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    Apollo, I have a few words for you my friend, I hope I can call you that, you have helped me many times, and got me very interested in this game, I saw you ask about being an admin, I was silent….
    I like you man and feel like you have some really good ideas, but last night I saw you constantly harrass Shockwave with some very rude comments, I like you both, but my message is for you, I have noticed you are very trigger happy when it comes to certain subjects and tend to go off on a tangent alot… I have respect for you and that is why I am saying what I am saying, you were back at number 1 last night and that is great, but……
    I believe you should show a little more respect when it comes to this game, I used to live in a trailer at one point in my life also, so I took a little offense at your attempts to belittle Shock, I also type slow, and tend to suck at this game….
    even if Shock has offended you in some way, the game is not the place to do this, I am not trying to be a jerk, just being honest.

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