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    Apollo Tangent
    Bobirov wrote:
    Some of the reports of weapons disappearing could be the fact that weapons which break up at the apex of their flight (mirvs, death heads) will now dud completely if they collide with anything before they reach the height of their arc.

    I’ve seen Death’s Heads dud out after colliding with a snowflake a few times now. 😥 So maybe the high ordinance weapons shouldn’t be used in inclement weather maps. (It’s a learning curve I guess).

    The dud out feature would be great if a weapon were developed to defend oneself. ie: a weapon with limited range but multi projectiles that would shred a warhead coming in… or a spreading net type weapon that would catch an incoming one and the throw it off course.

    I think it’s a neat idea, but is it possible?

    Kind regards and I’d like to thank everyone for their hard work!


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    Apollo Tangent

    For the record the last comment was mine.

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    Apollo Tangent

    I will put some other funny stuff in this thread when I stop laughing about Moke. Mostly commentary on servers… ie: I’m going to keep killing you until you are DEAD!

    Let us pray for Moke, may all Gods forgive her/him. Or whatever salvation Moke follows… Maybe she/he has a GAVIN SHRINE! I hope….. ShoCkWaVE sees this!

    Unihibited, self promoting, “breaking his arm patting himself on the back” J-A”S” < <<< figure out what that acronym means. Please don’t mix upper and lower case. You’re in Texas and this isn’t “PiMp” chat on AOL. Oh yeah, you’re in Texas. nm, vns, on apoc rookie, I can’t wait for SChLoCkMoD! Threaten to remove me shock-wave. You can’t turn people with a healthy sense of humor against me. 😛 Truth be told, the people that are easy to pick on get picked on. The people that can give a “jib” can live/and or die with one. Apollo, “throws” Webster’s at the wall, in hopes that many people will see that there is a profound difference in the meaning of; YOUR and YOU’RE. 3rd grade “English teachers”, come on! Apollo

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    Apollo Tangent

    Kudos to you Gavin!

    For recognizing a poop for a sh*t.

    Moke, when they let you out of the institution. You’re invited to a knuckle sandwich dinner. I’ll TREAT!!!!!!

    I haven’t seen a more self emasculating bozo since…..

    Well Okay Moke is the first!

    I bet they taste good with humble pie for desert.

    Mine aren’t salty! I Bathe every day. 😈

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    Apollo Tangent

    AHHHHH! YES! 😛

    The players with the saavy to survive should be rewarded! After all, don’t you have to be more creative to survive through a round?

    Would it be unfair to reflect a players “quality” of play by rewarding them with a rank that is based on survival skills rather than be rewarded for “merely” Kills?

    Maybe a quotient can be worked out for MYSQL that has a variable thrown in for SURVIVE?/?KILL 😮

    Then we can compliment each other by chatting NL for “Nice Live” instead of ns for “nice shot”!!

    I’m glad that a more valid debate has been brought to the table, I felt compelled to voice my opinion on the matter and I’m happy that it’s piqued some interest in the community of players.

    SO! Let’s get the vote out! Spread the word and encourage our other players to voice their opinion. 😆


    Prose and Con’s :Eddie Murphy: SNL skit.

    Oh btw… I have a mod you might want to try for yourself. So here is what I did;

    I changed the para.wav file with my own voice saying “Parachute Deployed”. Oh what a better reminder than to deploy them other than the little clicking sound!

    Kind of like the voice prompt fliers get from the computer for “Low Altitude”.


    Unless of course you are flying low and inverted, in that case, the Computer encourages you to suicide! LOL! 😯


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    Apollo Tangent

    Point taken.

    My rebuttal:

    With the weapons allowed and the defensive techniques available, there is no true algorithm that can determine a “game win”. (K’s) Unless you look towards… MYSQL

    >unbiased< (for MYSQL) regarding >SIC< to a valid leader in stats. FN#1(That would pertain to a value on (intellect)/or saavy). WILLIS there is your answer.

    The MYSQL database does NOT delve into the personalities where it could, determine and or render in it’s “exact” conclusion. (MYSQL) does not discriminate.

    In my biased opinion, the existing MYSQL works! To exeplify it, I will expound on it.

    Other than “hit points”.

