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    I’ve played against Celestor many times without incident. However, today “me” (a third player) connected and said something in (I think) German. Celestor then proceeded to berate “me” as an immigrant and a “n!gger” and taunted us to report him.



    Request been noted.
    I’ll check.



    So he’s a regular player? Could you post about what time they’re usually on? GMT is fine.



    Ebo, I got the logs,,will post it in few.



    Celestor is a regular player on Beginner’s. Today it was around 21:00 GMT (I think), but I play at many times of day, so I don’t know if he has a regular playing time.

    It was an oddity to see him act that way, so I’m wondering what measures are in place to prevent another person from logging in with another player’s name. Or perhaps he understood what “me” said to him and Celestor was responding to an insult. Or something?



    I’ve talked with “me” and looks like sleastak remembered almost every word.
    Here is what happened:
    28 Sun Aug 6 22:06:12 2006 – Says “Master (Dead): rucklet mal”
    29 Sun Aug 6 22:06:15 2006 – Generating landscape
    30 Sun Aug 6 22:06:15 2006 – Finished generating landscape (512099396, data/landscapes/defnridge.xml, data/landscapes/texsand.xml)
    31 Sun Aug 6 22:06:26 2006 – Visit for news and forums
    32 Sun Aug 6 22:06:32 2006 – Buying fuel will allow your tank to move.
    33 Sun Aug 6 22:06:41 2006 – Says “me (Dead): Das ist die graka, wie sehr ruckelt es?”
    34 Sun Aug 6 22:06:49 2006 – Finished playing Shots (0.00 seconds)
    35 Sun Aug 6 22:06:49 2006 – Sending actions message (23 bytes)
    36 Sun Aug 6 22:06:52 2006 – Says “Master: ja deftig”
    37 Sun Aug 6 22:07:09 2006 – Says “me (Dead): Du kannst einige grafik settings ausschlaten”

    38 Sun Aug 6 22:07:20 2006 – Says “Celestor: idiot imigrants…”

    The next line is just something I found by luck:

    Sun Aug 6 21:38:08 2006 – Says “Celestor (Dead): kill real… hes just a slow noob…”

    That the continuation of “me”, sleastak and Celestor’s game:

    Sun Aug 6 22:07:29 2006 – Says “me (Dead): Do you have a problem Celestor?”
    Sun Aug 6 22:07:41 2006 – Says “Celestor: yeah… i hate imigrants”
    Sun Aug 6 22:07:54 2006 – Says “me (Dead): We are not immigrant you idiot”

    “me” already apologize for all his comments. Though u could know he would won’t stant by and do nothing.

    And it continued:
    Sun Aug 6 22:08:03 2006 – Says “fuzz (Dead(Spectator)): americans are immigrants”

    (That’s sleastak)

    Sun Aug 6 22:08:12 2006 – Says “Celestor: im stupid cause i hate n!ggers? :/”
    Sun Aug 6 22:08:13 2006 – Says “me (Dead): We live nowhere near the states”
    Says “fuzz (Dead(Spectator)): oh good, keep talking, enough to ban you”

    (He, Celestor doesn’t know that himself is closer to ban then “me”)

    Sun Aug 6 22:08:30 2006 – Says “me (Dead): No, you are stupid because you assume things about us that are simply wrong”
    Sun Aug 6 22:08:31 2006 – Says “Celestor: sure…”
    Sun Aug 6 22:08:44 2006 – Says “Celestor: so you ARE a n!gger then…”
    Sun Aug 6 22:08:51 2006 – Says “me (Dead): Yes a white ******”
    Sun Aug 6 22:08:58 2006 – Says “me (Dead): and you shall be reported”
    Sun Aug 6 22:09:03 2006 – Says “Celestor: sure…”
    Sun Aug 6 22:09:07 2006 – Says “Celestor: go ahead…”

    And he did..through sleastak.
    thx for gavin’s new admin tool I got those full logs.

    Admins now have access to older achives of the game (official servers) logs.

    I’ll check if fuzz (heh I wrote that BEFORE sleastak wrote he was fuzz) and Celestor r registered.
    Celestor, if u read this topic: I have a tip for u, as gamer to gamer: do not comeback to ANY of the official servers of s3d.
    No racsic langauge or words are tollerated here!
    Neirther offending players.




    Well, I’m “fuzz.” When I said “Americans are immigrants” it wasn’t intended to be insult because I don’t consider “immigrant” to be an insult. I merely meant America was founded by immigrants. The only Americans who can claim not to be immigrants are native Americans (e.g., American Indians). I made the statement under the assumption that Celestor is American and it seemed the peak of irony for him to be complaining about immigrants.



    oh, good u cleared more things.
    I haven’t found Celestor at the memebers list.
    I haven’t found fuzz too 😀



    So, uh, what and where is the member’s list?



    On top of the page: FAQ, Search, Memberlist…Usergroup
    (on down to main menues icons)



    Just looked at the servers list before I got to bed and..saw Celestor on the list in the beginners. No room left (12 of 12) so I went to the admin webinterface (the managment port).
    I said who I’m and talked to Celestor. I said I know all what happened yesterday with “me” and sleastak. I gave him a chance to apologize.
    At first he was confused form the words (i guess he at first didnt understood it the “admin talk” ) on the screen. Later when he understood the situation and I did re-explianed to him. I no answer nor apologie. He didn’t even understood he done something wrong.. “Banned? for?” (before I banned him or said I’m gonna).
    I then decided to ban him. Banned.

    He was rude to anther player..btw..on the game he got banned.


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