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    This is the continueations of my other topic about the situation in middle east.
    Np, I expect it boy. I will write every few days or a week summery.
    The other topic got to to that plce while I didn’T WANTEd it. I just had to reply to the real unbelieveable sureal reply by comedown.

    I will post as I did, only facts.

    160 missles been luanched today over the north of Israel.
    It killes 2 civilans-arabs-Israelies civilians.
    dozens were wounded. Also soldiers been injured and 1 been killed in action. Few soldiers were injured.

    IDF airforce keeps destroying more luachers and rockets storage.

    I’ll update later.
    Thank u all for the replies (spyrer,boy dire, even cd).
    Thank u for the support and prays.
    I’m ok. I’m in safer area.
    Btw, new sees fire document is beibg DOESN’T includes the reease of the 2 hostages….




    Btw, new sees fire document

    Took me a minute to figure out what you meant here… That should be spelled “cease fire”. 😉



    Finaly! cease fire truce cbx? 🙂


    Final update for today: 11 injured soldiers. thats the correct number.
    Tommorow the new document will be more clear and we will see what gonna happened.



    I know this is recently created but my statement still applies here.




    Unlocked to be update later with numbers from BOTH sides.



    Day 31, cease fire is comming?

    I don’t have yet the nubers of the whole mounth of war but I havew the daily:
    Todat more then a 100 missles been launched over the north of Israely. Haifa got hit too. About 30-40 injured. Most of them lite injury. Some builing were hit and heavly damaged.
    Reports from Lebanon says 4 been killed today from the IDF airforces attacks. The IDF attacked and destroyed few more launching devices and hizzballa targets. Some of those were on the Dahiya arae on the places near to Bayrut. That place is the HQ of Hizzballa organization.
    IDF is now begining its full combat level. The highies activity now begings.

    At south: almost nothing today…




    Day 32, cease fire is generaly agreed, combat continues

    Today the lowest number since early stages of war: about 60 Katyushas been luanched today to the north.
    7 IDF soldiers been killed. 84 were injured 11 of them hvy injuries.
    No civilian were killed. More buildin totaled damaged. Civilian buildings.
    The simple reason that at last days only minor number of civilians been killed is because ther been evaquated or left the north to the center and to the south (far fom me and from the kasams).

    Total number of the war till now:
    It reported that more then 1000 been killed in Lebanon. Unknown how many of them are hizzballa’s and how many Lebanonies civilians. I can sure u: none of the inocents were killed intentionaly.
    In Israel: 130 been killed (soldiers+civilians).
    More missles and luachers been killed and destroyed.
    IDF killed more 50 hizzballas today. Troops landed on the area next to the Litany river to fight againts the center of the hizzballas forces. D most explosive zone. More troop came inside through the south of Lebanon to help the forces that alreay active there.

    A cease fire was generaly agreed at the UN and was aprooved by Israel and Lebanon.
    The hizzballas asy it agrees didnt say what was on the “but”.
    Though it can take 7-10 till the cease fire will be realy activate and will start. Till then combat (from both sides) continues.




    Flash update: it just been allowed to report that 11, totaly, IDF soldiers been killed today in actions on Lebanon..
    One helicopter was taken down by anti-tank missle from hizzballa.



    U can add 13 more soldiers to the 11 from the last update…
    Also one person-civilian been killed from a Katyusha missle.
    About 150 missles been luanched till now today…double then yesterday..and this day is only in half of it…
    One helicopter- could be Blackhock- was taken down and the whole crew is dead..
    Like I predicted..the heavy part in theis war is now..and IT IS heavy.



    Do you have any hope for the UN mandated cease fire?



    Unfortunatley this another update, 22:53:

    5 IDF soldiers been killed in actions. That was allwoed to report.
    I hope there won’t be more…



    Odd..I did another update earliers…it gone..

    That the bfif:
    250 missles bombed Israely today. About 20+ are light injured (the number I just saw) and 1 was heavy wounded.

    @spyrer: The truth? no. I don’t have much hope in the new UN force that soppose to come. Also in the cease fire it says only on the prolog something about the kidnupped soldiers. No point of the documnet was mention the release of the soldiers or anything about them. Lotys of ppl here are dissaponted from the govement and that it aprooved the cease fire document. They are fustrated that all that been done on south Lebanon was for nothing..cause one on the mian reason and the goals of this war was to get the soldiers back home.
    The cease fire soppose to start in 9 hrs..till then hizzballa gonna usee all the ammo they have and will not stop till the morning. Thats y the 250 to the 60+ yesterday…



    I think nobody can deny that the attack was only started because of the kidnappings, but it was about more than that too. The peacekeeper force will be better than what was before. Lets only hope it can last. It is a shame that the soldiers will not be returned, but I think that everyone knows that all of Lebanon could be bombed to death and they would not ever be returned.



    Cease fire is active. Minor incidents was happening. No missles (yey..) were fired. No air force attack. Like a big “freez”.

    BOy, here we have too much expirience with wars (at nourth and at south) so we already considured that this situation can be “light up” again in seconeds. It is not up to us. Never was up to us.

    BTW, the last victoms before the ceasre fire were 9 more dead soldiers..hopefulu that was all..u may never know what the next “allwoed to report” will be.




    War in middle east: Summery

    In 34 days of war:
    3970 katyushas been laned INSIDE cilivians places.
    2015 ppl been injured. 40 of them hvy injured.
    About 12000 houses got hit.
    52 civilians got killed by the missles.
    150 soldiers been killed in actions.
    Lots of fires burned the “green” north..will take dozens of years to get it back to how it was..
    dozens more of schools been hit. Malls too.

    More then 1000 Lebanonies got killed douring the war.
    More then 550 Hizzballas been killed.
    IDF air force attacked 7000 targets.
    Hundreds of ammo and missles been captured or destroyed.
    Dozens of Israely tanks were hitdestroyed (some of them were 20yo tanks).
    The international force is on its early grouping.
    The hizballa says they won’t lay down they weapons and won’t be disarmed..not a surprise… and a vialation of the cease fire document.
    Not news about the hostages (all 3 of them).
    IDF still active on gaza and west bank.


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