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    1/ “My biggest problem with this whole thing is that Acid obviousley doesn’t like Rom”. This is pure conjecture on your part. Being as I’ve only played with you a couple of times you are guessing at my personality & thoughts.

    2/ “what’s next? Acid takes a dislike to me or my wife?”. Now you are being silly.

    3/ “He has no concrete evidence of mis use only what he thought was the right thing to do and I for one feel like he is poison. No offense Acid but you are in way over your head. Crap I might be poored or banned next now.”. You cant call me poison in one sentence, then say ‘no offence’……

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    @thrax wrote:

    had to vote negatory.. But continue for your own pleasure.

    reason: I’m not really a tourny fan, prefer to come and go at will. Plus, while
    I did make MCB to satisfy demands of the masses, I am not a fan myself.
    Too limited, unimaginative, and lacks most of the strategy I enjoy from
    propper defences and counters.

    I almost feel guilty for voting ‘yes’ after reading that 😀 ……………I feel dirty now. 😆

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    Surely heating homes with an open pit full of burning tyres & endangered species is a more efficient & entertaining method?

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    I’ve never entered one so I’m up for it. I’m also getting bored with playing badly on purpose just so I can destroy everybody in a tournament.

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    Congratulations!! I’ve got two of them…… my Dad said ‘the first 30 years are the hardest’

    @chopper wrote:

    Congratulations Boy….hope mother and baby are well. =D>
    I had three of them (girls) and they steal your heart.

    …………..& your wallet 😆

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    @tumbleweed wrote:

    Thanks for the replies. I’ll try to behave myself. I suspect I know who it is and, well I hope he gets a life for his sake.

    He probably won’t get a life. Just kill him first 🙂

    Nice car by the way….watch out for the ‘Lesser Spotted English Tinworm’ 😆

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    Ok, you got me. Whoopi Goldbergs skin brushing aginst my face is better than Brie. But she can’t stand & face a good Camembert on toast……nothing can…………ever.

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    @bazzz wrote:

    But you may be wrong about the donkey with a hole tough- say if you would have a shit hole it wouldnt be a shit with a hole but rather a hole with or to hold shit, a donkeyhole therefore is a hole with a donkey and not the other way around.

    That is the single most intelligent thing I have read since I posted earlier =D>

    You truly are a ‘bloke that writes stuff on the interweb’…..Well done 😀

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    and moderators, please dont bann me for saying “asshole” .. i know u guys feel rommel deserves much worse but some parents (like pom) get their kids to read forums .. i mean i could have said more .. but i respect pom[/quote]

    When you say ‘asshole’ are you exploring the ‘rationale’ of the ass or the hole?
    The use of ‘ass’ as an euphamism for the anus can surely be misconstrued as a reference to the donkey derivitive or similar.
    In reference to my adminic powers of code I feel that this sums it up:

    [-o< 'Don't ride under small trees on tall donkeys' – Man on tall donkey with sore head – c1952. [-o<

    Sorry about that everybody but I thought there was a ‘talking crap’ competition & did’nt want to be left out #-o

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    I think you all need to relax.
    Once I’m in power I’ll sort everything out 😀
    If you know me then you are guaranteed a position of ridiculous power & status anyway.
    I’m planning to take over the world in April as I’m a bit busy this month.
    PM me any requests & I’ll see what I can do.

    The ‘Voice of Reason Party’s time is upon us 😉


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    Just to come at the problem from a different angle:
    When I started playing, I played more often because my rank increased with kills. Kills came with time played. Skill also came with time played.
    My personal view is that the current ranking system is just for the seasoned players?
    I can’t remember playing anyone in the top 25 or even 50 who was’nt better or equal to myself in skill.(I’m not saying for one minute that I’m any good 😀 )
    I’m not sure that a noob would have a clue how the current system works, would therefore not be as interested or maybe play less(see above).

    Anyone who was interested in the skill of a player could look at time played, shots per kill, round wins etc & make their own judgement.

    What I’m saying is that a steadily increasing rank that was easy to understand was one of the reasons I stuck around.

    Finished now 😀


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    I’ve never played with most of you & I don’t know who Sondra was.
    I do however like a nice piece of Brie on crusty bread.

    Is this ‘spammy’ enough………………………….?

    Acid 😀

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    If you don’t know Raden then nobody does!!

    I’m not sure exactly how it works out. I saw Naka go from 1st to 9th in 2 games??………….The 2nd rank player was not playing at the time so……………ummmmmmmm……..errrrrrrrrrrrrm………, can’t think of a logical explaination. 😀

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    =” At this time there are two admins providing conflicting answers but no consensus from the group.

    @acid22 wrote:

    &………………….No. Happy now?

    @raden wrote:

    The answer is yes.

    Hopefully, after you have all taken the time to do a proper analysis, you will come to the conclusion that there are a few things that could be improved for the benefit of the game. If so, in addition to the older requests, you should have some new ideas based on your understanding of the new script language and the other code changes.

    As game administrators you should be interested in what is best for the game and not too concerned about how the changes will affect you personally. Adapt or die is a basic law of nature. Those of us that are adaptable should be comfortable with most any changes that you feel are required to improve the game.

    Best wishes with the discussion (if it should be decided that I deserve a proper answer).



    After a long period of deliberation & much soul searching I have decided that………’yes’ is a more appropriate answer. #-o. I like ‘no’ as much as the next man but I can’t be seen to be making any sense of what is the daftest discussion I have heard for a while.
    For myself I play games for the fun of it. I keep being serious for work & when Mrs Acid says I can’t go out on my bike. The clue is in the name ‘game’… fun?

    Have fun. That is an order.


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    Rude again Rommel [-X

    &………………….No. Happy now? 😀

    Kind regards, your dear friend & favourite Admin

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