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    yep come and play in beta aswell our two main galaxys are b09 and b43 feel free to join use the link below please and youll also help me



    hi guys I come informally on behalf of the Gray Swords. We were wondering if you would like to get to taste some blood in this conflict of ours with mordor and raw. While it looks balanced on paper we are extremely out gunned in fleet strength especially in the b00-19 range. If you wish to help let us know as those 20 galaxies are where we need reinforcements most. So if you wish for some blood and for some fun let me or one of the others know. If you are not able to help or do not wish we understand and wish you our best.

    but we would like to know where your strong anyways



    So how are things in Astro Empires for those of you that I left there:P



    I am not very active in AE anymore;But, I am still there. Leadership has changed hands a few times. Some warring still going on/lots of new people in the guild. I hope your life is going well for you Spectrum!! Pop into main sometime and stay a few rounds–A bunch of us go onto main server around 9:pm your time;)

    Hope to cya sometime/Take care,
    Da Vike



    So whose in charge now then? what about the leadership?



    Im still in Ae but i left S3d a while back when i stepped down from leadership, it was really taking the fun out of the game so i went back to being just a player 😉
    Im not sure if there are actually any Scorched 3d players left in the s3d guild, im prety sure they all either left or moved on to other guilds just as i did.



    hola boy between me and this is my location B09: 33:29:51
    not create an alliance 🙁 as is?



    Guys, have you played Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War? (Plus Dark Crusade or Soulstorm expansions?) It is exactly like what I imagine this astro empires is like, from what I gather by reading about it, but it isn’t text based, like astro empires seems to be… Unless I’m missing something huge.

    It’s a great game anyway, pretty crazy, check it out.



    Eveonline is another, basically astro empires with graphix (but you need a good bank balance to play it! )

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