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    Hey all, just been reminded of another settings which I think would make the games quicker.
    For those that do not know, Delayed defense means that when a player activates their shields, batteries or parachutes, it does not show for the other players until the shots are actually fired.

    The action will show for you immediately.

    The reason for this, is that it speeds up the games. Currently several of the more experienced players will pick the appropriate time to activate their defenses so as not to show their oppoents what tricks they up their sleeve until it’s too late for them to adjust their own tactics, but that means that all shots will take the full round time to be taken (if you’re going to wait until the end of the timer only on shots where you’re putting up a shield, there’s no point confirming your shot with 15 seconds to go every other time, else people will know you’ve got a shield when you wait the full length of time).

    Personally, for tournements and such, I like this settings to be disabled as it’s a major tactic, keeping your oppoent guessing and time has been set aside for that one game to take an hour.

    However, most of the time, I would prefer to get 3 games in rather than 2 and be able to start typing my chat messages once I’ve completed my shot, rather than try and rush a message when I’ve dialed in my shot and before I need to press ‘space’ with 2-3 seconds remaining.

    This also punishes the many players we have here who have larger ping times as they have to leave an extra 1-2 seconds on the table incase they lag a bit and their shot is accepted too late and they end up missing it.

    This settings was enabled for a year or so previous (v42 I think had it) and games were quicker.

    Please do vote, even if you’ve not played for long or expierenced delayed defense, you play the game and therefore your opinion is important.



    Laptops Daddy

    a no as expected : )

    my thoughts havent changed much since the last time this came up. shield tactics add an extra dimension to the game. the extra audio and visual is nice (people like to hit ‘p’ 5 or 10 times, just because you can). it’s nice to taunt enemies in the final rounds by putting up three or four 50k each force bubbles in a row, then a green hat, before putting on a bubble again, just to show how much youve won by.

    remember that the minimap top right shows a blinking icon that changes to constant once a player’s move is locked in.

    what i would like to see, if it’s an option, is an official server making use of that new realtime mode.



    I have to agree with Lappy, shield timing is a god send. 🙂


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