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    Saddistic Fungus

    I noticed in some screen shots and in direwolfs movies, his wind and overview of the land are different. Like he has a grid on the land and the wind diagram is different. WUTS UP WITH THIS??! Mine is just a circle that shows the land, how in gods name do i get that grid type display?>



    REALLY??? 😯 😯 And I thought mine was different from all others!!!!
    Damn I have to find out how he does that 😛 😛



    Apollo has the mod available on his website:


    Apollo Tangent

    It’s called Warp Grid. It was a concept that I developed and Soupie aka DireWolf fine tuned it’s design. Then He and I started tinkering around with the rest of the GUI and His and My version of the Naked GUI are almost identical.

    The Warp Grid concept was mine.
    The Naked GUI concept was his. Soupie has better talents in rendering the files so I would suggest that you use his version.

    It’s been around for about 8 months now.

    I would suggest that you use the forums search feature to find the most current thread. Soupie has a mod zip somewhere that has all of the files bundled together. Here it is (edit)

    His refined Warp grid is much better than my original concept, we tossed it back and forth a few times and it probably would be released in the next version is enough people request to have it included since it more accurately portrays the battlefield environment in the GUI.

    Naked GUI and an alternate warp grid is available on the E-Zine site.

    I have to update the Warp Grid Zip on the “zine” to the most current release.

    The link to the zine is in my signature block.



    Saddistic Fungus

    thanx alot man i appreciate it



    you can also check here Sadistic

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