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    I just got accused of cheating by a player named Toiletduck. So all you all players better not play with me because I cheat. 👿 I suppose my top ranking should be tossed out as well. 😡 Bah.



    You’re not cheating, Howling. You’re a champion! You’re so strong that is easy to be suspicious, but don’t take care.

    Maybe it should be nice to add some anti-cheating protection, in open source game (like this) someone could modify the program to cheat when playing in multiplayer. (think to a big red X where exactly the missle is going to fall)
    So when releasing a scorched3d you should include a list of allowed crc checksums of the executable. If someone modify the source code, the server won’t allow the client to connect.
    What do you think?



    There’s nothing limiting what client can send to the server if client is a cheat client. It could send right checksums and still run different code.

    It would make living more difficult for us that compile their programs from sources. Compiling with different options, for different processors or with different compilers produces different binaries and would not be able to connect.

    There is no benefit and it would just cause lots of troubles.

    HowlingSlug AKA Death is just that good. Just keep practicing to beat him 😀

    – Juki



    You’re right I said a stupid thing.
    What methods could be used then to avoid cheating?
    Close-source components? Dynamically downloaded protocols?

    A nice topic, but maybe there isn’t a reliable solution for this.

    Any expert contribute? This question is tricking my mind

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