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    Thought I’d post something that will help perhaps balance out some of the negativity in the forums lately. I just went and saw Star Wars Episode III. I was surprised that it was so good. Miles better than Episode I and II. I think it might even be on par with the original trilogy. I used to be SOO much into Star Wars but when Episode I came out I didn’t want to bother with it anymore. Yeah, I thought it was that bad (compared to the original trilogy at least).

    What did you guys think of it? Surely, a lot of people here have watched it.



    Its hard to compare the first 3 star wars movies with the prequles because of how much time there was between the original and the prequles



    I pretty much agree with your comments, I really enjoyed the 3rd one 🙂



    Didn’t see it yet… 🙁



    Saw it, Liked it. Was nearly equal to the original three, hoever, as a trilogy there is no comparison. Originals all the way. The music for instance never really got my interest, whereas the original soundtrack is the coolest. One bonus is that i can go back and watch episodes 4-6 with more appreciation for the story now. The creativity of Lucas is pretty freekin cool dont you think.

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