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    BTW, my sorries to the DireWolf about dumb remark, i meant that use of the laser mod in this team tournament without mentioning this waay beforehand would be very dumb idea (and still think that it would be indeed very dumb). The remark was not really targetted at him.

    The idea of having tournament of many different mods is good, though.

    As about open mindness, it is rather clear that lasers has much fewer varying factors than normal weapons. I don’t think one or two weapons that fly around would help. Just try playing with this mod a little, with yourself, in single player.
    Besides, if earth is not scorched, it isn’t scorched earth.
    It can evolve into something interesting, but i don’t think it will if the idea is to have lasers only.

    In team game problem is even worse – team can always kill one player immediayely by just having enough people shot him. Unluckly kind of the hill can’t do a thing – fuel doesn’t save from laser, batteries don’t cure dead, etc.

    Also, open mindness about things that are taking off, and open mindness about your idea about tournament is different things.

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    If team tournament is not played with this mod, then allright. I have nothing against fancy looking weapons or people having fun or something like that, even if i don’t understand what is fun there (perhaps fun of making of the mod; but note that fun of making of something doesn’t imply fun of playing something especially if one originally thinks it is going to be something more or less like scorched earth).

    Just i’m coming to this forum to see what’s up with team tournament, and read BOY’s remark about possibility it would be lasermod (in the team tournament thread where it was discussed what mod it will be). I joined tournament group expecting it would be scorched3d tournament; maybe with mods like small weapons or something like that.
    Perhaps lasermod is simply too different from what one expects from ballistics game like scorched earth (where, you know, earth has to be scorched).

    edit: for clarity
    @boy wrote:

    😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

    I dont understand you sometimes.

    I’m pretty sure I meantioned that the mod was being developed, I’ve been suggesting for a long time that we do the lasermod, but I still dont knew what mod it will be. All I know for sure is that it will be a TEAMS tournament for sure.

    If you are unhappy about this and you think you and brain’s team will not be happy about also having a mod, then please feel free to quit, or make a new team or a poll, or anything you want, nothing is for sure except one thing


    I think it would be sad if you did not play it because it was not your favorite mod though, I will play it no matter what mod is picked.

    Shit, we can make it even more than one mod, one mod for one week and one mod for another week, or hell, lets make it all the mods, why limit ourselves to two.

    edit: btw. if you use fuel to move, and somebody shot laser at you, you get damage anyway(in normal scorched that is). Is there some delay in lasermod so movements would be interesting?

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    What’s the point of this mod anyway? Everyone goes to the lowest height he can reach and shots eachother with laser big enough to kill? there’s no possibility to miss if you’re accurate (BTW via console you can turn off terrain to see through), there is no ballistics, nothing.
    I’m surely leaving that team tournament if such dumb stuff will be in it.

    IMO lasers would be interesting if them would bounce off the roof and would not go through terrain, or something like that. The currrent way how it works is okay for one or two exotic weapons but very dumb as main weapon.

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    I joined too 🙂

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    Also, it would make sense to write little program to run list of English words through filter, look through words that has been censored, and put those that is good into whitelist. When swearword is encountered as part of whitelisted word, it shouldn’t be blocked.
    Then, the filter may be left as aggressive as it is, but with this relatively small whitelist.

    For dictionary, look

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    @hobbesme wrote:

    @badshot wrote:

    There’s lotta normal words that are blocked…
    Can it be fixed maybe?

    This has already been fixed :

    @gcamp wrote:

    Ok, ive made it less obtrusive.

    but shouldn’t it be serverside thing? then why server is still blocking these words?

    @badshot wrote:

    pula? what’s that? i googled, with no bad results

    Please follow this
    Underlined link & read the
    Last line(s) to
    Ascertain its meaning

    However, as many of the original links are now broken, see revised :

    geez, if you block swearwords in all languages, very few three and four letter words will not be blocked. If you consider all languages of the universe, every three or four letter word means reproductive organ.
    Just for example what i mean,
    most uses is normal.


