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    No problems here either since uppgrading to 39.1!

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    @apache64d wrote:

    Yes there was a poll…(checks to find it in the archive)
    Got it:


    LMAO, I even cast a vote in that poll!!! 😯

    Seriously though, that poll got 20 votes which can hardly be considered as a firmly rooted opinion in the community of players. 90 percent in favour doesn’t matter, there are not nearly enough votes cast. And were is it confirmed that this is a guideline to be followed by all players? Is there an anouncement stating so? I think there is some room for improvement in that department. Thanks though Apache for finding the poll, which I’d totally forgotten about. 🙄

    Concerning your reply Turgond, I have to disagree. Just because you connect first, it is not up to you to dictate the style of play if others connect to a public server that you don’t run. That type of attitude can just as easily be considered rude and inconsiderate. The problem I have with the beforementioned guideline is that there is no anouncement that it was in effect. To me that means there is in fact no rule, which in turn means that there is no way to force players to conform to ‘rules’ games either.

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    First of all I’d like to say that I totally agree with apache regarding this subject. You can ask people nicely if they are willing to conform to a ‘rules’, but that is pretty much all you can do.

    @apache64d wrote:

    I guess not every1 know but, in result of a admin+players of the game guidelinedecision, a “rules” game can only be made ONLY if ALL players agrees to it.

    Since on the subject of rules I feel I have to comment this statement:

    First of all, I had no idea that any formal ‘rule’ was decided on regarding this matter. I just assumed it was common practice since it’s the only alternative that is feasible. If there are there any other formal rules to abide by I’d like to know. As far as I know there is not a single ‘official’ document that explains what you can and can’t do either in-game or in the forums! In the case I’m mistaken please accept my appologies and direct me to the source. I only ask that I don’t get a sulky comment with a link to a subject on page 30 or something. Formal rules should be put where it’s impossible to miss them!

    Secondly, when was this decided and by who? Was there a poll (sorry, but I just couldn’t keep that to myself)? 😉

    NOTE: I certainly don’t mean to offend, it’s just that I feel that a lot of grief could be avoided if there were some clear unambiguos guidelines easily accessible for everyone. Even they exist, it cannot be considered a success that for example I after over 6 months with the game have no clue!



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    You are getting me confused here Spyrer. At first I was going to ask you to add an ‘I don’t understand the relevance of this poll’ option, but when I reevaluated the options available options with this particular poll in mind I had sudden urge to vote ‘They are a waste of time’. 😉

    Seriously though, if you think there are too many polls out there, don’t read them! Would you like to restrict the option to start your own poll, or should every specific poll be preceeded by a ‘yes/no’ poll on ‘Is this a valid subject for a poll’? ❓

    Personally I’m glad that some people contribute with new topics, polls or otherwise (I know that I for one suck at doing that), so that I have something to read and reflect on. 😉

    The only thing I will say against (some of) the recent polls is that there seems to be a new trend to present the available options in a surprisingly biassed fashion.

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    I really love that song! Showed it too a friend today, which makes it the third time I watch it and it’s still just as funny. 😀

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    Oh boy, here we go again. I will agree that there are players who have a negative effect on the community because of they way they behave on the beginner server. I also think that there are players who stay almost exclusively on beginners for far too long for whatever reason.

    However, solving these problems by imposing prohibitive and/or ambiguos rules on every single member of the community is not a good idea IMO. I suspect this poll was introduced to eliminate eventual squabbeling among admins on actions taken towards individuals by referring to a rule voted for by the community.

    Are the poll options supposed to reflect how this ‘written rule’ would be formulated? If so, I might as well comment them:

    option1: This would be a very strict rule, ie once you reach the kill limit there is no more access to the beginner server for the player. This would have a very negative effect IMO since it’s very boring to hang around main hoping that someone perhaps will show up before you find something else to do with your time.

    option2: This rule would be ambiguos beyond belief. There is no way to quantify things like what constitutes a ‘dominant factor in the game’ or who is and who isn’t ‘helpful’ enough. It all comes down to which admin can voice their opinion the strongest since there are no written procedure for admins (a far as I know, in fact i’ve seen posts by admins stating this is not needed). I find it unlikely that such a scenario would be in anyone’s interest (perhaps except for single individuals).

    option3: No rule leaves things as they are now i suppose.

    I strongly disagree with the way these options have been presented, as they are clearly biased to reflect the authors opinion. Furthermore I certainly hope that this poll will not be used to decide if there should be a rule or not if only a small part of the community takes part in it (which is very likely since the opposite is unprecedented for every poll I’ve ever seen here).

