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    and shield weiners ……….and hoggers.Hell Id even settle for a freaking dirt weiner!

    Me and DW killed each other for almost 2 games before his wife called the wolf off.

    We even did frogs at 20 paces…course no film in camera…but it was fun!

    Is anyone gonna play? or have i got to get a medal for killing the stupid bots? #-o


    pastor of muppets

    Howdy Chop, been playing pretty much everyday but in Armor’s awe server. Of course I play at times that your old arse just can’t stay awake for.



    I am pretty much always in AWE nowadays, come and toss in a few, it’s a fun mod, the new V1 Buzzbombs are, literally, a blast 😉



    Net being installed on 2012/08/10, so will be about after that.

    Finally got a permanent address, although it’s a shite little bedsit (single room) and shared bathroom (with 3 other flats), it’s my own space.
    Still moving my stuff in, with just one big ass box yet to come, HOPING I’ll be able to fit my desk in now I’ve cleared some space, but gotta measure it up first.

    So, see you bastages soon, hopefully I’ll have some ‘welcome back luck’ coming my way upon return too 😉


    pastor of muppets

    Let’s be honest how much space does a peanut require? Especially a britlander.



    A desk?….a freakin’ desk to scorch?
    and to think Ive been playing on my laptop on my couch since ’04?
    gimme break and get your Peanutbutterbutt in here………lol

    ill have a welcome Hammer for ya’ :mrgreen:



    Good to see that Chopper is still keeping every-one in line around here!! Some time I need to join a game and kill some of you bastages!! Good to see you all are still playing. 😀 😀



    I just can’t oh wait yes i can esp after the pink dependencies remark.

    I didn’t think peanuts required an entire flat. I figured just a jar would do.

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