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    A Moogle

    @boy wrote:

    your comment is not relevant to this conversation. The topics and ideas in this thread have little or nothing to do with me.

    Perhaps a re-read of the original post will do you some good. This thread did, in fact, begin with you as a topic. Not a major topic, no, but you were nonetheless brought up in more than one point.

    On the topic of a grid-like texture on the seabed and a lower “absolute” level for it, I quite like the idea. Hitting bedrock was/is a bit too easy/fast, but changing it would be mostly an appearance change.

    To be frank, I’m a gamer who puts good game play on a much higher priority than high-end graphical effects. High-resolution textures and models will never compensate for games with horrid game play – example being “Crysis: The Virtual Sight-Seeing Tour – With Guns!”. The gameplay is what attracted me to Scorched to begin with, and is what has kept me coming back.

    As for personal opinion:
    Lua Scripting: Nice idea, but needs some documentation.
    Lower minimum height: Something I’ve wanted to see for a while.

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    A Moogle

    Gavin: A bug tracker may be a good idea – at least everyone will be able to “see” whatever progress is being made.

    Chopper: If you’re referring to me, I was simply comparing the cycle I’m seeing here to what I’ve seen elsewhere. However, you make a point in that the “game” and the “forums” are not one and the same – this was not the case elsewhere. Typically, when I see the stagnation cycle to which I referred occur, accounts are shared between the game aspect and the forum aspect. As such, the only aspect that I have seen recently is the forum, so I’m in no position to make predictions on where either is heading. On the other hand, I’ve seen things like this happen here before, and we as a community bounced back, so I’m hoping we can do so again.

    Now, for relieving some tension.

    *Slaps all present, including myself*
    *Proceeds to arm a forty-megaton N2 warhead*

    P.S. I gave some advice to a friend the other day, and I think it applies here as well (albeit in a different context): “If you aren’t clear with people, they’ll never know what you’re thinking.” As was stated before, there definitely seems to be a lack of communication – from all parties. “Cool down and say what you think (but avoid being intentionally derogatory)!”

    Humans aren’t telepathic by nature, you know.

    “Drop what’s in the past, it can’t be undone. Don’t forget it, just drop it as a marker, so you may avoid the same mistakes in the future.” -Me

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    A Moogle

    Kanga: Since the source is freely available, anyone can look at what changes have been done -to the source-. This makes your counter-argument regarding people being able to work around cheat-fixes void.

    parasti: I agree that the dev forum should be readable, or at least shown in the main list. Allowing write access to it may not be a good idea, though, for two reasons: 1. the opposition it would get from elitists, and 2. some people (and possibly some forum bots) would post in it without having any clue what they’re saying or what is being said.

    Thrax: by generically calling all non-dev posts and ideas an “interruption” you have made yourself sound not only narcissistic but also quite elitist. Giving yourself such an appearance can only be detrimental to the game and community as a whole, considering that you yourself are a co-developer. I’m quite disappointed that you would make such a derogatory remark, insulting everyone outside your little club.

    Hyde: You seem to be holding personal grudges, and bringing things like that into any debate is never beneficial. Another thing to note: just making a forum visible does not mean that everyone has write access.

    Thrax again: The above applies to you as well.

    Best overall solution (in my mind) is to list the developer forum in the main index, but only allow read and write access (separately) on an individual basis. This way, those of us who are not of the (very) few developers can see how much activity it has.

    I do -not- yet see total stagnation in the development process, simply going by the number of version changes. What I do see is a stagnation cycle starting.

    I have seen this pattern of “detrimental changes -> players leave -> elitism starts -> admin power-grabs -> more players leaving -> development stagnates -> complaints, suggestions, and constructive criticism made and ignored -> more admin power-grabs -> development virtually stops -> even more players leaving -> game dies” several times in other games. It can happen quite quickly, sometimes in less than a year. It saddens me to see that Scorched also seems to be falling into this pattern. Whenever this pattern starts, it leads to the “more privileged” members of the community making power grabs, becoming (more) narcissistic, driving off players, and in the case of admins, banning other members who won’t kiss their posterior in addition to promoting the ones who do.