    Great! but can it be done as tank actually flying like missile? This would look really fun. Tanks jumping around.

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    K, allright. Though, depending to date and time i may not be able to play.
    heh, i got idea for sig…
    If it aint fixed, why break it?

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    I can join, but when is the tournament?

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    I’d prefer laser to be mostly “defense” weapon that shots down projectiles flying around you. So, you can set range of attack, and it’ll shot at any non-friendly missile entering this range (except tracers), with bigger priority for ones that are likely to hit closer(optionally). With bigger ranges, it can be made to miss sometimes.

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    @cbx550f wrote:

    Maybe we should add that if someone gets ahead by more than three kills their screen goes black until they are even again.

    Good point. as about interest and newbies:

    Consider you lowered interest. Most of money is obtained from kills. Now, newbies are not any better as they rarely get a kill.
    What’s about instead of
    at each round
    (where interest is >1)
    where interest2 is smaller than current interest, and funding is nonzero
    We will have that graphs:

    | / .
    | / .
    | /.
    | . /
    |. /
    | /
    > current money

    (vertical axis is next money)
    (sorry for poor ASCII drawing.)

    where dots correspond to the new banking and / to old
    As you can see, below intersection point, you get more money than before, and above you get less.
    Also, this thing is simple to understand: you get interest(lower than in current version servers) plus constant sum.
    It can be adjusted that intersection happens at 20 000. Veterans usually don’t get below 20 000 , and newbies are always there.

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    @apache64d wrote:

    badshot u can ask these players what Apollo did to them: Irishbandit, Mandy, Kid caos, Kraftwerk, DireWolf, Willis, apache64d, Boy, Ebonite, Sondra, Wowbagger, Cbx, Critty Critter, even hippo, Spyrer, DeVice, Jackand more. Sorry if I forgot any1.


    then let ones who were insulted decide what to do with apollo. Because rest don’t know, doesn’t care and would vote to let him stay.
    Talks about prejustice and everything is nice, but uninformed opinion is not any better than prejustice.

    Also, poll needs this option “who are/WTF is apollo ?”

    This poll is like making trial without presenting the case to jury – of course they will normally vote “not guilty”. That’s what we are observing with poll. I’m just stating that i’m is pretty sure that most people voted are as much “WTF???” as I am are.
    “Democracy” works only when people know what’s it all about.

    It’s like making poll “Did John killed Bob” in city where you have max. 12 people witnessing event, and rest don’t have idea WTF it’s all about.

    Poll is not comparing oponions on some fact, poll is comparing what behavior of apollo people have witnessed themselves. And most haven’t witnessed anything at all, some seen slight arrogance, other seen personal insults, etc.

    I’d vote “Let moderators decide without being influenced by results of this poll” because
    1:moderators seen logs,
    2:democracial approach with voting can not work because logs is probably too weird to be published.(i’m guessing there)
    3:and afterall you don’t run poll of all people on earth to make decision for some trial.

    4: probably we don’t want scorched to get “thick skin adults only” rating (next step after adults only), even that I’m adult and have thick enough skin.

    Really, people are getting banned even without insulting so many users, I see, and without any polls. Would be unfair to make exceptions… well, maybe make exception when somebody was drunk or whatever, and insults consisted of relatively bening repeating f-word, but it doesn’t seems to be the case.

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    can ANYBODY explain to me why there’s all this buzz about apollo? If he excessively used bad words or whatever(insults, etc) when i wasn’t there, i wonder how much insulting he must have been that there’s so much buzz about it.

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    I’d not give any points for money. There’s no reason to – moneys are thing that you _use_ to _buy_weapons_. Many money is already helping you win, unless you just buy nothing and get money from interest rate. Also, aside of interest rate, you get money from kills and wins, and those is taken into account already.

    It makes as much sense as award points for number of DHs fired

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    Also… it would be great to make sure that client can not write file to arbitrary location on hard disk, even if server sends some completely weird filename…

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