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    I know I haven’t even beheld the glory of Scorched3D V38 yet, but I had an idea for a modified weapon — if any one of you modding types is willing to try it.

    After the whole Mokeajoke et al fiasco this fall, how about a weapon that mocks their stupidity?

    What I was thinking was taking some high-implosion-type weapon — say a funky bomb, nuke, etc. — & adding the following insulting feature :

    As the munitions make contact with the ground or target, the smoke clouds that rise from the impact points would spell out phrases like :

    • “Your mother!”
    • “Go f*** yourself,stupid debile”
    • “You gay,stupid debile”
    • “All you are suckers”
    • “i decided not to play on your kindergayclub”

    It would REALLY rock if the words were formed in smoke that slowly rose upwards & dissipated until the words weren’t readable after 3-4 seconds.

    I think a funky bomb would work the best with one or two of the funky impacts randomly creating the pop-up smoke insults.

    Anyone able to create this weapon?



    I guess this idea isn’t as funny to everyone else; I think it’s hilarious! 🙂


    Apollo Tangent

    I like it.

    I’m not sure if it’s possible though.

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