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    There was a post previosly about wall markers. I think it is very important for a good game play, so i ask again the same.

    1. wall markers are realy hard to see. can they be a little bit bigger?

    2. Some times 2 corner markers are wrong seen as a wall (picture attached). When you shoot through wall it is necessary not only to look at the mini map, but take a look at walls itself – to estimate distance, to take a look at your enemies and etc.

    wrong seen wall confuse player (myself especially :cry:), its take a expensive time to find out what’s wrong.

    can the wall markers be made with short lines (or a something similar) just for showing directions of the wall?

    3. in the new version there was a verry nice color border (with the color of the wall) around the plan view. why it disappear? it is good for the game.



    I like pic one 🙂 and yes, the original request was from me, quite a while back.

    How about little flags that blow in the direction of the wind, instead of bouys?



    The wall markers are MUCH easier to see with the water on. 😉

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