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    Apollo Tangent

    I always appreciate artistry on websites. Instead of putting it to a vote, I’d like open minded opinions on whether I should create more Flash pages and get “hosting” to export pages and secure a proper domain.

    Is there a need for it?

    Not wanting to put words in His mouth…

    I know that the Zine isn’t going to score a lot of hits traffic wise at first.

    As Guy Parker would tell you, there is an audience that likes a well put together site that encourages re-visitation purely for the entertainment value.

    I’d like to explore ways to further the interest in the game. I’m a novice, I humbly admit that. Would Flash pages be a flash in the pan, or would it be a nice feature to employ, in the least to pique interest in the game?

    I value opinions, so I’m asking the community as a whole.

    Thanks, I look forward to responses.




    AT use the flash for it 🙂 The site with it takes more atention with the proper flash 🙂



    Ok *cracks knuckles* ..

    Flash I would advise against, true its very nice for creative designs and yes can lead to some very VERY attractive websites, however it takes much understanding and patience to do such work.

    Plus it takes in factor that compatability issue. People running machines that support flash, the correct version of flash, etcetc.

    Websites typicly fall under one of two categories. Content or Pretty. Websites that use flash (and use it well) simply float at the Pretty side of things. Their cool to look at, one can admire the design and layout. But thats it. For content their squat, an empty shell. Have a website that does not look butt ugly and puts out new contend occasionally and that’ll be a website you see people visit often.

    Again what do you go for, one time flings or consistant visitors?

    Glanced at the ezine, If you got any questions regarding HTML or whatever, can ask me.

    I’d suggest right now building up the website. Maybe less italic.



    i have to agree with willis, flash-based websites are usually just gimmicky trash.. and of course you’d try your best to avoid ending up that way, but it’s generally a lot more complicated to add new content and such, and you’d probably get tired of the trouble it causes after a while, and your interest in updating it would most likely taper off.

    by all means, a few flash menus and/or logos embedded into an html-based site is definately a nice way to go, that way you can have your nice visuals, and still use html for the main meat of your content, keeping your ease of updating, and in turn ensuring your prolonged interest in maintaining a content-rich site.

    to sum up, flash-based is a bad idea, but a few flash frills thrown in to compliment an html-based site could work out nicely.

    as far as getting a domain etc. goes, they’re pretty cheap, and you can come by some quite cheap hosting packages here and there too, and due to the relatively low cost and the fact it would add a more professional feel to the whole operation, i say go for it.



    I agree with the two posts above – flash (generally) only adds just that; flash. I can’t think of a single site that I go to with *any* regularity that uses flash.

    Essentially, in my opinion, unless you can add content and/or ease of usability to the site by using flash, don’t. 😉 Plus, I bet you’d find you’d spend WAY too much time doing flash stuff. 😉

    my $0.02




    Personally I like flash, but not as a loading screen, I think if you offer it as an optional link it is totally ok, Flash has alot to offer if you know what you are doing, here is an example of some Flash by Danny Gomez, who I consider to be a true artist in the field. 😉



    The reason I don’t like flash is because I’m on 56k. I like to see items load up one-by-one so I have something to look at while the page loads. If you use flash, I’ll end up sitting there for a minute looking at the loading bar.

    As for compatibility issues, I really don’t think there are any. We all eventually end up on sites that use flash whether we want to or not so therefore we all probably have flash installed already.


    guy parker

    I agree with something comedown said, to use flash for your menu/navigation or some logos is cool, but I would advise against it for the whole site. There are a few reasons for this….

    Although it IS technically possible to make a page with flash that adapts to different display resolutions (to say, it shrinks/grows to fit an 800×600 screen or a 1280×1024 screen) this is fairly difficult, and it’s not totally cross browser and cross platform compatible to get the sizes to do this when it’s loaded.

    But if you’re using tables (or the less recommended frames*) you can use percentages instead of absolute values. I mean it can be annoying to look at a site on a really nice monitor at a high resolution and you are confined to viewing and scrolling in a small box. This is a challenge a lot of developers face, and the most simple solution for it is to use HTML tables with % widths instead of flash, also it’s usually better to populate the content and let the browser scroll bars handle the vertical movement rather than trying to build your own scroll bars in flash… if everyone used the same screen resolution then total flash design would be a lot more simple, but the fact is, there’s a wide variety of resolution uses out there.

    *frames are less recommended because of bookmarking within it is difficult or impossible, and search engines sometimes take people into your frameset instead of to the main one, and those linked in at that level don’t see the frameset so they can’t see the menu, title, etc.

    Also, if you want people to be able to find your site with search engines, then never use 100% flash. You should have HTML links as well as flash menu links to your pages and content. most web robots can’t look at the text inside flash files, especially not if it’s static text or images, and so for search engine compatibility it’s best to use html for most important things with flash content as optional, or where appropriate.

    If i could give you an example, look here:

    that page has a flash intro which is pretty small, even on a modem… but the key with flash intros is to include a “SKIP” button in the flash file as well as in the page html in case it’s not loaded right, or some other technical issue (also, search robots see that link and follow it). Then, in the main area, there is a menu up top (which is actually a fireworks created table with roll over images for buttons, but that could also be in flash) and then on the bottom of every page as a “footer” there are plain text links to all of the pages.

    hope that helps AT!

    so far as a hosting provider, it’s all up to you if it’s worth it for you or not. a site without advertisements is always nice, and the control and scripts you can run on paid hosting are also nice, but not usually necessary. so it’s just up to you.


    Apollo Tangent

    Thanks everyone for your comments. If I use any flash at all it will be of minimal size and I will segregate them from the overall content of the site.

    I might take bok bok explained down soon to use that page for a permenant Weapons challenge page. So if you think the mp3 is funny, grab it and save it for yourself. Or give it one last listen so you can have your laughs now.

    Once again, Thank you,


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