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    I seriously need some clearification here.. I know weapons will dud if they never reach a high-point. But why is it funkies will on occasion go up, go down, land somewhere, maybe near people maybe not.. but will NOT expand?

    What logic do funkies operate on that determain if they expand or not? I’ve even be getting duds when they land within range of an enemy (Their not very close but, after seeing funkies long enough it was the sort you knew could/would/should have reached).



    in v37, funkys would dud if they landed on flat “bedrock” (absolute way bottom of the play area, no dirt whatsoever) That does not appear to be the case in v38, although maybe sometimes they do?



    Yeah I thought that was fixed in 38.



    yes, i have experienced this malfunction as well, seems to happen only when the funky lands at the bottom of terrain limits.

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