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    mecha mario

    i recently found a nother al tank game thats actually kinda fun but is almost nothing like scorched… so y am i posting this…………………..nvm anway ure welcome to come up with ure own ideas of wat scorched could have ben like here.



    i have played this game as well it always seems i die really fast.



    😯 I have been playing there for over a year. My tag is VikingSixTwo. More than 200 servers…….I play FFA games (teams). Mostly @ servers- & . Good game to play to get aggressions out! (can be fast paced) 🙂



    I just finished trying that game for the past day and a half and I gotta say although its interesting I wasn’t very pleased.

    I picked this “viper” server .. it was CTF and had quite a few good players.

    I really had a hard time here because all your movement is controlled with the mouse. You have 2 squares (one smaller inside one larger). If your mouse position is inside the smaller square then your going to be stationary, however when you move your mouse out into the larger square (or beyond the square) you move in THAT direction. How far to the outside determines your speed (going beyond is full speed).

    This is all fine and good and yes you can jump to avoid shots.. but then you quickly learn you have NO CONTROL when you jump. So if your moving in a direction when you jump your gonna keep moving that way. And if your rotating (which hey.. YOU WILL BE!) your going to keep rotating.

    All the while someone is just sitting there, waiting, ready to shoot you when you come back down. And because you started turning.. your facing the wrong way and can do absolutely NOTHING about it.

    The scoring system really got me insulted. It’s a simple +1 for a kill, -1 for a death. Well even though I could take out 10-20 people in my little session.. I still ended up with a -30 -40 score. Often due because of spawn killers. If they were to separate kills and deaths it would at least show I could do something.

    The final thing I gotta say is if your going to try this game is.. “obey the rules”. If you think we in Scorched got strict admin’s then you haven’t seen anything yet. That particular server even though everyone says “they got nice admins”.. one of them really got my goat after he kicked me once or twice. Once because I took the enemy flag the other because I argued he didn’t have the right to do that!

    But all in all.. the game itself seems fun. It’s both addicting and yet a headache at the same time. 😆


    mecha mario

    umm not al moovenments are mouse movements and ya its good (AND U WILL DIE VERY FAST) my tags fireheart here its ok i mostly play the inleague game and yes willis its kinda disapoitin bu tits is fun:)



    I played this game a long time before finding scorched. Let’s just say I’m not gonna look back. Nothing wrong with the game, not my cup of tea though.

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