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    @raden wrote:

    Hi Acid,

    hows it going?

    Raden!! you old fruit. All good here!!

    I’ll pm you next week as I’m loading up and leaving for a scooter rally today(for a change) 8)

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    All good here mate, you ok?

    I spend very little time at the PC these days. Kids are old enough that I can do stuff other than drinking beer and playing Scorched………………obviously the beer is attached to other activities now =P~

    By the time I’ve seen any Skype messages it’s already been and gone.

    Those that can contact me only have to text, Facetube or send flowers with a nice message and I’ll do my best to play.

    Cya soon Tarts! =D>

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    @chopper wrote:

    Cheers A-Man…How the hell you been? :mrgreen:

    All good, more cars and bikes, super busy etc etc. Trying to spend less time on the interweb……… are you?

    I’ve just read your thingy on your doofer. ‘Anger is not an Acid but sometimes Acid is very angry 🙂

    @rommel wrote:

    Hi Acid22 :

    Hi Rommel,

    It’s always good to see an unseen reader.

    Welcome back.

    @acid22 wrote:

    Anyone fancy a pint? 😛

    If we were a drinkin, and I were a buyin, we’d be
    startin off with two pints and a shot apeice of
    whatever you fancied. Then after sayin our howdies
    and how are yas, we’d settle in for drinkin an jawin.



    Nice to see your pin sharp wit/arsyness/cynicism/charm/aloofness etc etc is still intact ! 😉

    The America is nuts debate is not a new thing. Every country has it’s b*llshit stereotypes:
    Brits: All have bad teeth and speak like the Queen or Dick Van Dyke.
    Germans: Miserable gits with no sense of humour and hairy armpits.
    Dutch: All stoned. (possible hairy armpits)
    French: Hmmmm, well, er, ummm, errrr hawhihawhihaw.
    The list is endless.
    The perception of arrogance is not really true though either in my experience of visiting and meeting people from the Isle of Septic. Everybody was very pleasant………..a bit nuts but pleasant……..well actually as mad as a bag of frogs but pleasant none the less 😆

    The intercity rivalry in England is even worse. The next area of your own town can be despised, Lappy is a Pirate, Peanut is a homosexual Southern Frenchy, the next county is appalling, North or South of your location is full of losers, the Welsh, Scottish, Cornish, are robbers/misers, anyone South of here thinks the North is a bad place and we’re all daft. Cockneys think they are sent from God and the railways stop at Manchester. (none have ever been further than Essex or Benidorm. It’s all good though! =D>

    Cya soon!

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    Anyone fancy a pint? 😛

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    Hi PoM,

    Glad you’re also alive and kicking. 🙂

    Don’t stop commenting as I read this more as a debate on guns in society more than a ‘I think you should/shouldn’t have one’

    I can see both sides of the debate and am pro responsible people owning firearms. In fact shooting a burglar in your own house is justifiable in my opinion and I would probably own a gun if allowed for that reason as well………..might even invite Peanut (or Vengeance d’Arachide, he is virtually French) round for coffee and shoot him 😉

    I don’t fear them at all, I just fear the nutter who can get hold of one in a supermarket and use it to re-enact a video game in a cinema. If everyone who owned one was like yourself then there wouldn’t be a problem.
    I’m no fan of being told what to do by anyone either and would probably have the same opinion as you if I lived on The Isle of Yanksville 😉

    Just out of interest how easy is it to buy an assault rifle and what does it cost?

    What interests me is peoples idea of a solution in America? If it happens regularly or a school or cinema gets shot up once a week and many people are killed then I can’t imagine any government ignoring it and hoping it goes away?

    The smoking ban in pubs and workplaces here holds similar parallels to me. Nobody thought it would ever ever happen and people predicted the downfall of civilisation and the end of a national tradition of dying from lung cancer. What actually happened is people got used to it, people can’t imagine it being any other way and there are a lot less smokers. Car ownership was looked on as a human right but that’s only because we grew up with them. My Grandad didn’t, my Dad only got one in his 30’s and the tide is turning against them slowly. They’ve only been around for 100 years and I think in 100 years everyone will look at them in a different light. Maybe this could/would happen with guns?
    All we hear here is did, didn’t, is, isn’t etc etc etc and then Charlton Heston gets wheeled out and makes the pro gun side look like they are all waiting to shoot up a cinema 😆

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    Hi Rommel,
    Glad you are alive 🙂
    It still stands that it would have been better if no one had a gun……..I think anyway 🙂
    People get burgled here all the time. Just because they don’t have a gun they don’t automatically use the element of surprise and use axes or knives instead. I can guarantee no one would have been shot in that situation.
    They may have attacked the Mother and robbed them but more than likely no one would be dead. It’s called aggravated burglary here and happens.
    I’m not arguing the morals of shooting burglars or hunting for meat, it’s the ease a gun can be bought, borrowed, stolen and used on a whim by a nutjob I’m talking about. It’s impossible to Police nutters.

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    The standard ‘Septic’ argument against gun control seems to be that it’s the persons fault not the gun?
    I agree to a point but do can people hear themselves when they say that?
    Everybody has said or done something they really regret in a moment of rage but you can’t shoot someone at that moment if you don’t have a gun.

    Rommels burglary tale would have a different ending if none of them had a gun surely!?

    PoM made that the point that he likes the defence element and I can see that but you can’t defend yourself if a nutter pulls a gun in a cinema and shoots your kids…….. especially if you’re not there! Loonies who kill other people don’t normally ring ahead to forewarn you of their intentions.
    An angst ridden teenager in Europe cannot get access at a moments notice to a firearm and use it in a moment of madness and that is surely how gun control would work?
    Nutters over here just throw food at you instead and shout ‘Scotland!’ loudly whilst pointing a can of 9% lager at you.

    I’ve said it before but the The film Team America was meant to be a comedy but it looks more like a documentary now 🙂 “America F*ck Yeah!……coming to save the mother*ckin day”


    A is for Acid. Aceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!!!!!!!! =P~

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    You can tire of the appalling use of English on here but generally fit a tyre to a wheel. Bunch of oiks.

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    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    @hobbesme wrote:

    Do people actually still play this game and read this board?

    Howdy y’all. Can I get a roll call please?

    Still here, but not played for a fair while. The old chicken/egg issue. hardly anyone plays, therefore noone plays 🙁

    I never read this board………. or play. 😀

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    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    @chopper wrote:

    damn, who’s gonna say rude &%#$ now?

    I’ll give Acid a shout to take my spot for a bit 😉


    I managed to get married a couple of weeks ago so technically have less money than you now. You French, gay southerner…………hope it all works out mate 😉

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    When I grow up I want to be an angry black man.

    I love how everyone is being super tactful and nice…………….. 😆

    I may even play if there’s someone to blow up.

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    | Hayt | wrote:
    Typically would use British or American tanks, but there were a few “canadian” variants too.

    There were indeed. The most famous of all was the ‘Jumping Mouse’ pictured here. It was key in the swift taking of Juno beach in WW2 by running up the Germans trousers and shooting them in the tenders. Although the best kept secret of WW2 I have managed to find a photo>>

    All of the above is true, only the facts have been changed to protect the innocent. =P~

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    @thrax wrote:

    @| Hayt | wrote:

    Typically would use British or American tanks, but there were a few “canadian” variants too.

    Yes, Canada has so many high-tech and expensive airplanes. Something like this is
    close to the peak of our development so far.


    Think it’ll suffice?

    I take it that is the ground attack version where high altitude performance is not needed………..should have a small radar profile into the bargain!

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