “none” mod game.

    It completely froze in the 7th or 8th round. (Wasn’t keeping track, sorry.) I was playing full screen. It’s only done the freeze in full screen, but it’ll crash and quit from full screen or a window.

    So far that’s the only time 39.1 has crashed with me as a human player. (And Team Red was soooo kicking ass!)

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    I’ve searched the board for log, crash log, debug log, etc. on the board here.

    How about a Sticky post on how to set the game to create a log, and where to find the log, for all the different OS versions?

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