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    another suggestive bump



    Oh, sorry doom never saw the last bump, and no there will be no updates, this mod attempt (my first) has been abandoned. Everything in it is up for grabs to anyone. I will not be finishing this mod, or realy re-using much of anything. This was my first mod, my second 2 (both made it to like 75% done) were never released at all. I want to wait until I have something more then just new weapons/maps before I start trying to trick other people into trying it.

    I am working on what is still called (as a working title at least) arcade mod. I have no beta or anything for it. All I will say about it is most people will hate how I decided to use shields. Well, I am more making this current mod to try a few ideas before I make a much better version of it. But, I work 7 days a week and generaly take about an hour to calm down when I get home. Many nights I’d rather go get blown up on a server then work on a mod.

    BTW, doom, you gotta start playing online with us man, how can you possibly try to make a mod for a multiplayer game when you dont know the acual flow of a multiplayer match? If youve been playing half decent bots the whole time you will be a pretty good match for most players. Whenever your online check and see if I’m playing on a server, come explode with us.



    I DO. you’re never around. everyone is in apoc but it isn’t a favorite of mine; and since it’s pretty much the basis for all mods up to date, It doesn’t seem to have it’s own flavor to me.

    p.s can you change laser graphics?

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