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    So.. It is not clear why? #-o



    I don’t even remember why. I guess the game just changed too much. But this was a few years ago after a new version of the game, not due to a rogue admin or something. Ever since then, I just haven’t been able to catch up and have as much fun playing the game as I used to. Economy is too tight, weapons too random. Then people I enjoyed playing with started leaving, and so have I — pretty much.

    Edit: Actually, now that I’m using my brain to make the connection, I realize that all the reasons why I’m playing less were already much better enumerated by xtc in a little essay that was posted a month or so ago.


    Laptops Daddy

    anyone who’s attempted a game mod knows the accessories file and server settings can alter the game completely.

    i dont think it’s fair to attack boy for the changes he made, especially with the new v43 not far away. the changes were transient and the servers were already close to empty.

    you cant expect one guy to know what’s best for everyone and you cant please everyone. boy had a bash at it, and he should have. it’s nice to see the effort. i dont like the changes much, but i dont like the way boy was attacked for making them. it wasnt constructive. i think this game needs more admins who dont mind taking on a bit of responsibility (ive said that before). (i know it’s not always fun).

    thing is, vague “i dont like it”s and “please put it back”s arent helpful. what we need is a definite plan and some precise settings that work better.

    i dont want to step on anyone’s toes here, but i can easily host a few servers for testing purposes.

    how about this:

    i can set up say two test servers with no mod. people can post full server configurations, i’ll set them up as requested, give anyone who wants it admin access and we can tweak the settings ’til theyre better than they ever were.

    once everything’s properly tested, we can hold a forum poll “are these settings better”.

    if we can come up with something that’s better and everyone prefers it, it’ll be good for the game and im sure it’ll get implemented.

    @comedown wrote:

    that and the crazy self-righteous power-tripping admins bringing racist political scaremongering onto the forums (what the f…?) and making threats to anyone who disagreed with their views about “current events” in the world

    i think what’s said on the forums should stay on the forums, especially the off topic stuff. god knows ive spammed enough bs over the years.



    LapTop I think thats a great idea…”back to the future” huh



    Hmm, Why have I stopped playing?

    1. No one is ever on main.

    2. MCB not being allowed.

    3. Constant hogging + funking.

    4. No one is ever on main.

    Edit: Also, bots on main.



    @tanksnipe wrote:

    Hmm, Why have I stopped playing?

    1. No one is ever on main.

    2. MCB not being allowed.

    3. Constant hogging + funking.

    4. No one is ever on main.

    Edit: Also, bots on main.

    I think that sums it up for me, however, I could likely put up with everything else if someone (other than bots) were on main.



    For me it has less to do with the game itself and more to do with the fact that most ppl I enjoyed to play/chat/talk with left.



    alot of us are still here…..Get back in the game Bear! 😀
    Yer a nice big hammer target! :mrgreen:


    pastor of muppets

    And I thought you liked me BB 🙁



    Well… I for one haven’t been here (or in the server) in a while for various reasons, many of which have been named in some above posts.
    Personally I don’t mind the bot… if it had been set up properly it could have helped me climb out of my deep stats hole… but at one point my skill was so much higher than the bots skill I was only getting something like 2 or 3 points for killing it with a baby missile, and I was something like a few thousand points removed from even being on the first couple pages of the stats. What would be nice is if there’s a way to lock the bot on, say, rank 5 or something, so I would get more points for killing him while I’m a much lower level.

    Also, the stats server crash several months ago did NOT help matters any, as I was unlucky enough to have my stats reset without everyone else’s being reset (and went from rank 15 or 20 to rank 800 or so in the space of a few minutes). On a positive note, though, the relatively recent stats reset DID help somewhat.

    Now I would like an explanation for something. Why is it that I am ranked 28 (and not like 200 or 300 or something) when I haven’t even played at all in a couple months? WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!??!?!? (I looked at the stats page and several players in the top rankings haven’t been on in days or weeks! Also recent history mostly shows players I’ve never heard of before (which by itself would be fine) playing with the bots, but where are all the regulars??!!!!
    I do notice that there’s no bot in main right now, though. It’s kind-of hard to do target practice on myself.

    Another thing that doesn’t help is the prices of defenses versus the prices of the weapons capable of defeating them. $15k for 8 chutes, versus sometimes $1k for 10 baby diggers is, in my opinion, way too lopsided, for example. There are probably others, but I haven’t played in so long I can’t even remember. I do think the prices of funkies, DHs (speaking of the previous 2are they FIXED? in non-free-market mode their prices are much less) and force bubbles are a bit high, personally. Also, like others have said, I have noticed the game settings favor good players. For example, I might connect on round 5 or so (in which case I may join or may wait till the next game), have $30k to my name, whereas a couple other players have something like $400k each, AND are using fairly heavy weapons and shields. Needless to say, I know that I’m going to get killed first or 2nd shot anyway so I may as well not waste my precious resources on anything except maybe 1 or 2 chutes (buying the bundle and selling all but 2 maybe), and hope I can get lucky with a baby missile or two. (Not to mention that I’m a horrible shot anyway… but then I don’t do things like buoy counting (takes too much time – I’m happy when I can have my shot lined up and set to fire within 5 or 10 seconds after the start of the move), etc…)
    I personally am more comfortable playing MCB type games, as I feel it gives me a little bit of a chance. However, playing it on the mcb server isn’t for me, as on the final round (like we’ve done it in the past) I like to blow all my cash on big weapons & defenses. Unfortunately, though, buying 12 (or number of turns per round) each of teleports, death heads, funky bombs, packs of parachutes & batteries & force shields, even if I have max cash (which is virtually impossible unless I buy absolutely NOTHING for the first 9 rounds and be the ONLY player who gets ANY kills), is impossible, in part due to the $999,999 ceiling on banked $, and more importantly due to the high price of the aforementioned items.

    grr… brain! come back here! 😉 guess that’s what I get as punishment for not playing scorch in a few months :p

    Also I’m waiting for some to come out of retirement / come back from vacation….

    Not to mention that I’m playing some other games (farmville being one – I’m level 70 and have been for a while now) a LOT more than I’m playing scorch.

    Hey someone please wake me up when that … (dang! can’t do a strikethrough! oh well… guess i won’t quite say it the way i wanted to) … cat’s dinner (the one related to Mickey) comes back, k? :p although I hope she hasn’t fallen off the face of the earth! 😮 [-o< 😥

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