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    pastor of muppets

    Just an observation by me (not a weatherman) Mo is in for one heck of a tornado/storm season. We actually followed a weather pattern that was typical of MO in having extremely cold weather, snow, and a bit of ice. Now early March and we are getting many showers and thunderstorms happening and predicted. I will try to post weather pics here and videos on youtube as Spring makes it’s way into SWMO. Gardeners my prediciton good year early for planting a garden, be careful of hail in late April, early May. June, July and early August gonna be good growing weather, late August of course we will have our usual drought, then Sep, Oct and into Nov some violent storms. If I’m wrong I’m wrong but I thinik it’s worth considering.



    Cool POM- I have my video camera at the ready-Something supposed to be rolling in today/tonight. I will be watching the radar in my neck of the woods 😉


    pastor of muppets

    I posted this two days ago and then the next day I hear the National Weather Service is predicting a busy Spring as far as severe weather and tornados.

    Then I wake up last night as I get ready for work my hometown gets issued a tornado warning. Got some video of rotation but no funnel clouds or tornados. I hear we had one touch down just five miles down the road, no one was hurt and no damage other than damage to trees was done.

    Funny part about the whole thing is while I’m outside videoing the rotation my daughter was on the back porch with me and she says “This is just great!” in a frustrated tone. I had to ask what she was talking about and she says “I just got two library books.” Confused I went ahead and asked what that had to do with the weather? She looks me right in the eye and says “well if a tornado comes and destroys the house I will have to pay for the library books and I am out of money.” I love being a dad!!! 🙂



    Hold on your hats!….and cows… :mrgreen:
    Stay safe guys


    pastor of muppets

    Gosh we will try to Chop but…tornados are not predictable nor selective. If they were I would have a lot more video of them 🙂

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