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    This is what I encountered having started playing today on win 7. First happened on stupid ‘antivirus outdate’ reminder. In fullscreen mode with resolution different than the desktop, after switching somewhere else and back, the game window is moved downwards by one line – first it is the taskbar that I have on top, and also after that the game wont react to keyboard (while the mouse cursor can go down into invisible area). Its pretty nasty since you have to reconnect, as well as can not multitask while something boring is going on in game. More switching causes the increase of the window offset.

    It doesn’t behave this way if the taskbar is attached to the bottom, however, thats a still a boring thing if you are used to having it on the top so would be nice to have it fixed if possible.



    This may be the same problem I reported in 2007.

    In windowed mode at my desktop resolution (1440 x 900) the window does not fit inside the desktop boundry. Instead, it overruns the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and the mouse actuates several pixels lower than where it is pointed.

    This makes shopping a bit frustrating for the unaware.

    If so, the only solution I have found is to run in “Full Screen” mode or run in windowed mode at a smaller size (1024 x 768) than desktop resolution.

    P.S. – Welcome back you old dog. I mentioned you in the forums a few days ago due to having another uncontrollable fit of laughter that was almost incapacitating.

    I’m not sure which of you win the prize for giving me the best belly laughs in the last 3 years but it’s between you, PR and Chris Rock.

    P.P.S. – For those of you that get the Comedy Network, there is a Chris Rock special on Sunday (check the time) that I have seen on HBO. It is worth the time if you can use the laughs. I expect that it will be heavily censored and perhaps not quite as funny as the uncensored version if they make it difficult to know exactly what was beeped and distract you from what he has to say … the truth.



    I run mine in xp compatiblity, and with windows visual themes disbled. Works great! 😀

    note* i play full screen, not sure how well it works windowed.



    I think this could be a win 7 issue rather than scorched as I get the same problem in a few other games.
    When it happens, I simply set the taskbar to auto-hide, this removes much of the issue, however, it often won’t auto-hide until a restart (I’m using the pre-release win 7) and so I shrink it’s size.

    I have my taskbar on the left side, find it much better than when I had at the top, give it a try.



    This is a bug with the SDL library I think. I actualy hacked and fixed an issue with the windows toolbars at the bottom of the screen. Anyone know if this is fixed in a later version of SDL?

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