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    what can I say, nostalgia is powerful. Playing dos game on 386 with my little friends when I was 12… hard to relive that sort of fun

    the 3D game helped me survive a lot of slow days at my first job out of college. I was sad that it took me so long to have found the game. To think, it was out there for a couple of years before I found it! 😀

    Now I play for relaxing, and chat…. chat, explode, chat, explode….



    @boy wrote:

    chat…. chat, explode, chat, explode….

    hmmm i hope you were referencing scorch there 😛

    Jk boy

    I tried downloading the DOS version, but was attacked by a virus, once i removed the virus, i found windows 7 cant play dos games… so .. i take it as i sign from god i am not meant to go back in time…


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