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    See if you can spot it, here’s the link



    The laptops position would cause serious glare ? ? ?
    BTW the fact its flash is a give away


    KTM Rider

    Yep, that glare would be horrible. Nice lookin’ room, though.

    I remember the first time someone showed one of these to me. Broke the chair I was sitting in.

    I think sound effects have more of an effect than the picture, though. That first one I ever saw played this nice quiet elevator music. I had been listening to Def Leppard at inexcusable levels, but then paused it to listen to the “Whats Wrong” clip (without adjusting the volume). When it switched to the pop-up (I think it was a demented looking chipmunk), it of course pounded out the classic “Bum!-Bum!-Bum1!” loud enough to shake the walls….. Surprised the crap outa me.



    I thought maybe it was that nobody was at the laptop playing scorched. then while taking some more time to examine it a little more closely my wife and I nearly jumped out of our chairs. 😀



    I hate those. 😯 😯



    Easy- the sudden scream- i saw an online car ad like that- no one’s going to buy that car now.

    And yeah- I hate them. But i prefer them over the winter storm that struck my town yesterday.


    KTM Rider

    Yep, I can completely agree with that. Just got back in from shoveling for an hour. I love the look of snow when it’s falling, but dang, it’s heavy!



    This one barely effected me as I rarely have my speakers on and usually use my headset, which, at that time, was on the floor, so I just heard a lil squeek from the floor.

    Besides, things like that are usually tricks, if, after all the years they have been posted you still fall for em, then im suprised you still have a working computer as you probably fall for the ‘you have won £1,000,000,000,000,000 download this file and the funds will be transfered’ emails…..

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