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    mecha mario

    well heres an intresting news story i found take a look and wonder WTF was this lady thinking?!?!



    Hmm.. this begs the question of how smart the radio people were.

    Such as (being sarcastic) did they just hold 2 gallons above someone’s head and put a pipe down their throat and let gravity do the work?

    I can agree with the medical warning at the end of the article but it begs the question… “How fast is too fast?”.

    But also.. theres a slight sign of stupidity on the mothers fault.. I sure wouldn’t enter such a contest even if it was just h2o. Or at least, not rush myself. (The key was “without going to bathroom” .. nothing said about a time limit. We gamers are a master of bladder control. 😆 )

    However.. I doubt this is a problem for the Wii… it just shows the same thing that Sony has… that some people are willing to do anything to get their console.

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