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    Laptops Daddy

    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    hi. sorry, missed the thread.

    i think it’s probably just an option that needs adjusting. i don’t know if i have access to do it. if i do, i don’t think i should. not my place. could be a reason for it that im not aware of.

    find the bit on that page titled ‘Server URL Settings’. might be that?

    rommel, hi

    hope things are going well. missing your quotes of the day.

    i saw your post in news. i should have responded to this more thoroughly. s3d’s http config is nothing to do with me, but i can probably give you the answer (guesses, but… you know. i dabble in a bit of website stuff).

    there is no https login option and never was, or never was supposed to be. any links sent with an https:// protocol prefix were probably just an oversight in the phpBB config/poor labeling in the control panel.

    the warning you saw wasn’t an error message. it just meant that there was no ssl certificate.

    i don’t know if gc gave you an answer, but i suspect it was just disabled completely/apache mod removed to save the confusion?

    who knows where internet privacy is heading. i get your frustration. https everywhere would be cool. it wouldn’t change much on a site like this – it’d just mean that your password wouldn’t be sent as plain text.

    my personal solution for account and password protection is to use ‘apple’ for everything. that way, since no one is that stupid, it’s obviously a honey trap. no self-respecting hacker, peanut or secret government organisation will touch it, because i’m probably the ci/nsa and/or a news reporter ready to expose their activity.

    the perfect crime : )



    That’s slick Laptops D, make it so simple and obvious that it scares the bad guys away. =D>

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