    There is no factor that can option for (algorithms) based on the following, WITHOUT a referee to unbiasedly judge the intellect of a (player). Or the lack of.

    >among others< which makes the game so fun!!! Kills count/WHY???? (MYSQL)! Point 1 save money for a few rounds.
    Point 2 use of fuel.
    point 3 throw dirt.
    point 4 dirt/fuel + fuel/dirt
    point 5 use of batteries = reverses hit points. (credit)?
    point 6 use of foul language.
    point 7 chutes? or sans chutes?
    point 8 re-join, the noobs do.
    point 9 THE DREADED “double loggers”.
    point 10 I think Gavin has enough to worry about now that He is married, so let’s get HIM out for a few LAP DANCES! eieieieieieieieieiei Whaaaaaaahhhhh!! C’mon!! let’s keep it Fun! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-oOOOOooOOOoOoOOOOOOOO!

    btw: I just had a fun game w/ miroslav where fuel was a factor in the outcome, although I lost the battle, I think he admired the fact that “other” techniques” can be used in defense.

    In 10 years we will all be dead and wonder on our last breath, why oh why was scorched3D so mean to us.

    I’d throw Gavin 1 million dollars to launch this but alas, all i have is a vault filled with “tracers”.

    FN#1 MYSQL is not a “grey area” it is based on pure data.

    in reply to: Talk to Admin #13308

    Apollo Tangent

    She / He caused too much trouble. (not sure of Mokelok’s gender).

    She’ll / He’ll double log again. To put a decoy or “second hitter” in. See footnote.

    I’m going to ride the fence a bit here. If the people that think Mokelok should be given a second chance want to monitor (“police”) Mok’s activity then the honus should be on them to have the ban made permenant when this person gets out of hand.

    I think She / He will change their nickname to start abusing people again. Mokelok has started up servers on a few occasions. One of which the Bots were prefixed with [Mokelok is always champion Bot] James (Or something along that order).

    If She / He is happy just playing the game… let her / him start servers… The fact is, almost Everyone that knows Mokelok more than likely, will not join in on those servers. That in itself reflects the way people feel about Mokelok.

    She / He has game skills I will admit that!

    Mokelok is however, inept in having social skills. I’m not sure if Mokelok can walk the streets of Odessa Ukraine and say the things to the people there that were said to us. Well maybe Mok can for a NY minute. I’m sure they have dark alleys in Odessa… 8)

    Re: Double logging, Mr. Camp I was wondering if V38 will resolve the issue. Many players are of the opinion that a person NN (bin laden) has been double logging to bring in either a decoy or second hitter NN (saddam). I don’t think that anyone who loves the game should be dis-allowed from logging in on 2 servers, (If they have the talent to play 2 games independently). I do think it’s a bit unfair if they double log on the same one. That was the other “unfair” tactic that Mokelok used.

    in reply to: Resigning #13398

    Apollo Tangent

    Warfare, isn’t fair. I’m sure there are plent of Soldiers, Tankers, Sailors etc. That were… and will be in the future “happy” that some of their adversaries have chosen the Hari Kiri (
    The dissapointed fighters that would have rather bayonetted them themselves… Well quite frankly should have their heads checked.

    It was the pesky Kamikazee missions that really pissed them off the most!
    Today instead of planes they do it with cars in Iraq. Well 9/11 hmm okay I stand corrected.

    So I ask you all to consider the fact that D-Heads haven’t become a side topic here yet. Why? It’s rare for people to suicide with one and because it’s shrewd players that plan in advance in order to use them. An admirable tactic!

    The tactic of dirt and gas is a valid one. I’m sure everyone here has been dirted at one point or another without having fuel in their inventory. So why not resign when that happens? (at least to counter that tactic).

    Trends change, ie: Leapers sometimes become more popular than Sandies. Hot Napalm is a little bit too expensive but it’s a great weapon to counter both Dirt and Shields. We don’t need ABC fire extinguishers for our tanks yet though do we? Maybe the price of Hot Napalm should be brought down a bit.

    Re: My statement about the fact that I’ve truced and then blown my fellow trucee away… It’s their problem that they fall for the oldest trick in the book. If they lack the sense of humor to admire my doing it. It’s a great lesson for them to learn. (War is Hell not Vacation).