    A final thought: If the idea is that the community is to be involed in deciding the specifics of rules and regulations, why not start by formulating a procedure for that first? If not, just make a rule and enforce it without referring to the will of the community.

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    @barnabas wrote:

    that’s a little complicated, bear.

    Should we just say we BB’d when we really really suck?


    -barny, with love

    I don’t see why not, although I’d feel a little embarrassed taking credit for ALL the suckiness. It is the fruits earned from the hard labour of many and I just feel a bit apprehensive about stealing all the thunder. 😉

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    @barnabas wrote:

    It’s so great not to be at the end of the list. Thanks, guys!



    ps remember when you die on the first shot of a round while completely missing your target, you know what it’s like to be me.

    @cinnibar wrote:

    It’s worse when you’re the one that kills you. I’ve had that happen, too.

    Damn gravity.

    How about this then (happened two times in one game a couple of days ago):
    – Get kill stealed on the first shot. 😯
    – Completely miss the second while getting killed. 😯 😳

    Can I join the club? 😉

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    @boy wrote:

    what you aught to do, is come over to the pro server, all you need is 50 kills. not hard to do. There you could be the last one targeted, and folks are pretty nice and well behaved there. You’ll learn alot, much easier.

    If you need a chance to shoot then just use the single player mode and shoot you eyeballs out. take as many shots as you need to get your basic aiming down



    Best post I’ve read here in some time!!! I started last stat series and had some tough times at first, but starting playing on main rather early made it possible to flatten the learning curve much quicker than would have been possible otherwise. Watching experienced players in action and how they deal with different situations and how they manage their money helps your game like nothing else!

    Come and join the fun on main guys. You are invited after 50 kills on beginners, but more so you are wanted!!! 😀

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    All that comes to mind is, well …

    …superb vid Dire!!!

    😀 /BB

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    @willis wrote:


    Ya know how they think “man in the moon” or “face on mars”.. Look again 😉

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, now I see. Doh 😳 !!!

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    Ho ho ho!

    Merry Christmas to you all 😀 !!!

    Best regards,


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    @demimurych wrote:

    Funky stratagy its simple and effective vs pro players.
    If in arena 4 or more players then to win game u need maximux 3 round.
    If i use funky. I no need force shilds or other weapon. If i see player who have more then me rounds win – i kill him first. And dont mater how mach hi have money. I need max 40 000K to have enough funkys.

    Evryone who know player Vihor – know how work funky startegy.
    And just see on hist Rank and extendet rank. Vihor now nomer 1.
    New funky startegy is like cheat.

    I think funky price to small.
    I think scorch must have weapon vs force shilds.
    OR price for force shilds to small to.

    Sorry for repeating myself, but if exessive use of funks is to be considered cheap tactics, then using the ctrl grid is off the chart in that department!

    This funky terror you have created is insignificant to the power of the grid (I’m a warzie btw) 😉 !!!

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    @cinnibar wrote:

    See, that’s an interesting comment. I don’t agree, though. I just think it’s the first time I’ve seen someone seriously take issue with the grids.

    Removing the grids wouldn’t accomplish much, though. The Warp Grid accomplishes much the same thing on a more basic level, and I think the really determined (and obsessed) scorcher would just edit the texture maps for each of the maps to add the gridlines permanently, if that’s possible.

    Better to leave it alone.

    IMO, the real issue is that people have different ideas about what makes the game fun to play. What I expect us all to agree on is that it is a great game and hopefully all tastes can coexist without too much of a hassle. I don’t really think the grids need to be taken out of the game, but it was a point I wanted to make.

    I do however disagree that the warp grid is even closely as descisive for ability as the regular grids.

    Anyhoo, I’m having a blast scorching away and I hope you all are too 😀 !!!

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    I feel that the current level of balance between funks and bubbles works rather well. Both Cinni and Crispy make very good points IMO.

    Personally I have reconsidered how to properly use funks over time. I used to mess up my funding pretty badly using way too many in the wrong situations. As a defensive countermeasure, buying fuel and running from obvious funk opportunities is often feasible. This will result in seriously hurting the finances of the eager funker.

    Leave the prices be I say!

    Btw, in my personal opinion, the best way to level the playingfield and reduce the ‘easy statboosting’ as mentioned by CD is to remove the ctrl+g and ctrl+h grids from the game. No offense intended towards anyone using the ‘square-counting’ technique, but it is the way I feel on the subject.

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