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    so I’m at the hotel again and I have the figits… do i go to workout or exercise… no, i sign up for one of those free-no-download web based gamey things.

    Join the game

    Join our guild!

    It turns out it might be the most perfect thing to fool with when I die early in the round 🙂

    sign up and play with us, we’re growing in power in Galaxy B09!

    our forum:




    Dang it Boy you got me!!!! now i cant stop playin this game 😕
    I used up all my credits in one day now i need to wait to regain them.



    Must not try……..



    @irishbandit wrote:

    Must not try……..

    resist if you must 😀

    For the rest, I am in sector B09:15:98:52. We can get a bonus for those that we recruit.

    …. must build more space ports!



    Join my Empire and togeather we can become POWERFULL!!

    and have fun at the same time 😀

    When it asks have it send you to Galaxy Beta-20 B20:53:23:11



    Looks interesting BOy, i might have to try it 😉



    I have reached economic capacity to make a guild. It will not be strong of course, but that is how we begin to band together.

    We need to think of a name and a tag for it

    How about

    Scorchers of Worlds {SoW}

    or Earth Scorchers {SE}

    or AstroScorchers {AS} (Astros are the planets in the game)

    Apocalyptic Bastages {AB}
    ( I think Bob has that trademarked though, we’d need him in on it 🙂 )



    I joined too, though i won’t reveal my placement on public media for security reasons, I’m in B09.

    I played that kind of games allready (planetarion and ogame), this one seems slow-paced enough which is a good thing when you try to have a life 😆

    How about a [S3D] tag ? Would be easier to link with scorched.



    I like AstroScorchers {AS} but wuold be nice to have S3D in there as well.

    btw i was thinkin we could join a big guild for now and once we have a good groop of peeps from scorch and maybe also from the other game i play “WarHeads SE” SE stands for second edition btw not Scorced earth.

    We can Move on stronger then tryin to start with a handfull of people and movin up.
    Just a thought.



    I might check this out later….

    For a guild name, how about Scorched Team Under Planetary Invasion Direction?

    Or Scorched3d Addict Division?

    😛 😀

    Sorry, was just remembering some old days playing Crimson Skies – my team was ALI (the Alliance of Lessor Intellects) 😉



    I’m in BOY! Location is:B09:24:74:21! If you make a guild I’m in!



    I have a name Scorchers of the 3rd Dimension



    Sounds great Shack!



    @shack wrote:

    I have a name Scorchers of the 3rd Dimension

    I like that, it keeps the S3D tag. 8)

    I see that you got with another guild for protection that is just fine, we can band together later when we’re stronger if that works better, I actually think that we can do it on our own though, here’s how:

    * don’t build defenses for 6 days (you are free from attack for a week)
    * settle several planets in that time and make one fleet for protection of your homeworld on day 6-7
    * continue to settle bases regardless of any threats of occupation and build only the fleets necessary to protect one or two homeoworlds (1 at first). THis way, you can become an economic power – it allows others to have your new bases, and basically protect them for the 30% occupation fee they get.
    * When your homeworlds get threatened, use guild protection to stay alive. That’s where our guild comes in 😀

    If the game is very aggressive, this will not work until we have larger economies, then we band together. I’m going to just start a guild anyway, if we get wrapped up with others at first, it might cause problems for us. If you manage to get forced into a guild at the start, we can always have you jump to ours later.



    A player can also conquer other players’ bases, which are then occupied by the conquering player. However, this does not allow the conqueror to control the occupied base; instead, they receive 30% of the base’s income, and the base suffers an additional 30% reduction to its construction and research ratings, and a 50% reduction to its production rating.

    In order to protect newbies the following rules are applied:

    -Any base owned by a player who has been playing less than 7 days cannot be attacked.

    – Players can’t attack another player’s bases if they are 10 or more levels above the other player, although this does not apply to players at level 16 or higher.

    However, this second protection is negated for 48 hours if a weaker player attacks a player 10 or more levels higher than them.

    The values underline can change, and be different in others servers.

    Current Server Protections:
    Rule 1: 7 days
    Rule 2: level 16

    However, if you start surrounded by stronger players, is recomended that you join a guild in the firsts times, for get some protection from stronger players.

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