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    So, the Germans were right after all to invade certain countries in WW2 because they once were part of the German empire yes? Interesting view. And why don’t the Dutch start a war of freedom against the Belgians, as they are occupying Dutch ground since several centuries. Oh, and why shouldn’t the Italians decide to take over all of Europe, as it’s quite unfair that the Roman empire was so utterly destroyed. Oh, the indians in the United States should also start to fire missiles into civilian areas because they have a right to that land and the European immigrants do not. And let me see, what if mongolia were to invade China, to reclaim what is theirs?

    You are not by any chance American are you Comedown? And you think the Apollo program was a hoax yes? Armstrong played in a film studio. And of course the attacks on the WTC in 2001 we’re an elaborate plot, devised by the Mossad to start a war against the Palestinians. Oh, and not to forget, the world is still flat, or have you already come out of the Dark ages?

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    *Sigh* I’m not happy at missing the tournament, maybe I’ll get to be in the next one. 🙂

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    In the files section there is “Download Patch – 38 -> 38.1 (2MB) “.
    Is that patch 38.1b?

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    Hello. I’m using FreeBSD 5.3-stable with the newest nvidia drivers for my geforce fx 5600.

    I’m sometimes getting crashes when loading the next round when playing online with 38.1b, compiled from the 38.1b source downloaded from the site. I didn’t have this problem with version 38 and my current settings. Thanks.

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    yes exactly

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    Okay, sorry to bring this up as a “gripe”, but at “reach out and touch someone range”, you can’t hit them by shooting at their feet.

    You actually have to shoot at the power (life) bar.

    That’s not an accurate shot at close range…

    I feel as though I’m not aiming at the tank, i feel like i’m driving the tank at track level and the gunner is blind, so I have to reach up and slightly to the right and point… THAT WAY GUNNER!! They are right there!!!

    The camo turret and the V37 POV (and lesser builds) were right on… So i explored the possibilites of using diffrent tanks and there is no longer a level shot.

    On a level map you shouldn’t have to aim at the power bar… you aim at the base of the target (tracks of the tank) at full power to kill the enemy.

    The power bar shouldn’t be the target.

    Eye to eye you can’t achieve a foot shot, the POV shows higher than that… and you have to go >800 power for a point blank shot….

    I actually shot at a player (flat on POV) and missed, leaving me to go to 51 degrees elevation and 300 power.

    So, using the same parameters, (roughly) on a flat map, I could aim at the power bar at 600 distance and make a kill. Now I have to shoot above the player’s name by a little bit… that shot used to be pegged at 800 + flat out on a flat map.

    Okay the POV issue was raised a long time ago. The regulars used the camo turret (for the POV) that was a learning curve. In my opinion the POV is roughly 15 degree positive off.

    Please take the height of the lowest tank model and the highest (camo turret) and give the lower profile tanks that same POV if it is possible?

    Since I can’t mod the xml for it, I will politely post a poll. With all Kind regards, I don’t mean any disrespect for this post. I’m sure that you respect my opinion, and I apologize for being so vocal about it.

    Not to bite my own tongue, but my prime rival (1) has even commented negatively on the matter… How uncommon that is for me to agree with his commentary?????


    Thanks for your ear Gavin.

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    Well sure make everyone register. I’ll have to re-register with another name so tiny minded prepubecent morons don’t single me out just because I had something negative to say about them.

    Or perhaps we all should stop posting all together. My time here seems to be wasted and for naught. Just a workout for my fingers.

    By the way most forums wont let you post unless your registered. FYI

    Wowbagger? Think thats funny?

    Hibernating in Hibernia

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    I am not writing this in defense of “1”, but its only fair that I put this out here.

    Recently everytime i would play and 1 was in the room we would just start whomping each other and it was making the game very unfun. This morning he came in while i was playing and I asked him to be civil to me and i would be civil to him. He agreed and I truthfully thought that id get a funky in the back and a big “hahaha” but he didnt. We didnt team up and shot at each other when need be. It felt good to play and not get hammered every shot by him. If he would play like this with all of us then just maybe we all could get along.