    Another thing I have noticed that is common in the above cycle is hypocrisy. Hypocrisy among “regular” members of any community often causes said members to be shunned by most. Hypocrisy among “privileged” members of any community often leads to many problems, and is never beneficial.

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    A Moogle

    Actually, the scorched3d package can be found in the default apt repositories. There have been a few problems with buggy versions of scorched being put there before, but current version seems to be fine.

    There’s also a .deb package in the downloads section here.

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    A Moogle

    *watches as the Lurkers ambush a small squad of hapless Marines*

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    A Moogle

    I’m not sure if this has been suggested before, but is it feasible to add resigns into the list of things calculated for the overall win? Instead of penalizing resigning directly (which I am against, personally, as it already prevents you from winning the round) it could be added to the overall win calculation.

    Honestly, I’m not sure how the overall win is calculated, nor the details of the weighting system (if any). I do agree that resigns are currently taken a bit too lightly, but penalizing them directly by points, cash, etc. seems to be an extreme in the opposite direction.

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    A Moogle

    Pnut – you use the KDE desktop? I personally think it’s a bit too much, glitter-wise. I like and use Gnome, but typically grab Konqueror due to its browser ID options. (A few sites won’t display properly unless I fake the ID, since I’ll only use it and Epiphany. Don’t like firefox.)

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    A Moogle

    1. Konqueror (File/Web browser made primarily for the K Desktop Environment)
    2. Pidgin
    3. Evolution (Mail client)
    4. Wine
    5. Commandline console (Yeah, yeah, yeah…)

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    A Moogle

    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    @cbx550f wrote:

    @chopper wrote:

    I only have to put on a robe!!

    Ahhh my minds eye, it burns, it BURNS

    I stabbed mine out a while ago, but it didn’t seem to fix the problem.
    Does the mind have more than one eye?

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    A Moogle

    I believe that that was my point, Rom. Part of the point, anyway.

    There are things that we see so often with a consistent trigger and result that we accept them as a given. Is it wrong? Who knows. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I certainly cannot honestly say that I know for sure.

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    A Moogle


    Rather straightforward from the beginning, I see. That’s probably a good thing.

    *checks a nearby necrometer*
    I see the zombies are late.

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    A Moogle

    Heya. Don’t let the old crusty ones scare you off.

    *laughs maniacally as hordes of various reanimated skeletons close in*

    Ahem, dreadfully sorry about that.

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    A Moogle

    Well, Rom, what if I were to dump a bucket of water on someone and they do not get wet? It is technically a possibility, but so unlikely that is almost a given that the person would be wet afterward.

    The point of the related comment in my previous post was that any sort of evidence – of anything – has the potential of being false/misleading. Even what our senses perceive directly could be false.

    But, as I said, that is a more philosophical topic. Although it could be technological too, I suppose.

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    A Moogle

    [edit] After re-reading your post, boy, I see that the last two sentences in your post are not necessarily in contradiction. Perhaps you could clarify on them.[/edit]

    1.Climate change does happen, is happening, and always has happened. Climate change is a vague term that can mean any change in environs, weather, temperature, etc.

    2.No, we cannot know for sure whether or not our (humanity’s) presence is having a negative impact on weather patterns or the overall climate.

    3.Yes, we are having a negative impact on ecosystems worldwide due in part to mass deforestation and atmospheric/aquatic pollutants.

    4.It is definitely warmer where I live than it was ten years ago.

    These are as close to “factual” as a human being can get. I won’t bother to go into the philosophical discussion of whether things can be truly “proven”.

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    A Moogle

    Another question here (although this time my research provided some results).

    I have a tv tuner card that was in an old XPMCE system, and I’m hoping I can get it to play and record. So far I’ve found Mythbuntu and/or LinuxMCE as possibilities for this. I imagine that there are programs I can use as well, like MythTV, but this is an area with which I’m quite unfamiliar. Any suggestions?

    P.S. The card is a Hauppage WinTV-PVR-500. In fact, I’m not entirely sure if it will function now, due to the switch of NTSC signal format/type(proper term?) in the US. You know, all that hype about “going digital” and stopping RF broadcasts. Thanks, US, for making my portable TV useless.

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