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    The guys over at are doing an article on the artillery game genre. They have asked some questions for the article and I thought I would open them to a wider audience.

      Why do you like artillery games?
      Waht differences do you think 3-D made/if any?
      If you are familiar with other artillery games, what you think of them.

    So if anyone wants to add their 2 cents, who knows you may get your name in print πŸ™‚



    well here’s my 2 pence

    the reason that i like artillery games and most especially the scorch variety is because they are simple and you can have a good time with friends in lan/net games. the 3d aspect just gives every thing an extra touch that makes the play extra fun. you know… who can make the biggest boom, stuff like that. I myself prefer simple games cause that is the way i am. (making extra artillery is just as simple but time consuming)

    this type of game is as easy or as difficult as one could want and that is what makes it so addicting. there are other games out there such as racing, rpg’s, sports, but i keep comming back to this cause it is just plain fuuuunnnnnnnn. 8)

    dracon23 :mrgreen:



    I like artillery games because they are heavily dependant on the skill of the players without being insanely hectic and fast-paced like FPS games are. They are not nearly as stressful as playing other shooter games and still really fun to play. I play games to relax and have a good time, not to stress myself out over trying to accomplish some meaningless task in a FPS game.

    Also, with Scorched 3D, you have a wide range of options you can use to tailor the play experience to your liking. Not many games can come close to the level of customization that is available in S3D. From being able to make your own weapons and landscapes to limiting the firepower available to everyone the game has enough options to allow just about anyone to find a level of play that they like. And, best of all, this continues to improve as time goes on :).



    Bobirov made the point that artillery games are not a fast FPS style game. I thin k this is important.

    Not all of us have a dsl or cable connection and therefore these games are appropriate for the rest of us with dial up. Its one of the best dial up games going around at the moment.

    Basically, artellery games are made for the working class man πŸ™‚



    And here is the answers I gave, they sound very similar to the ones you have all given.

    1. Why do people like artillery games?

    Artillery games are like the all the best games: simple to play and pickup but full of strategy. It is such an easy concept anyone and anybody can grasp and play straight away.

    2. Why a 3-D remake? What inspired you to create this?

    I loved the 2D original. I wondered what it would take to make something that was just as appealing to a new generation of gamers. Something that was just as fun as the original, but with updated graphics and a slight twist in the game play, 3D seemed the obvious choice.

    3. Describe the first few times you played “Scorched Earth”

    When you first play Scorched Earth it seems so simple, almost not worth bothering with. A few hours pass however and you are still playing and beginning to realize there is more to it that it looks. Damn, I’ve been hooked. It’s the original geeky beer drinking party game.

    4. If you are familiar with other artillery games, I’d like to know what you think of them.

    The only other game I have looked at is Scorched Earth 2000. This is a free 2D game with the big advantage that can be played in a web browser. So if your work has internet access….



    fooey, thought about my answer too long πŸ™



    Thanks for posting these replies! I’ll post a link to the issue as soon as it’s available. We’re expected to publish in the middle of next week (assuming I’m able to tear myself away from Scorched 3D).

    Matt (from Armchair Arcade)



    Okay, guys! Here she is:

    The article you’ll definitely want to see (well, you’ll want to see all of them!) is Scorched Parabolas: A History of Artillery Games!

    Thanks! Please pass the word along if you like what you see. We’re a free, non-profit publication.

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