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    Why is it that on occasions, sandhogs don’t do a thing? I’ve seen sandhgos land and explode upon surfaces where there isnt a unit even close, but yet mine I can land close or land ON a unit and its like I fired a dud? Might as well have been a tracer becuase it dosnt do anything. .



    @willis wrote:

    Why is it that on occasions, sandhogs don’t do a thing?

    A lot of players have noticed that sandhogs occasionally dud. I don’t know if that was intentionally designed into the weapon or if it is a bug.

    Since I am an anti-sandhogs-are-for-wussies player, I’m happy when my opponents’ sandhogs fail to explode.

    It just better not happen to my MIRVs!



    Sandhogs are too powerful to be a realiable weapon anyways, I kinda like how your not sure if you can trust them or not. Seems though your better off aiming near the tank instead of right on it. sandhogs seem good if its windy cause they are usually easy to get kills.

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