    The last thing that they do before they execute someone with a lethal injection is swab the injection area with alcohol. Well isn’t that kind!? I’m sure it gives the person on the table the “peace of mind” that they won’t be dying by Necrotizing Fasciitis anytime soon… HAH HAH!
    >weg< 😈 wicked evil grins to everyone! See you in the game. 😀

    in reply to: Resigning #13389

    Apollo Tangent

    I’ve been known to truce on rare occasions… Normally a bad idea.

    The best psyche is to say yes to a truce… then blow the truceeeeeee away! Yay! Ya gotta love it!

    >weg< “wicked evil grin”.

    in reply to: Resigning #13388

    Apollo Tangent

    You won’t like my response. That’s okay though.
    Resigning is a covert way to frustrate other players, it’s akin to spending money on dirt and fuel.
    So I’ll ask, how high up on your list is buying fuel? Probably not very high…

    Chutes should probably be bought 4 at a time, I buy them then re-sell four or five of them to expand my compliment of weapons.

    Many people have voiced opinions on a “un-named” player that used dirt and fuel quite frequently yet abused anyone verbally that he could… The verbal abuse was the second tine in his fork.

    One of the things that makes the game fun is the fact that it can be frustrating.

    Resigning is a form of Psi-Op. I think a good resign should be taken as a compliment. At least you get points ($) for your hit. Alas the Points don’t amp up your stats because the data base does not consider those as having any value.

    I have resigned, I have said that I was going to… yet didn’t… in order to survive a volley… whatever it takes to plant the “frustration seed” short of verbal abuse…

    We sometimes want to have that “wicked evil grin”.

    I’m sure it wasn’t me that caused this thread to start but I’m two cents poorer now. So I hope you’re happy!

    btw GF and I have reconciled so, it’s going to take me more time to bump up.

    I encourage everyone to dedicate as much time as possible to get into the top 10 or as I like to call (them/us) PAGE ONE’ers.

    Maybe Gavin could save the MYSQL data and encorporate it into 38!!!!

    Wouldn’t that be grand!!!!????

    in reply to: will not run anymore no matter what #13259

    Apollo Tangent

    😆 When you downloaded the drivers, did you adjust (change) to true color? You may very well have to tone it down to 16 bit… I hope after you try this solution it works… 😀

    in reply to: Talk to Admin #13274

    Apollo Tangent

    Those who learn how to keep their mouths shut…

    Won’t have to pucker their lips to kiss Butt!
    You came through as being totally sincere about the nasty things you were saying about peoples Mothers… Moke, maybe you should get some advice from your’s!
    There were other personal insults which don’t have to be aired in the forum.

    As far as cheating goes, it was you who was double logging to place a decoy… (((Yan))) and get two shots in on people. So I’m not sorry… I can get rude as well but I’m pretty sure that when I do, people know I’m just poking them in the ribs.

    P.S. Aimbot? I’m surprised the rest of you still use it…

    I think the ZenithVectoring tool works much better than Aimbot…. I picked off cbx at 51 degrees and 860 power with a baby missle force 5 wind… I forgot what sheild he was using, but I know he had his chutes on because I heard him pull his rip-cord. There was a witness to this but I forget who it was… Ask cbx though and he’ll verify it. 😈

    in reply to: will not run anymore no matter what #13258

    Apollo Tangent

    cbx did you try to downgrade from direct x9 to direct x8?

    we miss you…


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    Apollo Tangent

    Re; Scorched 3D beta (38 ba)
    Would anyone try a beta that isn’t Platform specific, ie: Win98/2000, Mac, Linux etc.

    I think we should wait for an Endorsement From Mr Camp before anyone crashes out their stats by trying an un-endorsed beta.

    In the general forums search I found this… you can find it in forum search if you put in beta, or new release.

    Just saw last night that theres a server running Scorched 3d 38(ba).
    This is beta testing? Any idea when new version will hit the populous?

    Any thoughts?


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    Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2004 1:57 pm Post subject:

    Err, so there is. Nothing to do with us I am afraid. Must be an unofficial server.

    38 is progressing well, most of the engine work is complete. So some more graphics, pollishing and then testing and it will be released.

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