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    your opinion…

    remember that raptormod is a PROVING GROUND for R@p7or’s mod….

    This poll will remain open for 7 days.

    But that doesn’t neccessarily mean the server will remain as it is for that time. My server is dead more often than it was before i made the changes. only 105 users have logged in over the past 7 days. before I put the server up like this i had over 600 users.



    too many people whine too much, when they can’t win all the time.

    Adapt or get the hell out of the way.



    wish more people felt that way.



    I presume from the results that there must be some whining goin on, but I have not heard any and I am NOT saying anyone in particular is whining. I hope the name-calling can be kept to a minimum. he he 😛



    I stand accused, myself, but I will not name anyone else. 😀 The list would be moderately long.


    Innes UK

    What the hell is going on here eh?!?!!

    Panther has been doing a great job of running this server and some of his own mods to the raptor mod have been fantastic. My personal favourite was the fart noise from the gas rollers! brings a smile to my face every time.

    I have learnt that you cant please all the people all the time.
    Do what YOU want to do. I think the mod was spot on as it was and I’m not as keen now it has been sanitised abit.

    The cash was fine and I actually like having the bots there as it gives the noobs a chance of getting some realtivley easy kills. It also gives the ‘ I wonder if they are gonna shoot at me or the bot’ factor.

    Politics should be saved for governments and not gamers!


    GAME ON!!!!!

    Innes UK



    i think everything was fine the way it was before raptor ruined it for everybody.the mod was left to panter so everything should be his way or the highway. so if you didnt like it then why did you give him controll in the first place. quit the whining and let the mod be the way it should be able to tell that everybody is ruling in panthers favor, so take a hint. i hate to single people out but this is just ridiculous.good job with the mod panther keep up the good work.


    floppy mc4skins

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