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    Dunno if you guys have checked this one out but there’s a clone out there called Atomic Tanks… I bring this up because it’s not in the links section yet so there may be a few of you who haven’t heard of it. It’s a 2D clone hosted by SourceForge (Freeware, yay!) and it runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

    It’s not even a new clone as it has news dating back to ’03, however development has only recently resumed on it.

    Be warned thought, that it has no form of networked multiplay 😥

    I’m adding this to the links section now.



    I’ve seen it before and if I remember correct it looked different in a way but when I saw it, it hadn’t been worked on in over a year.



    I must say that this is a very good clone! A nice selection of weapons and a very very cool lightning and meteor effect! Also it is a very small download yet the game has good graphics and very fun game play.

    I really suggest that you at least try it out!

    I give this person alot of credit for making such a nice game!

    I am very excited for the next version to some out!



    I’ll DL it and try it out..

    its just like the old msdos game of tanks for the mac.

    they need to update alot of things. and add feature to quit after wards if oyu don’t like it…



    the bot is too good, lol
    i tried it, it’s worth a try, hope a new version will be out soo, the idea is the classic tanks game, would be cool to have an online version of that… like with scorched 3d :D………

    hope next version can come out soon, i can play it without 3d acceleration or anything on a very old pc 😀

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