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    @gcamp wrote:

    Bob the wiki stuff looks great, is there any area that you would like me to have a go at, or any information that is lacking.

    Still missing docs for stuff like tankais, texture sets, server files and stuff like that. Although I should be able to handle those if I just keep at it.

    The main thing is the fact that are are bits and pieces of info here and there that are either wrong or missing entirely because I’m unaware of them or how they work. But its hard to think of anything specifically at the moment. What I’d like is if you gave pretty much the entire landscape docs a decent read and fixed anything that jumped out at you as being wrong. The accessory docs could use much the same treatment. Although that might be asking a bit much to comb through the whole mess. 😉

    Oh, and thanks. Sometimes I almost impress myself with my ability to write technical documentation. Just trying to do my part to help out and maybe offset those years of nagging and complaining about mod features… 😉



    @rommel wrote:

    In checking the updated Wiki section on Object Placement Files earlier today I noticed that the second set of tags noted in red had not been removed.

    Yeah, Saturday I spent much of the time just making sure that stuff that wasn’t on the WIKI got put on it. Didn’t really spend a lot of time making sure the stuff that was already on it was correct. I believe I fixed that Sunday, but the docs still need more going over to get it totally up to date.

    Also, the section on Texture Files still contains the old border section description (in red):

    Yeah, I haven’t touched the texture file stuff at all yet. That’ll come soon. Cbx wrote that one I believe, so it doesn’t look as pretty as mine so I’ve stayed away from it so far. 😉



    Hi Gavin:

    Sorry but I don’t have good news. I can’t seem to make it crash now. 😛 I hope that’s the worst news you get today. I’ve got AC up and running with a 320 X 320 test map if you want to have a look. I’ve got it set up so that the whole city goes up in on shot but it’s not all factories like before. When I crashed it, it was this map with all factories. Feel free to run it on your machine or if you’d like I’ll reload the map with all factiories to see if locks up again……

    @gcamp wrote:

    @rommel wrote:

    Are you having any trouble with crashes due to over runniing the buffer on OpScorched, or do you use a buffer larger than 512K ?

    I would be interested in what crashes or buffer is being overflowed?

    In v41 the only data sent between the client and server is :-
    1) Any changes to the initial landscape since the client connected
    (this is nothing for people that connect at the beginning of the round).
    2) The move that has been made (around 30 bytes or so)
    3) Any people connecting or disconnecting (again small bytes)
    4) Chat text

    All calculations and simulation are now done client side for the graphics, and server side to prevent cheating.

    If you have a v41 mod that is causing issues I would like to obtain a copy so I can debug the issues you are seeing.

    The crash didn’t give me an easily traceable error message just disconnected me with a time out error. Locked up the client and let the bots kept playing. That’s why I said it looked like the 512K buffer limit. That’s the way it acted, but it did return an error message.

    No, I have no intetntion of making maps like this for play, but they are good for testing the upper end. Is there an upper limit for the number of objects on a map or something to that effect?

    I say, it looks like a go from here. GOOD JOB !!!

    I must go do something, but I can’t remember. 😕 Krieg ohne Hass


    Generalfeldmarschall Erwin J. E. Rommel


    The AI

    Well, just noticed the activity on all of this, great work, need your own office? This is all good, but in the wrong spot, if it was possible to split this off into its own so it can develop without being/receving any hinderance with the map competiton it would be great.

    Sorry to hear that you won’t be entering it rommel, I was looking forward to some of your maps.

    Looks like a small crowd so far, it will be interesting though to see.
    Also, if anyone is thinking of entering, but has questions, ask, I don’t bite hard, I won’t vouch for those competing, but hopefully they will also lend a hand.



    Alright, I split this stuff off of the Map Competition post as most of it doesn’t really belong in there anyways.

    Didn’t mean to get The AI’s last post though, not sure how to move it back into the map competition post either as I’ve never used the split feature. 😛



    @gcamp wrote:

    I would like to point out that it is a wiki though, so once people find out things and learn how to do them (not just devs) they can help out by adding this info to the wiki. Not trying to push off the responsibility, just a suggestion.

    I agree with this 100%. This game is a complete volunteer effort. We do things when we have the time or motivation to do them. Not like any of us are getting paid to put work into documenting things, we do it out of sheer love for the game alone. And people like Thrax and I were making good mods WELL before any documentation on the mod features existed at all. Its simply a matter of searching for answers yourself be it by looking at other mods or sifting through the source code to find out how something works. The documentation is there just as a helpful reference, it has not and probably never will contain 100% of every last detail that exists in game.

    But please, if you know some things that are not on the wiki and would like to help to fill in the gaps. By all means let us know and we’ll add you to the wiki group so you can make your own additions and alterations where you see fit. I just ask that you don’t butcher my writings to bad. 😉


    The AI

    Small thought. Negative values; odd things happen with negative values, it might be helpful to have these things stated. Like rollers going back-wards negative or that negative thrust does nothing.

    The Hoover from merge has negatives values, you can blame me for that one.

    Then there is of course negative values for damage, I just had an additional thought about negatives for some other things also that I should get around to testing.

    Any wonder about the name of my mod now?

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