    However I do still believe he is Mokelok and it burns in my mind the way he played in 37. I also believe he either has a way for multiple logins or at least several friends that he plays with.

    Now I call on you 1, to play with all who are against you the way you played against me today. Maybe you will start to earn a little respect in the scorched community. You would also get more respect if you registered in the forums and logged in when you post like the rest of us.

    I’d like comments from all, including you 1

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    @Apollo Tangent wrote:

    The hit / kill ratio is not neccessarily indiciative of a players skill, when the player avoids the baby missle rounds (and / or) logs in to buy nothing but funky bombs. (We are familiar with that).

    Buy two funkies… sell one back… An entire game can be played in that manner, when that happens, hit / kill ratio is top heavy (skills).

    Hi again 🙂 When i spot THIS ^ ^ ^ part of post i was almost crying from laugh 😆 No reason to comment anything here…

    p.s. Looks like now everybody want to delete stats…I cant see any reason to do that…OH WAit!I understand WHY everybody want to delete stats….BECAUSE some rude cheater-hacker-quaker-floder-ass kicker going to be NEW top player…

    After such posts what i found here i want to make….*puk*…ufff im sorry. 🙄

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    @m. O. wrote:

    I’m beginning to think that if Mr. Camp was to get rid of the stats then alot of this would dissapear.

    That’s just… Brilliant!
    Noone would be playing just to boost stats, for one. Anyone who plays would do so for the fun of it. Some… “Jerks”, might be less attracted to it, and there would be much less reason for anyone to find possible ways of “cheating”..

    Noone would be bickering about how the stats are calculated either, quite simply because they don’t exist.

    And anyone who’s an active member of this community (and becomes member) would quickly learn who the “top players” are anyway.

    Problems solved in one fell swoop! Simple, yet very effective 😀

    Unfortunately, a lot of good people in the community is propably also attracted by the prospects of a good ranking. We might have less new people coming to the game, and lots of current players may lose some of the interest. I realize that the ranking system also exists as a sort of incentive for people to get to know and love S3D. I myself might not have played quite as much if I didn’t have a rank to maintain 😉

    I still don’t think I’d be opposed to such a move though. But there might be consequenses on top of all the good it’d do. In conclusion, it could result in a bit happier, but smaller community. Hmmm 😕

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    I think teleporting after shot is fired would be cool, this way you have a chance of shooting yourself. 😕

    As for singular weapons rounds I love the idea, I think some of the weapons are too big for the game, Accuracy is the name of the game.

    And maybe a shield to deflect napalm in some way, it is way too leathal and theres no counter action.

    And finally, I noticed Gavin mentioned 38.1 being released tomorrow in this thread, Does anyone know if the stats are going to be reset again?
    If so……..I’ll just kill myself. 😯 Just kidding.

    L8er all,


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    LOL 😆 Something weird is going on here.After reading this log i can say only LOOOL.No comment.

    p.s. Apollo,matrix HAS you…

    Best regards,agent Smith 😆

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    Just my two cents as a “guest”. I’ve never taken any foul language as offensive unless Directed towards me or another player.

    Admins should work together to standardize their rules.

    Go admins we need ya! “S.corched A.dministrative P.olice S.Quad”…lol

    That comes from a “guest” so don’t take seriously.

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    I was there as circles said, and it was the ‘legitimate’ circles. All that I saw in the chat was circles using the acronym ‘wtf’. Now we all see this and we all know what it stands for, but I have never seen a complaint about its use before. In my opinion Apache was hasty in his judgement. And I think circles was too strong in his protest here in the forum. He posted his message just minutes after Apache kicked him out, and was still hot tempered.



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    @poolee wrote:

    I know nothing about cpp, but I do know that with Delphi, if I have optimization on when compiling, and haven’t placed the breakpoint in the right place, then the breakpoint (or the code where the breakpoint is located) may get optimized out of existance… doesn’t happen often, but it does happen occasionally.

    Feel free to tell me to piss off if you think I’m talking a load of B.S… 😀

    I did think of that, and immediately removed the -O2 flag from the original command line in the makefile before the first compile. However, I probably should check and make sure I removed it everywhere. Thanks.


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