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    Mcb Lover

    WTF admins?!
    Any ppl could come on main and insulting my girl?
    I talk about Che Malbec..he offensed VG during 2 games….
    Olga and me spesially created 2 IDs and we use them, but he was talking(when VG played) fuck Vitos VG fuck Vitos VG , shutuped her mouth so it was NOT NICE.

    And what have we do next time? Or we must leave that game forever?

    And i even dont talking about Skillz (Deathball saw that dialog).

    Guys…we waiting for answer.




    Well, I’d say if there were admins there, that they should just ban his sorry butt. I’ve had trouble with him too. His chances have run out imo.

    We should give him the boot.



    Vitos and Olga,

    Dont let a couple of jerks ruin your fun of the game, I really enjoy playing with you guys and so just just about everyone else in the scorched community.

    If it happens again and theres no admins playing just let one of us know and we’ll try to take care of it.

    Also if you have client logging checked in settings you can pull them up and paste them in the forums so we can see it. if your using windows that folder is in documents and setting/ administrator/.scorched/logs.

    Again, you guys are great players so dont let a couple ass’s ruin your fun.



    If there are no admins around or if the there are and you don’t think they are doing what they should, you make a complaint here in this forum. Being upset if someone is acting poorly is one thing. But frankly typing wtf, using capital letters etc isn’t very helpful. What you do is:

    1. Describe the problem (in an orderly fashion).
    2. List the date AND time of the event(s) (preferrable with some reference to GMT so we know where to look).

    These simple steps will help a great deal towards solving any problems.



    V & VG, sorry you two had to put up with that kinda crap, as suggested above it is a good idea to turn on client logging, that way we have proof to act on, I can tell by your frustration that you are genuine in what you say, I remember when Pastor and Ellie Mae were being harrassed, I thought Pastor was gonna hunt the guy down and scalp him! 😯 I would feel the same way, the admins are aware of the problem and will be watching for him, please dont ever think of leaving because of this kinda thing, if worse comes to worse take a break for a day, you have always been cool in my book, both of you!


    Mcb Lover

    Hello Big bear
    As you know we a ukrainians and dont use well english, so how do u think we will post all problems here….yeah..there are many problems with ppl but we cant do it quick and use full of spectre of problems..

    What about WTF-sorry but try bring here your wife or girl and ull see will be wtf or not:)and u can belive me I WAS VERY MAD… thanks anyway

    P.S.Thanks Wow:)


    Mcb Lover

    Ok Direwolf…thanks;) we will (shall) try;)



    I can’t speak for Che Malbec, but I was there yesterday when VG and S-killZ were playing on the server at the same time. Since he is the new guy that noone around here seems to like a lot, I bet he is going to pull the short end of any sort of accusation thrown at him. So before you guys decide to take it out on S-killZ, I have to state here that VG was not exactly being civil either, to put it mildly, even though I found the whole thing quite amusing at some level.

    I think the only sane remark during the entire thing was by Rommel: “Hmmm, no need to bother a moderator, use the mute feature yourself.” This feature is far to underused. If someone annoys you, just mute him. No reason for this kind of language either in the game or on the forum.




    He was being rather OTT, but it started with Vitos, then when VG came on, he continued the insults at her.

    VG was told about using mute, but decided against it as its rude in her opinion to mute someone, that if you dont like them, dont play the game, which to me is the wrong way around.
    Che malec was told a few times to cool it, that he’s usually pretty cool, but this seemed to make it worse!

    BTW, I’m pretty sure it was between 0000 – 0100 hrs (GMT) as it wasnt long after I got back up to play the game (your all twisted in creating such an addictive game that atracts such cool ppl)


    pastor of muppets

    V I understand your frustration 100% believe me I do. It’s fun to sling crap at eachother in the game especially if you “know” eachother, but when someone you don’t “know” insults your lady you just wanna *beep* *beep* and *beepedie* *beep* the freaking *beep*. I have learned after a long time of frustration to hit mute. It only works if you both mute the person and usually this results in the person giving up since no one is responding to them or just going away. If Ellie and I are in the room and someone does this to you or your lady mute him and then Mob rules it will be. Mob rules are under rated when there is no admin as long as everyone participates you can usually run someone off because it gets boring dying first everytime 🙂

    Don’t quit V hang around and kill the sucker.

    Thanks for reminding me about that DW I wanted very badly to “meet” that fella and “introduce” myself.



    @pastor of muppets wrote:

    Mob rules are under rated when there is no admin as long as everyone participates you can usually run someone off because it gets boring dying first everytime 🙂

    Don’t quit V hang around and kill the sucker.

    Thanks for reminding me about that DW I wanted very badly to “meet” that fella and “introduce” myself.

    V and VG, if you are not sure what Mob rules are I will explain, basically the mob…… being the group of players on the server, usually are friends, well when somebody starts being obnoxious, excessive use of dirt or insults beyond rude, ‘especially about someone you love’ if you warn the player of his rudeness and he continues acting rude, then you make that player your main target, and usually the mob will join in killing the player first, mute him, kill him then kill him some more untill he stops or leaves.
    Some admins might not agree with the Mob Rules tactics, but in my eyes it is better than getting mad and arguing back, Mob Rules should only be used in situations when there are no admins present and never used just because you dont like someone, if the MOB agrees that a player has gone too far, after being warned, then in my opinion, it is fair.

    As far as Vitos arguing and cussing back, he should not have reduced himself to Che Malbec’s level, but in his defense I will also say, we have many people from many countries here, and that being said, we tend to see things different and were raised completely different, but we are all human, we all make mistakes, and hopefully learn from those mistakes,
    Vitos does not have a history of being rude, and I believe Vitos will handle things different if the problem arises again.
    so as far as Vitos is concerned, he has been shown what to do and warned about reacting back, but just remember, what if your girl was talked to that way!! would you not get mad yourself? if you say no then you need to get your head examined, he also does not speak the best English which would make it even more frustrating.


    pastor of muppets

    Yes MOB rules are for when admins aren’t present, if an admin is there let him or her do their job but if they aren’t present I think it’s kind of cool for the scorched community to ban together and stand up for eachother. Plus then someone else gets to die first besides me LOL!


    Laptops Daddy

    i was there. i saw it with my own two eyes.

    (so you can wipe off the grin, i know where you’ve been
    it’s all been a pack of lies)

    sorry. phil collins.

    no seriously,

    the language barrier isn’t something to be overlooked. and there are always two sides to every story.

    it would be very easy to misinterpret a mild jive; like d wolf says, a missed subtlety or cultural difference could alter the connotations completely.

    my advice is:

    don’t take internet people too seriously. grow a thicker skin, take the high ground.
    (you could v well be trading insults with a 9 yr. old)

    if all else fails, be nice. most people are only human. or, execute the bastage with a swift deaths head.
    (works for me)


    Mcb Lover

    its all good guys…but i and Olga cant mute him becourse i not let other guys who play with us see that crappy things that adresse to us…



    thats will work


    a banana

    @direwolf wrote:

    but we are all human

    Hmmm, maaaaybe.

    a banana

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