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    I had some model ideas to add into the new maps..

    idea 1) cbx is good @ making pinguins so maybe he could make a
    *non* tux but more realistic pinguin i would imagine it looking like
    the mandrake loadup screen pinguin & shrink it down & scatter them
    about your new ice caverns as mini animal landscape objects.

    heh it might be nice if someone could even animate the pinguins
    to wopple walk about or even some”mini” swimming pinguin type
    “ships”scaled about the same size to swim arround the coast lines.

    idea 2) trees that swing in the breeze
    it may even be nice if you get time to animate them all &
    add a new code feature that allow the trees to swing (or) rock
    with the directoion of wind on a timed scale so say every 15
    seconds or so you would see the trees rock to the side
    like a wave chain reaction to give it more realism in effects.

    idea 3) waterfalls? .. running water that rolls down hill from openings
    or crevaces wherever you place them.

    Im not completely sure how you could do it.. but my guess..
    another mask or greyscale implement from point A on the map
    being the point of origin on a greyscale from lightest (white)
    to darkest being point B (black) is where the waterfalls ends
    and the mist & water ripples takes place.

    So the second effect at point B misty fog & ripple the water
    if say it ends at the waterline.

    hmm.. even if you made a simple 2d waterfalls and use the
    textures like the waves on your coast or ships wake
    with transparency that might even be neat looking 🙂

    just some thoughts you might think about if you ever find
    yourself with free time & thirsty for new features *as if*.

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