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    oK ive been reading on the virtualbox site…..I download that and install xp in it? And then I install scorch while running the virtual os?
    Just trying to figure this all out.
    This virtual machine thing kinda confuses me….



    That’s about the gist of it m8.

    BTW, what CPU are you running?
    Will run ALOT better with a certain type of CPU that supports virtualization.



    Not sure if this is relevant, but my main dev machine is now a win7 64 box and it works fine for me.



    @gcamp wrote:

    Not sure if this is relevant, but my main dev machine is now a win7 64 box and it works fine for me.

    Very relevant.. most first glances of Win-7 have left me with mixed
    feelings. Yes, it’s smaller and faster than vista by far, but that’s also
    an unfair comparison. Vista was bloated and slow..

    I’d also heard that most of the size and speed was due to the Chopping off
    of most backward compatability. Untill you got some expensive update,
    nothing for XP or earlier would work. If this is not the true case, and it ‘can’
    run real programs, then it may be something i’d consider trying someday.



    now I am not 100% positive about this since my last experience was with the ultimate beta back in may: they still have the compatibility menu under the properties screen and that worked pretty well on the few programs I had issues with. Also it is very important for drivers to be 100% up to date in the early days of a new operating system.



    Thanks for checking in Gavin. Pretty much have come to conclusion that the problem lies with the Intel Graphics media Accelerator 4500 MHD on board chip.
    I just played a few rounds on the bot server at some reduced settings and all worked.

    @Orca..Yeah I tried that Orca
    I’m going to keep plugging away and pray for driver improvement. Thing is ….the game isn’t one of these detail intensive WOW things….I just dont get this new fangled laptop having trouble running it.



    Where are you Chopper!!!!



    @irishbandit wrote:

    Where are you Chopper!!!!

    shhhhh, you might wake him from his winter hibernation, just enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts 😉



    So I realize I am back at noob status, 😮 but I have a question, have there been any other issues with Win7 64 bit laptops? I am getting a Dell laptop and was hoping to get playing again, I should have it by Tuesday, any tips or advice would be welcome since I have not used win 7 before, thanx in advance.

    Oh yeah! BTW….. HOWDY 😈



    Maybe ask Chopper-He has had terrible problems relating to video on his new laptop…. I think it is a intel/Nvidea thing though. Dedicated vs. onboard-Yep, ask Chopper.
    BTW….Hello ol’ friend ! Nice to see ya back!!



    No issues win 7 64 bit laptop, if refering to the game. Non game related issues not much too, though there does seem to be a tad of memory leak which some view as just the pre-fetch function doing its thing. Its just better idea not to get one with Intel graphics.



    YOu better frickin’ believe it. Great to see you two guys…DW, get something that can handle the openGL better than this HPee, G71. it does great on all videos (which this seems to be built for)…but sux in the game. It even has 4gb of ram! and just quits mid game,hammer lob and anytime it has a mind to. Check my posts.

    Short answer It Sux. #-o

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