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    pastor of muppets

    For those of you that have left I would love to hear from you too. Why did you stop visiting main? A quick one or two liner will do. We need to troubleshoot.



    It turned out into a junk. I can’t play so well like I could before.
    It’s not anymore so … like it was before… Idk…



    @tom.K wrote:

    It turned out into a junk. I can’t play so well like I could before.
    It’s not anymore so … like it was before… Idk…

    Could you elaborate on that? It’s good for us to have detailed reasons why someone doesn’t like the game during development.



    Hello everyone. Just popped in to see whats happening………..

    I think the reason nobody scorches on ‘main’ is obvious, to me anyway.

    Recent events here have driven virtually every ‘old’ player elsewhere. New players turn up, no one there, no ‘banter’, no atmosphere….therefore no point in staying.

    If someone can honestly say that after the recent ‘shakeup’, that it is in any way ‘better’, then I promise never to darken your door again.




    Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better- the reasoning behind the J-curve.

    Perhaps all bullshit.

    Seems like things are not going anywhere, like expected.

    So maybe its stays the same.If thats what you all like.Not like it would be an argument ever made.Communication non-existant.

    Dont blame yourself, it just impossible.

    I give up, dont know why i cared before.Sorry for bothering you all.

    Maybe i come back some time.Maybe things will change for the better.

    It wont be me tough, bazzz is leaving.

    his password is:2I62FD6X

    For the curious ones.feel free to do whatever.If this is illegal delete my account.If anything needs to be said: barrygillisatgmaildotcom.


    Laptops Daddy

    nice password. mine arent even that good for ftp and mysql stuff : )

    i dont think you have to hand in your password when you leave.


    pastor of muppets

    Tom.K do mean you can’t play as well as before because the bots in the server are harder or is something else affecting your game?



    That’s right Acid.
    Boy, you wont keep this game running without regulars. Nakas server is great but all know that “Main” is proper place for us. But I wont go anywhere near of it. Not with current settings.

    Don’t leave us. We need people like You here.


    pastor of muppets


    Howdy ol’ britt. Would not even think to say things are bettter. Would say that I want to make things better. I’m still here, I’m still playing on main, and I still want to shoot you a bunch of times.

    I know of which things you speak however, how did “main” change for you? I understand the bots are here now and they make “main” feel like non-main. Other than the bots what has moved you away from “main”? I would love to hook up with you, and insult you over and over whilst I kill you over and over. When you resign as an admin understand that you can be one of the most pesky players ever. Get in here and fight me, and challenge me as I did you when you were admin.

    My desire is to fill this place up again. For those of you that left, please come back and fight for your love, the love of the game. Be loud in the forums, say what you want changed. Understand that I am not accusing you of anything nor judging you but if you really love the game in “main” you will fight to make it/keep it what you want it to be. You have a voice.



    first the new shields made “dig and roll” obsolete, new hogs made aiming obsolete, then funkies every round made any kind of tactical gameplay or skill obsolete… then the fun players started playing less often, and all that was left was what seemed like attention-deficit kids spamming cheap shots with expensive weapons all day

    that and the crazy self-righteous power-tripping admins bringing racist political scaremongering onto the forums (what the f…?) and making threats to anyone who disagreed with their views about “current events” in the world




    Since *We used to play* on the main server as a community/stats oriented group;I motion for someone(Accountability needed) to set game settings on the “main” server back to the previous settings=”No Bots” & maybe an agreeable kill limit (A happy medium based on past thread voting results). Also, as before,allow MCB games(*As long as all players active on the server agree to that sort of play/If not agreed by all….play is FFA=Simple*).
    IMPORTANT—> “Headline/Major thread announcement for all to see(~PUBLIC~) /(~Maybe even a stat reset~)that the “Main” server” is now open for serious stat play!!

    I know for me & others…. Self dirting is a turn off/game spoiler! Maybe somehow modify/remove this feature…..this feature (If implemented by a skilled player) Can ruin a game for the whole group of players on the server that are playing at the time! *I know, would need to keep the unburial items…..just in case another weapon buried a player.*

    Just my humble opinion on “How to bring the main server back to life”.
    ~As for you people talking of quitting Scorched3d play….don’t give up just yet~ 😉



    @VIk & comedown
    You guys are right. But I don’t know how many times it was discussed. And nothing happens. Nothing will be changed as long as same people are responsible for server maintaining.



    Hey…….great to see acid,comedown and the old faces……
    We’ll do it guys…..if theres a bone in my body we’ll do it.
    Either main on Gavins scorch will be back or….Ill pull one of the old servers from the mothballs and fire that beatch up.

    Damn I wanna see my old buds, damn I wannna hammer sumthin…oh wait…..ARGH ! I’M OUTTA CONTROL AGAIN…..WooHoowOOhOOWooHoo….Hold me down Vike!

    Seriously what you’re all saying is….its MORE than a game….but its the GAME that brings US together….from all around the world I might add.

    A game ain’t a game without players.

    Welcome back! =D> =D> =D>


    Laptops Daddy

    i havent been playing this evening ’cause ive been making a thing. (and there’s no one to play with – all the people i liked left the game (most of them quite a while ago) (present company excepted)).

    a little gif animation, or something:
    check it out
    (just, ’cause i can)

    what happened to that ‘player art’ thread? im sure someone suggested we had one.

    comedown, i suspect you have some pretty serious media skills. i think you might be holding out on us.



    I played a game b4 dinner all by myself….nobody came around…. 🙁

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