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    Yesterday I put person on ignore instead of whispering by mistake. And didn’t notice that at once, was wondering for some time why I don’t receive any reply… only after some time I was seeing tank talk sign above the person’s tank so I realized something is wrong and found out that…

    These menus are too close to each other, and when you play, participate general chat, and whisper to someone also, trying to do all this with ultrahigh speed you are extremely short on attention so mixing them is really easy…

    Though I have no any certain idea how could it be made better way to avoid such thing. Maybe at least ignored person can be highlighted red in other menus?



    Instead of clicking through the menus, you can use “/r” (slash+lower-case r) to reply to the last whisper, same way you’d use “t” for general chat.



    I know about it but I whisper to more than 1 person usually, not even mentioning that it is often losing memory for this ‘/r’.

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